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Wednesday, August 14, 2019

IHN - Wednesday



Little baby geh say thank you to the BV based Abuja who gifted her some money yesterday.....She sends Blessings your way and says you will never lack and will never be abandoned when you need help the most....

Hhehehehehhe she looks so cute!!!...just now now and the mama don begin dress am up so cute,like she has been waiting for this.......heheheheh



" Thanks a lot Stella for your message. Firstly, I sincerely tendered my apology for what whatever you thought on this scenario, but the story is not like that. Truly, we chatted when she contacted me,but, I reduced and totally stopped the chat when I noticed we are not of the same mind. 

She kept on chatting me ....but I didn't reply her, one day she sent me immoral video... when I watched it, I thought she needed attention, that was why I sent her the message. But , she replied that she only used that to get my attention to her. Since then .. I stopped chatting her.

Stella, with my age, it's only a kid that can be asking for such(intentionally). I only used that to reciprocate what she sent to me. Honestly, I am shocked with the peoples comments; as they quickly judged me without proper consideration and verification.....anyway I thank them too. 

Then, my sincere appreciation goes to the person that deeply thought of it that, " Unmarried at late thirties does not mean, the guy has an issue, rather , he sets himself for the best". Thanks alot Stella. I sincerely appreciate you. God bless.

He who comes to equity must come with clean hands.....

Both of you should move on from this ....Madam that called out,please allow him to move on,this didnt just happen....Allow him to move on and fin a wife,if you keep calling him out like this,then both of you would have no choice but to marry.......If two people Understand each other,i do not see anything wrong with discussing gbenshing on the phone.....This is my mindset please.

Wish you both the best.

Those who are waiting for this post to tear either th lady or the guy down....I hope your hands are clean?



Good day everyone I work in an audit firm, I am an auditor. I have a problem which is eating me up. In my firm u must pass ur ICAN exam. I have 2 papers left which I am to sit for this Nov fear is dat if I don't pass those two papers, I will be asked to resign and that will spoil my CV and the shame would be unbearable for me. Now I have d mind of resigning dis December before January dat d result will be out. And if I leave by December, I will have just #600,000k in my account. Can dat amount do something lucrative? Will I progress? I am so confused and scared of d unknown. Pls advice me my people

So you want to allow fear of the unknown eat you up?If you resign you will never have peace of mind wondering if you would have been sacked or not...I would prefer to try my luck and fail than to quit .....That 600k in your account,remove rent and feeding from it and see how much is have nothing so thread wisely....



I am 24yrs old and my boyfriend is 28yrs, he is so hardworking and lovely also he is doing so well for his age. He has started bothering me about meeting my parents and do all the necessary stuffs but the problem is he is not that good looking and I'm taller than him. I don't want to be laughed at, he is well-to-do and caring but I'm torn up because of his looks. He is not that cute and he is short.. Please advice me, I don't want to regret my decisions

My dear you are not ready to Marry and i beg you not to Marry this man cos it wont last...if you truly love someone eh,everyone will be seeing how ugly they are except you....For you to be seeing the ugliness without much ado shows that your eyes will stray...please release him and look for your kind.......Please drop his number in the comment section,thre are people who need his type.....



Stella I'm the gal that wrote sometime ago about dating 3 men. 3 married men to be precise. I read comments and I laughed so hard.this same people that criticize me will still see and beg for connection or start telling tales of how their local hookups doesn't pay and some will even ask for assistance.

I'm not ashamed to admit it,I have 2 cars right now,I have saved enough money,i have properties, I go on vacations, I get head almost 3 times in a week cos I love it,lol.

Some actresses are all over me begging for hookup ,of course I can't tell anyone how my money comes in so I sleep with some and give them the money,they want to turn me into a lesbian, mtchewww,lol.

Im not a runs gal,I'm a proud side chick to 3 most prominent men in the job is to look sweet and classy.your opinion doesnt matter.i travelled for summer and the first tenant was disturbing me to come back cos its only him in the compound, his family and everyone else traveled for summer, he had to send to me all the money I spent, you can imagine the both of us in the whole compound. Receiving head is my favorite, he makes sure of that too.

