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Sunday, August 25, 2019

Did You Know......

Mind blowing facts from Africa facts zone that will blow you away.....


  1. "People like you don't talk to me like that when I am armed. I shoot them." Imagine the alacrity. This statement reminds me of a friend I used to know back then in Enugu. He told police men that came to arrest him to hide their guns, that he carries more sophisticated arms than the stick they are holding.
    Most criminals often had this gut in them. No matter how hard one feels they are in crime, they always end up shamefully.

    1. There was once a dreaded criminal just like Oyenusi known as 'Ngwu Ekeromu' those days in Enugu. Those who live in Enugu may know him. I wish I can share that story but don't wanna derail this post. The only difference is that, he robbed the rich and give to the poor Lol...

    2. Er..'Alacrity'??
      *scratches wig violently

  2. This is how fraudsters should be treated 👆👆👆. Convicted fraudsters should be publicly executed! Jail terms with the epidemic we have on our hands is like treating cancer with mere pain relievers...

  3. I actually thought he was a medical doctor.

  4. Anini was another celebrated criminal. Infact i think Anini was worst than Ishola, derico and others

  5. We were so young then. People were trouping to Barbesch where they " ko his ehin s'Okun" Our elderly ones said we were too small to go witness such. It was a bad day and the story was told for s long time. If you steal money in those days, once they tell you " if you don't say the truth, army will ko ehin e s'okun'. Kia kia you will confess. It was televised.
    ** To ko ehin s'okun means tying one to a stake", baking the barbeach water. So terrifying then.

  6. This is how political and public office treasury looters should be treated. Within six months Nigeria will become one of the best countries in the world.

  7. This is how rapists and paedophiles should be treated.

  8. Yes, indeed. This is how rapists, paedophiles, political and public treasury looters should be dealt with in Nigeria.

  9. Yes, indeed. This is how rapists, paedophiles, political and public treasury looters should be dealt with in Nigeria.


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