Stella Dimoko DSS Seeks Court Order To Detain Sowore For 90 Days...


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Wednesday, August 07, 2019

DSS Seeks Court Order To Detain Sowore For 90 Days...

An Abuja Federal High Court will, on Thursday, rule in the application filed by the Department of State Services (DSS), seeking an order to detain Mr Omoyele Sowore, the convener of Revolution now for 90 days pending the conclusion of its investigation.

In an exparte order with number: FHC/ABJ/CS/915/19, Counsel to the DSS, G. O. Agbadua, told Justice Taiwo Taiwo that a video clip evidence was also attached to the application....

He urged the judge to grant the application seeking to detain the publisher of Sahara Reports beyond 48 hours as required by the law.

DSS had arrested Sowore over the weekend after he called for a nationwide staging of protests against what he described as a bad governance.
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  1. This govt is the worst in Nigerian history. Na so them wan use waste this guy style style o

  2. Who still know Mr Ibrahim Garba Wala (aka IG Wala) the leader of the group I stand with Buhari? Do you know he is already four months in prison? He was sentence to 12years imprisonment after his fallout with the government he campaigned for and brought to office.

    Now, you understand that a leopard does not change its spot. Those who ride on the back of a leopard, always end up in its mouth.

    I trust Falana if he is the lawyer representing Sowore, to do a better job for his release. They can silence the messenger but not the message. They are only postponing the dooms days, for surely it will come and they will surely all pay for their crimes against humanity.

    1. state your points without making inciting comments abeg. a piece of advice: the internet isn't exactly anonymous as before.

      Stella please post my comments. I am against all what's happening in this country but you won't catch me making statements or comments akin to pouring fuel to already burning flames.

      please be guided.

    2. My brother this govt doesn't obey court orders, zalkazy, dasuki comes to mind, do u know zalkazy will be released and followed closely by DSS men for his medical trip?
      I pity for the young and ordinary people that were arrested during the protest( who is going to fight for their release?) its gonna be tough on them and their family.
      The govt have found away to scare people out protest and I am sorry the status quo is not about to change.

    3. Of course Stella will post your comment, for you didn't kill person Lol. Please point out the inciting statement I made above. Is it that I said they will pay for their crimes or what? I look forward for your response.

    4. “I do hope that the government will not be stupid to charge Sowore. In fairness to them (DSS), they gave him a telephone to phone me. Of course I knew they were monitoring the phone, and I told him I hope they won’t charge you, because if they do, some of the people in government will be our witnesses,” he said.
      “You know why? One of them, I won’t mention his name. In 2011, he asked Nigerians to learn from the Egyptian revolution and be ready for a revolution in Nigeria. So, he will be my first witness." ~ Femi Falana.

      I hope you know whom the person is he said he won't mention his name?

  3. For goodness sake, what did this man do to warrant this madness from this God forsaken govt. We are literally in military regime #democracyRegimeMyAss#

  4. 120 days will be OK.
    By the time he come out, he will know the difference between revolution and protest.

    1. Did the three years incarceration of Nnamdi Kanu break his resolve? The government may finally end up creating another hero out of Sowore and give him a platform and the international recognition just like Kanu is doing today.

      Don't forget, Sowore met with Kanu a month before his proposed protest. Everything could just be playing out as planned.

  5. I am not for all these Revolution movement thing as I hate violence to the core and anything that can elicit violence. The video I saw just now of police mishandling the protesters is appalling.
    How can you treat humans like this?

    1. Who sent them to still come out after they saw their leader has been arrested. Haba!

  6. All those yeyebrities... Standing with Bosola Dakolo non of una want to stand with Sowere ba? Samething you witches and wizards did to Omo sexy.

    Is time to fight for the common man with your status o! Come out and stand with the masses all ye brities.

  7. That is, if he doesn't surpass that 90 days ba. Sowore don enter.

  8. When I realized that a seasoned lawyer is going to be our Vice President, a SAN for that matter, I was elated that even if he did not do anything at least he will ensure that the human rights of Nigerians are respected and the days of violations, harassment, molestation, brutalization of Nigerians by police and other arms bearers will be over even if it is only under this government. Little did I know that under this government the brutalization of Nigerian citizens and violation of their rights by police and other weapons carriers will even get extraordinarily worse and the SAN Vice President will be a total disappointment completely powerless and incapable of doing anything about it. What a shame.


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