OK byeeeeeeeee


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  1. My “bend down” secrets

    I get one “natural yarns” for my friends. 😊😊
    Ndi uta -arrow shooters, get ya arrows ready 🏹🏹
    While a single girl (and even now) I had a very rich wardrobe. More so, the clothes don't stay there for more than 1-3 years at the most, depending on the category, before being given out (mainly to missionaries). But that’s not the “yarns”. So what's the "yarns?"
    I used to buy local delicacies (ukpaka, abacha, ukwa, snails, periwinkles etc.) from one very nice lady in a local market. I admired this lady’s character; she does not bicker, not angry even when you price her etc. Always wore a splendid smile which I looked forward to seeing . . . “madam, how’s your husband etc.?” (I had sometimes taken fiancΓ© then to this interior market). But above all, her dress sense was impeccable (oyibo asuo… and I always told her how nice she dressed). I knew that most of the dresses she wore were same dresses I spent some tangible $ to buy in that place where many of my friends want to marry and vamoose to 😊😊. So I wondered how this woman did it and I mustered some “liver” to ask her.
    “Hey auntie oyibo, do your type wear these ... okay, if you don’t mind, I will take you to my customer in this market … especially on Mondays when she opens her new bale … ” Shuoooooooooooorrr! 😯😯
    Monday, very early na so I drive land there … and my friend was waiting for me already. I was stunned! Very beautiful wears; skirts, skirt suits, nice tops, flowery gowns (my dearest wears), Jackets, … then to another shop…exotic shoes, sandals (another favorite of mine). I had my tape to measure every one to make sure my smooth (back) side 😊😊will be accommodated. (For same reason, I usually avoided the jeans because I do not want the likes of “Kevin” to carry hand finish job down there, if I waka pass . . .😯😯). I had a heap and the cost? Not up to what I would buy one of those fashion items in $ or in “Naija boutiques”. I also paid for my friend and thanked her very well. She has taught me how to catch fishes.
    As we waka dey commot… did you know whom I saw? I saw the lady (Naija) boutique owner whom I used to patronize in the city! 😯😯😯😯😯😯In front of her was a huge sack which she was packing clothes into and I noticed she was pricing one bail of clothes like that. I excused my friend and went and gave her a very generous embrace and “auntie, you come market…how ya pikins?” The woman nearly melted into thin air! I don catch you “bend down” handed! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
    I wore one of these flowery gowns the day I met DH and he liked it so much (he later told me). I wore the suits and jackets to my first employment (interview and work) where the boss was behaving like mkpi -he goat on heat. My "bend downs" had been admired by both economy and business class passengers, conference attendees etc.. You too might have admired my bend downs on the streets/malls without knowing it was me...πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
    If you are not in Christ, you may have to worry about being caught in the snares of bewitched fashion items (especially "bend downs" but also new), who wore it etc. I’ve heard/witnessed stories like that… Let’s leave this “yarns” for another time.
    Do you know that some of “Naija fashion houses that import from abroad” buy fashion items from thrift stores, the USA/Canada equivalent of Nigerian bend down? Do you know that it is the same thrift store items that are in Nigerian bend down? Now you know! 😊😊
    NB: 1. Note that this yarns was around the end of OBJ’s first term when FG has not placed embargo on "bend downs". 2. I DO NOT buy any intimate wears in "bend downs".
    Romans 12:16 Live in harmony with each other. Don’t be too proud to enjoy the company of ordinary people. And don’t think you know it all!
    Now you know my “bend down secret” yarns 😊😊
    Ngwanu, let the 🏹🏹 πŸ”«πŸ”« land.

