Stella Dimoko Former Beauty Queen Powede Awujo And Husband Ikenna Welcome Their Second Child


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Tuesday, August 06, 2019

Former Beauty Queen Powede Awujo And Husband Ikenna Welcome Their Second Child

Former Beauty Queen Powede Eniola Awujo and her husband Ikenna have welcomed their second baby boy.......


  1. Congratulations beautiful woman.

  2. Congratulations to the family.

  3. Congrats to her.
    God pls do mine for me.
    I've been in pains since on Sunday and yesterday went to the hospital and I was sent home that its fake contraction pain. I've not been sleeping since.
    How can I be feeling pains for good three days and nothing has happened?
    He said my cervix hasnt dillated yet.
    Is that how it is?
    I thought when u start feeling pains they admit u and in matter of hours u have ur baby and go back home.

    What do I do pls?

    1. Safe delivery in Jesus name Amen..He will do it

    2. Sweetheart relax, i had false contractions too..Don’t stress it, before you know It you’d be carrying your baby.. I understand how tired you are but it’s a matter of little time, you can take walks, more sex too to hasten labor.

    3. Anon 09:30,Please relax and continue with your daily activities. You are having braxton Hicks contractions,this is false contractions and feel like mild menstrual cramps. It can be uncomfortable for you, but will not cause labor or open your cervix.
      All the very best and try and take your mind off.😘

    4. Big Congratulations to them.

    5. Sorry Dear,

      It will all end in praise to the Glory of God.

      The stages and experiences differs with every woman
      Try do some exercise.
      Go see your doctor again.

    6. Go and ride oga by being on top and that mucus plug go find its way.Don't ride with fear,be fast and hard about it

    7. Thanks a lot guys 😥😥😥
      I'm just so tired.
      Oga is scared of having sex. I don't even know if I can stand that.

  4. Ah! Is it just me or did she give birth not too long ago?
    Congratulations to the family.

    1. She had a baby in January 2018 i think
      i love the spacing, no time to waste.
      Congratulations Powede and family

  5. Congratulations to them and God bless them all, amen.
    I am in my 9th month of pregnancy and I will gladly tell you I have not particularly enjoyed the trip! I'm a belly sleeper, so I have barely had a normal night's rest. It's mostly exhaustion that konks me out.
    I had a threatened miscarriage at the start, was placed on Duphaston (for far too long), became depressed and contemplated harming myself, lost a lot of weight, got acne on my face, shoulder, back and chest, became a hairy wolverine (fine, lush hair on bump, thigh and chin), nose blew up and sex drive tanked... It's been a wild ride.
    My daughter will be born soon and I'm happy to meet her and raise her to be an amazing woman.

    I don't believe I'll willingly go through this journey again

    1. You will deliver your beautiful baby girl safely, Amen. Sorry about all the wahala, some of us suffer badly during pregnancy. Million hugs 🤗

    2. Trust me when the baby comes, you will forget all that you experienced during the pregnancy.. The Lord is with you and you will have your baby safely in Jesus Name

    3. The Errand Mistress, you donot forget. You never forget. You are just thankful to have come out alive and with a beautiful gift. Seeing the child makes all you went through worth it, but forget? Nahhhhhh

      Anonymous 11:09, May God grant you safe delivery. I went through a lot with my girl, but I am thankful. You will be fine.

  6. You’ll deliver safely in Jesus name. Amen ����


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