Stella Dimoko Chronicle Of Blog Visitor Narrative -UPDATE


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Saturday, August 31, 2019

Chronicle Of Blog Visitor Narrative -UPDATE

Hmmmm na wah!!!!

Dear Stella...

Remember the chronicle i posted of my married colleague that was dating a lady who did not know he was married?.

 I want to say that my colleague has finally chop his side chick. I remember you saying I should mind my business. Which I did.

 Now him and the wife are having issues because the wife knows his runs. He is thinking of sending the woman parking and bringing in the side chick. I feel bad because the side chick doesn't know he is married yet. Mumu girl has fallen yakata for a married man with two children and one on the way. And my mumu colleague thinks he is doing the right thing when he is the one that instigated the whole problem. I wish them the best.....

*Well they are both Adults and if your supposed ''mumu'' friend is mumu enough to throw away his marriage and kids because of a fling,he should be ready t pay the pric and/OR SUFFER THE CONSEQUENCES...It is still none of your business!

Does anyone remember the link of this story?


  1. Poster, you are the Mumu.
    You sat there and watched your colleague sleep with your friend.
    What kind of a friend are you?
    I remember telling you to talk to your friend about your colleague.
    Now, she’s exposed and people won’t care to find out how it all started.
    Your colleague has ruined his home and wants to bring in the side chic who has no idea of what’s been going on.
    Are you happy?
    His wife is expecting and he doesn’t even care?
    The innocent lady will move in happily, missiles will start flying from every corner.
    What if your colleagues wife goes extreme to hurt this innocent lady?
    Annoying update.

    1. Slutty the thing weak me o.
      Drink water and mind your business,
      The man is a wicked and arrogant man.
      Your wife is pregnant for Christ sakes,I hate it when people say he sent her park like she is a piece of furniture you toss away,
      The house is for you both!!!!!
      Well I know the man will get back to his senses and go and beg his wife
      Side chick will loose out except juju involve.
      If wife choose to go xtreme
      Is another angle to look at o.

    2. I don't even know who invented this drink water and mind your business syndrome. It is doing more harm than good

    3. Wasnt it on here she was advised to drink water and mind her business?

    4. She drank water and now a legally married pregnant woman would go through the difficult process of carrying to term and nursing a baby all in her own while dealing with emotional trauma and two little kids.
      Another woman is in love and investing time, emotion, resources, body into a blatant lie that will only leave her cheated and bitten and bitter at the end of the day.

      All you had to do was to love your neighbor as yourself. You may have changed things if you had done something or you may not but you’ll have known you tried.
      Evil continues to prevail as long as good men do nothing.

      You have sown the seed of drinking water and minding your business, get ready for a bountiful harvest as it comes back to you in good measure, pressed down, shaken together and running over.

    5. Don't mind your business anything. Even God will be angry with you if you don't sit that your stupid colleague down and speak sense into his head. He is a wicked man. just imagine,he wants to throw his pregnant wife out because of a side chicken. Better tell the side chicken that the man is married. What nonsense. I feel for his wife

    6. @Slutty
      that's Nigerians for you. they will see something that want to spoil instead of them to do something they will "drink water and mind their business".
      that is why we are where we are today.

      anyway, let me drink water and mind my business because e no concern me.

    7. I personally don't think that I would drink water and mind my business if my friend is using his hands to spoil his marriage, hell no! I will tell the side chick that look this guy is up to no good.
      It is after I must have done so, if them continue with the affair, I will kukuma drink and mind my business.

      I sincerely think that minding one's business in such matter have done more damages than good.

    8. You'all blaming poster. Majority of you gave the drink water advice.

    9. Wait o... Poster, are you sure the girl is not aware of your friend's marital status??? What if she is aware and she is the one instigating the divorce? What if she is aware and stylishly using juju to cover the man's face? This story is somehow. I can't imagine my enemy dating a married man without knowing he is married. I pray o.... Na jazz? I must know eee

    10. poster pls stop giving us half baked gist. Ask your female friend very well what her plans are? Does she wanna marry him? Has she seen his people? If her answers are yes, then you can begin to drop some hints to booth her brain. But if her answer is NO, you can drink water and mind your biz! Her mumu don do. Ask your "mumu friend" as well. There is something they ain't telling you. I think you have to snoop before you drink water and mind your biz o. Pls keep us updated again biko


  3. So what is your own or you are also interested in him pls mind your business lazy youth don't sent others lifestory ,you also have your dirty linen

    1. See this one. May people mind their business when they see you entering fire. Goke you are evil

  4. I remember this story very well. Poster don't think the side chick is dumb o. I think she is about to serve your friend hot pepper soup. You should be more worried about your friend sef. At the same time, mind your biz.

  5. Dear minding your business and allowing her fall for a married man is all shades of wrong.
    If it was your sister would you still mind your business???

    What happened to humanity and telling the truth??? Jesus!

    1. But Default majority of the bvs here said she should mind her business and so she did.

  6. Okwa nsi ha kpuchie ohu, ha agbaba m uta -when I tell my Naija girls to close tohtoh, they will begin to shoot
    arrowsπŸΉπŸΉπŸ”«πŸ”« at my smooth nyansh inside my legitimate room?

    This Naija girl now has a guilty conscience of having produced a "single mom" from a marriage with two "orphans" and she is going to live with a "dead" horseband?
    And she is going to be fought by God all her life for being foolish as to scatter what he joined together.
    And the "dead" dude that called himself your friend? His life has entered the movable way and he does not know it Prov. 5:6. He is finished! Wetin foolish dudes they carry them rods drill? 😯😯😯😯

    As for you, you still dey call that thing friend? I dey use onyoko meter rook you well well. You should have told this girl that your friend was married and actually cut off from him.
    Because you too fit get sideπŸ¦‰πŸ¦‰πŸ¦‰

  7. this is the link below

  8. Poster, you no be better person. you for tell your friend now you are calling her mumu for falling in love with someone she supposed is available. I don't like people like you.