    1. Nice one madam ajuju. I really appreciate your write up and i always look forward to reading things from you. I'm glad you've refused to be bullied out of this blog for speaking the truth. I wished I gather this type of your liver. Instead of cussing out your trolls you pray for them and shower them with love. That's very commendable.πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘I pray to be like you when I grow up😁😁😁😁

    2. U don't wear jeans/pants? No dress like maryamaka n tie ya ears o..πŸƒπŸƒπŸƒπŸƒ

    3. Wow ANG. Abeg which of the bend down boutique? Asking for my neighbour mbok. Lol

    4. Ang my friend i like you so much, but don't you think you should tame yourself before......even the bible warns about talking too much

    5. On point!
      That is how some people scream when they see my 'A' grade thrift bags. Very neat and of good quality.
      Erm ANG, but the thrift wears that these boutique owners buy from abroad don't smell like the ones they sell in Naija markets and you said they are the same? How come?
      Also, what did your customer in the boutique use to wash her 'bend down select' to erase that smell and make it suitable for sale in her boutique?
      I might just go into this business if I know how to remove that smell

    6. Smile. Wish to meet with you some day.

    7. My first comment did not enter
      ANG the mama
      Thank you.
      Pls how do the boutique remove that strong Okirika smell from Nigerian 'bend down select' clothes?
      Also, why is it that abroad 'bend down select' clothes dont smell?

      If I can get how to remove the strong smell, I might package it well and start selling.

    8. Biko Anonymous, where is the location of this your bend down dealer?? I am interested. Biko, help a sister.

    9. πŸ˜’πŸ˜’πŸ˜’πŸ˜’πŸ˜’πŸ˜’ you don come again 😏🀨.

    10. @Anonymous 17:57
      There is bend down dealers in every city or town in Nigeria. The importance of that her story is in that scripture in
      Romans 12:16 Live in harmony with each other. Don’t be too proud to enjoy the company of ordinary people. And don’t think you know it all!

      A lot of you chicks leave the message and pursue the shadows.

    11. @Madam B asking for her neighbors hahaha. Oya bring your neighbor while coming

      The most Complex.

  2. Stella my hands are clean o. Even Equity knows this πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€

    It's a good thing the issue has been cleared.
    Wish them both the best.

    Baby Nezzy you're blessed today and always.

  3. Replies
    1. That ola the nude guy issa scam. Ladies you better shine your eyes,most guys coming here to look for Amariya are mostly hit and run guys. Maybe only one% is serious among them. Ladies dress well and be approachable and watch responsible rich guys rushing you like agege sliced break.

    2. Madam side chick to 3 men...please, if you're going to lie, at least let your lies be consistent!!!

      1. You claim two of these men are top "ogas at the top"...meanwhile they are tenants of your 1st sugar daddy!! TENANTS!! With all their money, shouldn't they own houses of their own?!

      2. Today, you claim to have multiple residences...meanwhile you live in the boys quarters of your 1st sugar daddy's rental property!! I don't care how nice the house is, boys quarters is boys quarters!!

      3. The last time, you mentioned walking in the rain - and that is how you came into contact with one of the guys. You said he gave you a lift! Someone with multiple vehicles to her name is walking in the rain? HOW?!!

      4. You silly self was bragging about being "paid", 20,000/ 30,000 Naira after your xes sessions...but today, people are harassing you for contacts?!!

      If you are going to lie to save it well!!!

    3. Anonymous 18.40 are you a dectative?

      You just finished job lol

      The most Complex

    4. Afi dectative naa, It is detective joor.


    I know that you’ve tried your best. I know that you never feel that you’re enough. And I understand that you’re tired.

    You’re tired of trying to meet their expectations, while they never appreciate your efforts. You’re tired of pursuing those goals which always seem so far away no matter how hard you were trying to reach it.

    You’re tired of chasing people as the more you keep them close, the more they slip away. You’re tired of loving the wrong person. You’re tired of living your life.

    I know that you’re tired of rejections, failures, and disappointments. But, in case you forgot, I want to make you remember that God is always with you along the way.

    When you’re anxious, confused, sad, and disappointed; please make time to remember God as He is never forgetting you.

    Whatever you believe in, please remember that God will always know what your silent heart wants. He hears your prayers and knows your struggles. He knows the way you cry at night and how hard it was to hold back your tears during the day.

    Please know that God will always have your back, even if you never ask for His help. I wish you will always remember that God is near and He is the best of protector.

    Maybe God makes you wait a little longer before He grants your wishes, but someday, when you least expect it, things will happen in the best possible way.

    He always grants your wishes at the right time, so you’ll know the true meaning of patience and perseverance. He wants you to grow and see the way you struggle, just to make you believe that God will never give you a burden which is more than you can handle.

