Stella Dimoko Governor Wike Sacks Rivers University Vice-Chancellor And Others


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Saturday, August 03, 2019

Governor Wike Sacks Rivers University Vice-Chancellor And Others

The governor of Rivers State, Nyesom Wike, has sacked the vice-chancellor of the state-owned Rivers State University, Blessing Didia, alongside the deputy vice-chancellor in charge of administration, Magnus Oruwari.

The Press release says..

''Rivers State Governor and Visitor of the Rivers State University, Nyesom Ezenwo Wike has relieved the Vice Chancellor of the Rivers State University , Prof Blessing Chimezie Didia of his appointment with immediate effect.

Also relieved of his appointment is the Deputy Vice Chancellor (Administration), Professor Magnus Oruwari.

Accordingly, Governor Wike has approved the appointment of Professor Opuenebo B. Owei, Deputy Vice Chancellor (Academics) as the Acting Vice Chancellor of the Rivers State University.

The Statement added that Governor Wike has suspended the ongoing employment exercise at the university.

Furthermore, a committee has been set up to investigate the employment exercise and report to the Rivers State Governor in two weeks''.

Dagogo Adonye Hart,
Permanent Secretary,
Ministry of Education,
Rivers State.
3rd August, 2019.


  1. I hope it's done in good faith. Congrats on the newly appointed persons. Loving Gov.Nyemsom Wike latest actions in the state in relation to security and the proposed three flyovers about to kick start. The people's governor.

    1. Which people’s governor? The whole state is in darkness. No streetlights. All the roads are getting bad, with numerous potholes. Elections are over. No more mr. project.

    2. What part of Rivers state do you live? I have constant light where I live. How can you spew this lies that the whole state is in darkness?

      Who told you there's no more project? So the flyovers which is starting this month at Rumuokoro roundabout, Garrison Junction and Artillery junction aren't project?

      Did you see the new ultra modern market built at mile one including that of fruit garden? Should I go on?

    3. Teejay pls shut your mouth. Rivers state security is nothing to write home about as we speak. Which stupid flyovers are starting this month? Dont you see pot holes every where? Even the one his useless contractors created on NTA road at location junction when they were fixing traffic light is yet to be covered. Go and see the traffic it causes there. Instead of you to say the truth as it is, you are here praising Wike because you are a PDP supporter. If you have the interest of the country at heart, please say things are it is without minding which party is involved.

    4. Teejay, if you have nothing to say pls keep quite. You and your governor are full of shit. This man does only wey eyes see (Mr eye service)

      Tell him to come and correct the disaster and death trap he has set and left that way since last year for the people of Egbelu.
      The torture, pain, death and tears cos of flood was not like it is before he came with his fake project. Now acting like he is not seeing our pleads (letters and videos) all these months-year while we loss our homes, properties to flood and money to hospitals as a result of the deseases from the stagnant water in our homes now for months.

      Mr fake projects we have begged you enough to correct the hell you caused us o! And if you still remain silent after seeing how people are surffering (a man lossing all his chickens to flood and that man that died) you won't make heaven. God's judgment awaits you and everyone involved.

    5. You don't need to shut me up but rather counter my narrative with a superior argument like I have always said to you guys here.

      It has nothing to do with being a PDP supporter. I am not even a politician to start with. I listed things above and thought you would have debunk them but unfortunate to you, they are the truth as you can't debunk any. PH bvs are here and can testify about the light. I ask again, which area are you staying? Didn't that mile one market got burnt under previous administration? Did they fix it? No. Go and see the market now. I am surprised you are the only one faulting the projects done by Wike.

      The vice President Osibanjo, is he a PDP member when he visited Rivers state and called Wike Mr Project on seeing the giant stride projects executed? Should I mention roads this administration work? Do you know the state of Bishop Okoye street in mile 3 those days? what can you say about it today? please be sincere. What of Ojoto roundabout by Azikiwe down to Ikoku junction? Should I continue mentioning?

      Talking about security issues, I didn't say Rivers State has got it all perfect but there's progress with the situation of things at the moment. Please counter the facts I pointed out above with the projects done. How many flyovers did last administration build? What of market? roads etc. The only thing I will give them credit for is on Education which I still respected Ameachi for.