  9. What kind of mind your business aree you all ranting about. Please let her know what is going on....any decision she makes afterwards is then left to her. Don't watch her ruin her life and that of another woman. Some women can give advice they cannot take. Would you be happy to be this innocent woman walking into hot fire?

    1. thank you oh. i haven't even seen your comment before i post mine up there. Mind which business. If God won't forget you if you mind your business in this situation

  10. Poster, you are as evil as the married man you came here to report. May people always keep quiet and mind their own business when they see you entering a pit.

    1. Honestly I am just annoyed with the poster, so upset!
      πŸ˜‚ but I won't say Amen to your comment 16:23 oh!

  11. The side chick doesn't know he's married? I doubt. Is your friend that expressly smooth to hide all pointers that might have given him away??
    This no be ordinary eye. What I know is that God does not sleep or slumber.

  12. I have been in the shoes of the side chick before and I HATED and still HATE everyone who knew and didn't tell me anything.

    We dated for over 3yrs! I did go to his on several occasions,met his family. Met his supposed sisters 3kids who were apparently his own children that his sister and him connived to tell me that they were hers.
    Would travel and buy stuff for these kids.
    I only found out when my child turned a year old and she fell ill and I was calling to tell him since he was a medical doctor.
    The subsequent unfolding events could make a movie!

    That's when I knew that the heart of man is really really really wicked!

    Two years after discovery of his full marital status and I'm still in shock and I hate hate hate his sister and everyone who didn't tell me.

    If this lady finds out you knew and didn't tell, she would very heartbroken over your connivance and aiding and that's exactly what's you are doing.

    If I call someone a friend and I'm reasonably headed, I would want the friend to tell me even if it won't be pleasant.
    That's the meaning of friendship!

    1. Imagine!
      Such wickedness!
      And still some people will be chanting 'drink water and mind your business!
      If this is not wickedness,biko tell what it is!

  13. Mu nwa kwulu ya!31 August 2019 at 16:45

    Nigerian women

    When will we ever get to the place where its a man and his extended family's loss when he sends you "packing"

    Send Folorunsho Alakija packing make we see!

    Send me packing na your loss!

    Nonsense and packing!

    1. I don't know oooooh too when Nigerian women will get to that level maybe in the next 200 years

      The most Complex

  14. Stella csn give some silly advice atimes, look at ur mouth " Stella u asked me to mind my business and i did"
    You came asking for bvs advice and u got loads of them and it was only Stella's advice u took eventually.
    You are wicked, you shd have annonymously told the man's wife and speak sense to ur friend's brain. How about women supporting women, this is part of the support, letting her know the idiot of a man is married, but u chose to freaking shut up.

    You guys shd stop this rubbish slogan
    "Drink water and mind ur business"
    It has caused so much pain to people, somethings that would hv been averted but u decided to keep mute. God will judge u.
    I am so angry with this chronicle and even d poster.

  15. Who told u she doesn't know he's married? Abeg leave these chics, Man has never taken you to his house, u dunno his address, n u think he's single...olodo.

    1. Blackberry some men have gone beyond that. They rent apartments where they meet girls. Some comfortable ones even use some of their houses for this. Wickedness has gone far.


  16. What do you mean by your college has finally CHOP the girl? Talks like this disgust me.
    I am a lady and I enjoy sex just as much as any guy I'm sexing enjoys it too. I love sex and I have the mindset that I do it because I love it. No man can tell me he chopped me and I can't say any man used me because I fully enjoyed the whole scene. It's a mutual thing. You enjoyed it and I also enjoyed it.

    1. That is Nigeria women for you. See her gloating like she is happy about what is going on. You said the girl isn't aware his married why can't you talk to her so you going to watch her ruin her life ? This is why
      I don't keep friends because most times they are secretly wishing you bad.

  17. And you couldn’t tell your friend she’s dating a married man? Your not a good friend.

  18. Stella this your advice eh!!!! You see poster , what does around comes around. Someone will know what will kill you too and not tell you. You are a bad person .

  19. Drink Water And Mind Ya Business No Dey This Kind Matter o... Na waooo It Is wel...

  20. Poster is time to let your friend know she is dealing with a married man, start by asking her if she knows he has a wife. Don't let his innocent wife and children suffer, is never there fault please don't watch the one on the way to suffer, send your friend message or get someone to inform her.

  21. This one is not a friend ooo. A friend is someone that can go the extra mile to make you comfortable even at his/her own expense!

    Sex goes both ways. Nobody 'chopped' anybody; they both had illicit sex and now, the consequences will affect generations unborn which can affect you, the satanic friend too.

    You had better let your friend know she's towing a destructive path before she destroys her life?

  22. it's a pity most ladies on dis blog cannot think on their own but go with Stella opinion even if she is wrong. the did has been done but I wish someone else will mind her business and drink water wen the person sees what will hurt you you too till you fall victim

  23. @ poster with friends like you who needs an enemy

  24. Poster what you did was so wrong. You are supposed to tell your colleague that your friend is married simple. But you decided to mind your business. God will judge you if that marriage scattered

  25. Guys please read properly before you comment. the poster did not mention any party in the post as her friend. she just said her colleague and his side chic. Nigerians please read and assimilate before you comment. I dey hail all of una.


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