    When you come to Him in your prayers, know that He might not always give what you’ve wanted, but He will surely make your heart at ease. He will give patience and strength for you to hold on until the storm passed.

    God is the One who’ll make you firm upon the decision that you’ll take and He will always guide you whenever you’re lost. God will give you the courage to defend yourself and to forgive the ones who made you suffer. He will make you believe that after hardship, there comes ease.

    It’s okay to be mad at Him because I know that your pain is unbearable, but please have faith that God will never disappoint you in any possible ways.

    You need to remember that maybe, what you’ve always wanted is not good for you and you need to believe that God is the best of a planner. He knows what’s best and He will make sure that what’s meant for you will never pass you by.

    While you’re struggling right now, please remember that God is watching and being proud of your hard work. Hold on. Sooner or later, He will give what you’ve always wanted and needed.

    Until then, when life is against you, I wish your heart will always be connected to the One who made it. Rayi NOORMEGA

  5. Replies
    1. I yaff deleted it jare. I don't know how 'pooping' entered my clean comment πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€

      Stella thanks for the advert. God bless you. πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™

  6. Congrats BV Nezzy, your baby is cute...

    Oga weldone, I still find it out to believe you. Others can't be lying as well..

    BV sidechick with 3married, weldone ma, I don't envy you thou..

    Hmmmmm!! What else πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„

    Good afternoon all

    1. Sonia, we have BV Sidechic. This one is Poster Sidechic.

    2. It was a mistake *poster sidechick* Thanks @Perxian

      Tbabe I'm very well. Thank you. And how are you doing???

    3. Poster sidechick your lie dey smell! No be only 2cars and bla bla bla,same you that said one gives you 30k abi how much again. Be deceiving yourself

  7. @ proud side chick that loves head game. Enjoy while it lasts okay?

    One day monkey go go market...

  8. That girl with 3 married men up there

    All I have for you is intense pity. You are glorying in bondage. Cars, vacations, 3 prominent men, all the money ... is that what you give in exchange for your soul?
    Some of us are ladies, and by the grace of God have all these things you mentioned and more; cars, money, vacations, joyfully married (and never looking for any man to sleep with) ... and
    still have eternal life in Christ; that is what Jesus meant by giving you life in abundance!
    Isn't it myopic to prepare only for this life and not the eternal one.
    Supposing you die now? Supposing you died in that "summer vacation" like
    one of my very good family friend did a few summers ago, where will your soul be?
    Nne, make you reason am o. All these things will not save you in time of wrath.
    Proverbs 11:4 Riches won’t help on the day of judgment, but right living can save you from death.


    1. To add to this for the plaything of 3 married men. That some people approach you to help hook them up doesn't mean everyone is envious of you. That you say many actresses want in on your wanton lifestyle says it all. Is the average Nigerian actress a sane or sensible person with self-esteem or self-worth? No. That alone should give you a clue about how worthless the things you glory in, are. It's like rejoicing because a known thief gave you character reference.

      You have two cars, how many can you physically drive at a time? Were you so poor growing up? Your self-esteem must be nonexistent for you to think that you can't make it any other way! Women that have those things without prostituting themselves, even the ones that didn't finish school, do they have two heads? Instead of pitying yourself, you're sending Stella message to defend your iberibeism. Nne, you're not woke or progressive. Poverty must have seeped into your soul deeply, for you to crave material things that are replaceable and have new versions coming out every year (if not every six months) so much, even at the expense of your soul. Cos my dear, that's what you're playing with. Your soul.

      You're a fool if you think that any highly placed man in Nigeria will just sleep with you for no reason. You think you're smart but what they're taking from you is worth more than what you think you're collecting. Your p*ssy isn't what is special enough for them to give you the chicken change that's making you crazy. In a few years (if you live that long cos we don't know the terms of their arrangements with darkness) you'll see what you've done to yourself. To have a clue, ask your lesbians-for-pay actress friends about destiny-exchanging rituals that a lot of them have been subject to, because of their greed and impatience. Nollywood actresses (and actors) are brave, sha. They act things in movies, see the consequences then go and do it IRL. Some of them who keep falling sick, no be ordinary sickness or even lack of exercise and vegetables oh. Fear won't allow them say what they've done, so they're dying in silence. And that's why some of them approach you; people with nothing to lose want to take others down with them. And you're a scapegoat.

