Stella Dimoko Fruits, Foods And Exercises That Can Help Tighten The Pelvic Muscle


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Saturday, August 24, 2019

Fruits, Foods And Exercises That Can Help Tighten The Pelvic Muscle

Vagina tightening is the process of tightening the pelvic muscles. It helps to achieve a degree of elasticity of the pelvic floor muscles, thus enhancing tightness.
However, it is important to note that more or less gbenshing has nothing to do with the elasticity of your tohtoh

Nutritional values of fruits go beyond securing the health, some fruits are also effective for vaginal tightening. Yes, you see that right, they work effectively in making your vaginal tight, safe and healthy.

A loose vagina can be caused by several reasons, these could be: childbirth, menopause and the inevitable ageing process. The loss of estrogen can lead to vaginal relaxation or loosening.

A healthy diet and exercise can strengthen the pelvic floor and repair it in the safest possible way.

Kegel exercises

These are quite popular. These are exercises that consist of steps that contract and relax pelvic floor muscles. you will have to empty your bladder before you commence this exercise. Tighten your pelvic floor muscles and hold them in for eight to 10 counts, Release and repeat. You will notice a huge difference if you follow this regularly.

Leg Ups

This simple exercise only requires you to lie on your back on the floor and lift your legs up one after the other. Do not bend your legs, instead hold them straight. Lift and lower legs alternately.

Cranberry juice

Cranberries prevent and relive symptoms of urinary tract infections by acidifying the urine and balancing the PH of the vaginal area. The strong acidic compounds which don’t get broken down during digestion making them able to fight bacteria that cause the infections. You can eat fresh cranberries by mixing them in natural yoghurt.


As ladies, we need lots of water for our vaginal mucous membrane to function properly, so they need to stay well hydrated. Drinking sufficient amounts of water will ensure that your vagina stays lubricated as well as diminish foul smells from your vaginal.


This fruit helps in regaining the vaginal wall and improving the vagina’s’ health. Avocado comprises of healthy fats that boost libido. It is also rich in potassium and Vitamin B-6 for strengthening the vagina wall.

Sweet potatoes.

The vitamin A present in this contributes to the healthy vagina and uterine walls and helps to produce the hormones needed to stay vibrant and energized.


One apple a day increases your sex life. Apples help in improving sexual functions, lubrication and strengthen your ability to get orgasmic.

The medical information provided in this article is provided as an information resource only. This information does not create any patient-physician relationship and should not be used as a substitute for professional diagnosis and treatment

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  1. I'm already tight, according to my exes, don't know whether na lie, cos liars are all i ever dated.. Satan you try cos that your handiwork mshewwww

    1. And you have to hide under anonymous to spill.
      Did Satan rape you. Is it not the same temptation that humans face that
      you faced?
      Blame yourself for falling into them. In eternity/judgment, even God isn't
      going to blame Satan. You alone face the consequences.

    2. Hahahaha chi my ooooooo. This lady o

    3. I am a woman and I assure you that sex has everything to do with the tightness or not of the vagina...

  2. If your veejay is tight, after childbirth please come and lecture us... drops mic

    1. I really don’t have any tip.

      But I know a woman that said she refused to be stitched when she had a tear, that she will do it after her last baby.
      I don’t know if this is even true(she doesn't have any reason to lie) but it really shocked me.

      Good doctors stitch good.

    2. Only way is to abstain from sex, don’t have kids and walk and climb stairs at least an hour a day. They is no other magic.

  3. Mine is lose oh,after pushing out 2big babies.Did the article say lose vagina has nothing to do with constant sex?I disagree oh.When my husband was trying to break my virginity,sex was hell.It took a while before sex became normal for me and afterwards,my vagina was open enough to accommodate his P.I had my babies and it opened even further.They cant tell me a virgin and non virgin will have same vagina elasticity biko.

    1. Did you have a tear? Or you were cut? Did the doctors stitch it? Did it heal properly?

    2. Iphie,I had a tear for both births and I was stitched and it healed properly as well.The tear for my second was something else,it was inside my vaginal walls as against the first that was normal exterior tear.Its well oh

    3. Hanty constant sex has nothing to do with wide pussy cause and you won't use virginity to judge cause that was an unopened territory and something foreign was coming so it wont be easy cause the body has to adjust to that change

  4. Interesting article.
    I do the kegal often, impulsively though.

    I had a tear during childbirth and was stiched. The state of my vagina feels brand new, sometimes I'm tempted to think I was stiched a little more than necessary ( don't know if this is possible) and I wonder if I'll be open well enough to allow passage of another baby. Yes I have a totally exciting sexual experience.

    I lead an active Lifestyle and the leg up exercise is an almost daily routine.

    I also think the men should exercise too. I told my husband that I feel the gym wey he dey gym has enhanced the thickness of his weapon and appealed to him to reduce the frequency of his exercise. Too much of everything dey cause "I'm sorry".

  5. D and C. D meaning dilation

    1. Its the cervix that is dilated

    2. @15:59
      Why not use even google to check before coming to spill what you do not know.
      The vagina wall is dilated with the cusco's speculum. What goes into the cervix is
      the curette for scrapping of remains of conception.

  6. Ah!Now I understand.
    I eat an avocado and an apple everyday.

  7. Stella na lie oooo Na constant ghenshing. My own totoh wide like river, I ghensh a lot, if I no see man I find woman. I don do kegel , i apply a tightener but instead my big ikpu shrink and not they inside and I take fruits too. It's dependent of body structure. There's this friend of my mine, she no dey ghensh but fist and her totoh is still tight and she no dey do exercise or take fruits.


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