Stella Dimoko Minister Of Stae Niger Delta Affairs Keyamo Linked With Man Nabbed By The FBI


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Sunday, August 25, 2019

Minister Of Stae Niger Delta Affairs Keyamo Linked With Man Nabbed By The FBI

Newly appointed Minister of State for Niger Delta Affairs, Festus Keyamo, has been linked with Jerry Elo Ikogho, one of the 77 Nigerians charged for massive fraud, money laundering in the United States of America, Sunday Independent can authoritatively reveal.

Keyamo, who is said to have fraternal relationship with the alleged fraudster, admitted that he handles legal works for Ikogho, who was charged on Thursday with 76 other Nigerian nationals for participating in a massive conspiracy to steal millions of dollars through a variety of fraud schemes and launder the funds through a Los Angeles-based money-laundering network.

The relationship between the Minister and Ikogho, was said to have started in the early 70s in Ughelli, where they were born but Jerry’s parents are from Orie-Irri, Isoko South Local Government Area of Delta State.

They were classmates at Government College Ughelli. Ikogho was born with a silver spoon, being the son of one of the earlier car dealers and millionaires. His father was the Chairman of Ikogho Motors, based in Ughelli.

Keyamo, in an interview with Sunday Independent on Saturday, admitted that he was handling legal works for Jerry Ikogho, but clarified that he never knew the kind of business he was into in America.

“We were born together in the same town at Ughelli in Delta State. His parents and my parents are close friends up till tomorrow. We were both raised in the Jehovah Witness’ sect. It is a whole family union. If he has legal issues, I handled them for him free of charge. I didn’t know him as a client but as a family friend with whom we both grew up together,” Keyamo said.

When asked the type of legal briefs he was handling for Ikogho and if he was aware that he was into a shady business, Keyamo retorted: “How would I know? He has not been proven guilty. Have you concluded that he is into massive fraud and money laundering? That he is a scammer is a slant of the Nigerian press because the allegation is coming from the FBI.

“I know the mindset of an average Nigerian journalist, I know what to expect as your headline tomorrow, because I have been dealing with Nigerian journalists for more than 30 years. Your headline tomorrow could be ‘Keyamo linked with alleged scammer’. If it were to be the EFCC that said it, the press in Nigeria would not publish it this way.”

The fiery lawyer said he would like to hear from Ikogho what transpired in America before he takes a position, adding that, “If his explanations are not satisfactory, I will scold him. I have spoken with the wife since this issue broke out, but I have been unable to get in touch with him. But I need to hear from him.”

Asked if he would be part of the legal team that would defend Ikogho in America, Keyamo said, “My license does not permit me to practice law in the United States of America.”

The Minister, however, described what happened to his friend as “very unfortunate because he is not from that kind of family. He is a homeboy. He grew up and did his youth service in Nigeria. I used to stay with him when I first came to Abuja. He is my brother and friend, though I am just a month older than him. Anybody can be in trouble. I am praying for him. If he has valid explanations I will help him legally. I can’t run away from him,” Keyamo added.

A 252-count federal grand jury indictment unsealed on Thursday, charged 77 Nigerian nationals with participating in a massive conspiracy to steal millions of dollars through a variety of fraud schemes and launder the funds through a Los Angeles-based money-laundering network as uncovered by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI).

The indictment was unsealed after law enforcement authorities, led by the FBI, Thursday morning arrested 14 defendants across the United States, with 11 of those arrests taking place in the Los Angeles region.

Two defendants were already in federal custody on other charges, and one was arrested earlier last week. The remaining defendants are believed to be abroad, with most of them located in Nigeria.

The indictment alleged that the defendants and others used various online fraud schemes – including business email compromise (BEC) frauds, romance scams, and schemes targeting the elderly – to defraud victims out of millions of dollars.


  1. I will give him that benefit of doubt, for he may be saying the truth here and may not have known any deal about the accused. Again these people are still being accused and haven't been proven guilty yet. I still want to believe that there could be innocent ones among them.

  2. Kenye amu is definitely dancing the music now. he was on tape sharing
    "erection" monies to area fathers. Now
    252 count federal grand jury indictment in the USA is linked to his bosom friend. And he is chanting
    parrot's rhymes. Please tell him that
    USA is not like Nigeria where magic marshal laws and judgments are read out in courts.

    1. Abeg get are deft.
      A friend is a friend no matter what. I love my friends and will never talk shit about them. I believe in total loyalty

    2. @Pixiedust
      So you have the audacity and immaculate civility to tell another commenter to "get out"
      Okay, let me help you with your insulting words, you wanted to call
      me "DAFT" (foolish) and you ended up calling me "deft" (intelligent, skillful)
      Thanks for the insults and unintended compliments inugo?

    3. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    4. ANG you worry o 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  3. "erection" monies- savage SDKs, I set bow to una oooooh

  4. In 1992, my father bought a car from Jerry's dad (they are friends)for my mum in Lagos. Jerry delivered it. In 1994 also, he bought another car from him.
    Ikogho is a very popular car dealer. Most of us Isoko guys patronized him.

    On the other hand, I don't believe everything I read on the Internet. Let the courts decide and if he's found culpable, the law should take its course

  5. True definition of “loyalty “

  6. Inorder to be rich and relevant in the society some people prefer to lie and cheat.

  7. Let's learn to allow the law take its course. An accused person is either guilty or not guilty.
    Don't jump the gun.

    Nigerians love sensationalism.
    Yesterday, it was Invictus Obi, on his heels, 73 Nigerians.
    Nigerians already concluded he was guilty with all sorts of memes and videos on the web.

    Keyamo has said what he knows about his childhood friend. He does not live with him and does not determine his lifestyle.
    If the man is found guilty, would all his family, friends including Keyamo abandon him? No.
    They will scold him, feel terribly disappointed but they would be there for him, his wife and children while he serves his jail term.

    Learn to think and walk through issues with clarity of thought, logical analysis, benefit of doubt and open mind. Look beyond sentiments, reasonable doubts for that substantial evidence.
    That both cases are by FBI does not mean there have been verdicts both ways. The good thing is that US justice system works - just and fair hearing unlike Nigeria's.
    A good number of them would be guilty but a few might be innocent.

    Yes, there are tons of facts that some Nigerians engage in fraud/cybercrimes, trafficking of hard drugs and humans.

    Nigerians - government and citizens, its high time you claimed back the soul of your nation which has been in the grip of mammon and steeped in immorality. The nation is on the brink of doom.


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