      Waiting for your rejoinder.

    6. Teejay pls keep quite ehhhh!!! The only project your governor has done is (pleasure park) and that is cos he has his own share there. Most of the roads who layed the foundation? Ameachi gave him standard which he had no choice but to follow as Mr (eye service that he is) Go to roads he stated from scratch and the see the qaulity of work done then compare them to Ameachi's work. His only mistake was taking over from Ameachi cos the standard is just too high for him to maintain.
      I'm not a surporter of any of them, just a person who stands by the truth. The students in Russia are begging for Mercy o! Pls since you are close to him, help beg him small. if you can come this cold morning to call white black then that means the hangover of sat night never clear yet, you need plenty of sleep.

    7. You still didn't debunk any of the things I mentioned above. Good to know about that. Thanks

  2. Na wa....o,i wonder what they did.

  3. Is it because of the recent killings? 🤷

    1. No dear, the two persons killed at the university were said to be cultist. The new operation sting security outfit launched by Wike last month are really doing a good job and I pray they continue this way.

    2. Operation sting my foot. Doing a good job indeed yet people are still being kidnapped and killed. I escaped being kidnapped on Mgbuoba road on friday becos I stopped to buy suya. Thank God I didn't put off my ignition. Please if you are going to feed people with lies here, please shush it.

    3. Teejay go and sleep. The boys if not (his) used for election are hungry. People don't enjoy night life anymore.

      Go to oil mill and see how these boys treat the market people. Different groups coming to collect money with somuch arrogance and even beat up these sellers at times. Pls keep quite o!
      Wike has destroyed everything Ameachi put in place in this once beautiful Rivers State. Dirt and mad people no dey allow people see road again.

      Teejay go and sleep you are drunk.

    4. Even though evidences are pointing to the fact that you lack comprehension, I promise not to be hard with you so I won't compound your issues. The fact you escaped being kidnapped last Friday, doesn't justified the reason that everywhere in the state isn't secured or safe. The last time I checked, this isn't Borno or Yobe state. Do you expect the security to be even in your bedroom protecting you? You know they can't be everywhere at the same time.

      Remember, I didn't say crimes and kidnapping are over but the security currently are doing a good job and pray they continue this way. I saw their actions few days ago the reason I made this remark.

    5. Mr Man teejay, if almighty GRA is now experiencing robbery and only saved each time cos of the army barracks at mummy B's road and bori camp then you have no talk here about security (people dey live in fear, drive better car na case, live in good house war).
      See the beautiful road built by Ameachi when going to owerri. People now avoid that road cos of kinapping, Emuhia and Ahaoda are a different story. Inside PH nko? No need replying you.
      Make I cook my coconut jellof rice in peace so you don't spoil my mood to enjoy it this Sunday's morning.

    6. Its good you concentrate on your rice, for you lack understanding on the subject matter. You can still invite me to join you if you wouldn't mind Lol....

    7. Tee Jay please keep quiet. Stop misleading people about the security situation in Rivers State. It is bad. I am not the Anony above but your lies on the state of security in RIvers state are getting to me now.

    8. Anon 11:40, I hope you aren't in any of the IDPs center if at all there's one.

    9. You live on a blog and spew insults on people who can pay you more than you presently earn and pay your bills. You are spreading falsehood on a blog and insulting people with contrary views. I pity your generation. People like you are why Nigeria will never get better. Myopic human being. If I call you a name that you truly deserve, you might commit suicide. Olodo

  4. guess is because of the
    recent killing In Rsu

  5. What is the reason? Political? Please appoint people that will bring about progress and not to please people. I have heard this Didia name for ever before he became VC. Is it that he was under-performing?

  6. I wish they can sack UNIBEN VC. UNIBEN has been without light and water for more than a month. He is always abroad. Mumu crook

    1. You own problem na light and water, our own in Rivers State na flood, no where to sleep in or cook to eat.

  7. better news bcos of his administration i wasnt admitted in 2015 bcos of 1 mark


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