Stella Dimoko Chairman Of NIDCOM Reacts To Viral Story Of 80 Nigerians Accused Of Massive Fraud In The US


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Saturday, August 24, 2019

Chairman Of NIDCOM Reacts To Viral Story Of 80 Nigerians Accused Of Massive Fraud In The US

The Chairman Nigerians in Diaspora Commission (NIDCOM), Abike Dabiri-Erewa, on Friday declared that the Nigerian Government will extradite about eighty Nigerians who have been accused of perpetrating fraud in some parts of the US.....

She made this declaration in a statement she personally signed, a copy of which was made available to DAILY POST.

The USA authorities, had released about 80 names of some Nigerians, accused of perpetrating fraud in the country and Dabiri-Erewa while reacting, urged the accused persons to voluntarily turn themselves into the USA authorities in order to clear their names.

She maintained that failure to do so, the Nigerian government would find means to extradite those accused if relevant international treaties between the two countries are invoked.

In the statement entitled, “re: arrest of alleged Nigerian fraudsters in various parts of the United’ States OF America”,She said that the commission would continue to monitor the case closely.

 “The Nigerians in Diaspora Commission is deeply concerned about the news of the court indictment of 80 persons, mainly Nigerians, in various parts of the US, being accused in separate FBI cases of massive email fraud and money laundering.

“Prior to the court indictment of these eighty persons, of which Valentine Iro and Chukwudi Christogunis Igbokwe are lead suspects, Obinwanne Okeke had earlier been arrested in Virginia.

“We acknowledge the fact that accusation does not mean guilt, and we hope that all the accused will be given fair and speedy trial. We also ask those accused in Nigeria to voluntarily turn themselves in, to American authorities to clear their names, without which the Nigerian government should extradite them if relevant international treaties between the two governments are invoked.

“While such actions ultimately have negative effect on the image of the country, the Commission however reiterates as it has always done, that the actions of a few Nigerians involved in criminal activities is not and can never be what the majority of Nigerians represent. We advise and we continuously resist any stereotyping of Nigeria and Nigerians generally.

“The Commission will continue to monitor the case closely.”


  1. Now I got it clear and understand better. They were being accused and not yet indicted. Why are people saying they are all guilty? They should all turn up for investigation and if any is guilty, then let the law takes it course. I pray whoever is innocent to be vindicated. No peace for the wicked.

    1. Lol, they will only ‘turn up’ if they are innocent. From my little corner here? They are all guilty.
      The ones in Nigeria are those engaged in the scam, the lead person caught is just their money launderer/broker. If he mentioned these guys’ names, it’s cos they have sent him funds to help launder.
      Anyway, let them be regarded innocent until proven guilty in the interest of ‘due process’.

    2. @ Mystic my dear, I agree with you ooo. They are guilty as charged let them prove themselves otherwise

  2. This whole issue is just sad, in every foreign country ,majority of Nigerians there are always involved in one negative act or another ,damaging the image of the honest ones .
    Is it even possible to change the script, I wonder if there'll be a time someone mentions 'Nigeria' and the first response will be something good. It is well

    1. It's sad and ppl don't understand these things. I went to the Bank in UK to deposit money(Savings acct). It was in their 50's notes. The cashier didn't have a problem till I brought out my Nigerian passport as means of ID. I cld see the clear change in our demeanour and the way she started scrutinizing the money,checking out for fakes. Normally they check 50 notes but once they see that green passport,their alarm bells go off. I may start claiming Ghana soon. LOL

  3. I hope Abike is just being official /diplomatic about extradition, cos I haven't heard any Colonist extradited to wherever to serve term for raping, stealing and kidnapping in Africa.
    What they did was wrong, but self preservation first! They should manage the ones that are already in America, no need for extradition o! Get sense. I don't want to hear another ibori case. These people won't do the same if tables were turned and yes, tables have been turned several times over, but they call it acceptable names e.g mineral exploration, colonialism etc. Don't be dull, omo eni o da, omo eni Shi ni.

    1. U. S would but we dont bother cause their system handles it fine fine

  4. Please I am involved! Dear Abike should take me to the US to clear my name! I want to leave this shithole of a country!

    Dear BVs, how do I get our darling Abike to be convinced enough to extradite me to the US?

  5. If only folks understand/know the amount of damage being done to this country or to our green passport by these people in the name of "guy men" and quick money

  6. Do they even care? All they care about is money, money, money!


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