      Better repent. Cos like Anon 14:10 said, pity is what I feel for you. Imagine dying a miserable death, then landing in Hell.

    2. Chaiiiiii so many nails being hit all at once.
      Nice thread of advice, hopefully it sinks in.

  9. @Side chick to three different men, the third sentence in your second paragraph and the last sentence in your write up is all I see.

    1. Your head game mate πŸ‘‹πŸΏ

    2. I pray they dont use you as ritual some day with this your olojukokoroπŸ˜†πŸ˜†

  10. callout n responder.
    Errrrm, if a man stops chatting with u, respect yourself n stop too, stop bugging them n crying wolf later when he decides to play with your head.

    1. Stella,Most women tend to be emotional whenever issues like these are reported

      It is good the guy gave his own side of the story to clear things up.

      I don't take some of the women on this blog seriously.
      The first and last S&M I participated in, more than Five married women contacted me for a relationship.And they are the same people bashing people up and down.
      One thing I have learnt on social media is that there are lots of fake people who say one thing and do the opposite.

      I am not judging anyone, but let's assume I am into married women, I would have slept with all of them because they all wanted to be with me.

      Also, most of the ladies here are broke ass beggars.
      After chatting with you a few times, they start disturbing you for money. Some can't even recharge their phones.

      I laugh when ladies bash men who are called out by frustrated ladies who probably didn't get what they want from men in the name of women supporting women.

      Some women on this blog are hypocrites.

      I respect Ladies like Blackberry, veteran side chick, ANG, Slutty and a few other who are not pretenders on this blog.

      I have seen a lot on this blog and have never participated in SnM since that time.

      Kudos Stella, you are doing a good job

    2. The broke beggars line got me lol.

      The most Complex

  11. Beautiful baby nezzy

    The call out people should please move on

    I have forgotten the rest jare...🚢

  12. @Bv that put to birth congrats again. Your baby is cute, may God come for you both

    1. You can say that again. Such a cute baby.

  13. Awww cute baby girl, it’s so sweet styling baby girls. God bless the little angel.

    Na wa o to ugly done turn gbege, please leave the guy alone and wait for Mr. Nigeria abi Idris Elba as a husband. Nothing wrong with having preferences but it’s just that what you term “ugliness” May be false because beauty is in the eyes of the beholder and make your reason shallow. If this “ugliness” was coupled with bad manners or habits perhaps it would make sense.

    1. Dopel mama, thank God you are here today.
      Pls kindly share that your natural hair deep conditioning tips again . The one that softens and moisturizes strong and tough natural hair. Those tips you once shared have gone with my old phone. Thanks

    2. BV Dreza, please see link to my comments here and hope it helps

  14. Babe doing 3 married men, enjoy..u are their karma 😁😁, fun na turn by turn.

    1. @Blackey
      Enjoy, their karma you call am 😯😯😯
      So who will be this lady's "karma?"
      And who will be with her on her judgment day?
      Who will "enjoy" the fires of hell with her and her "married frenemies"?
      Okwa so ajujus ka m juru o
      Odi esekwa okwu -it doesn't cause any commotions.

    2. She knows deep In her heart that her own karma still dey secondary school or final year ...😁😁😁

    3. @Blackey
      Know that if she repents, God is faithful to forgive her for the person in Christ is
      a new creature, those old things will pass away. 2 Cor. 5:17, just like that repentant
      thief on the cross.

  15. you didnt see his height before dating, chop and run gone wrong. Patronage to the sellers

  16. Your baby is beautiful @ nezzy πŸ₯°πŸ₯°

    Poster, please leave that young man alone so he can meet someone who will appreciate his not so good looks...Haba πŸ™„ don’t you have sense at all?
    I am sure you are not beautiful yourself + your nasty attitude. Can you create a human?
    You meet good men who can take care of you and make you feel like a queen, you turn them down cos they are not good looking, really?
    Since you are ashamed of him, move aside so he can meet someone who will appreciate him.

    You were the first to send a video, and when he returned the favor, you ran here to crucify him.
    You wanted his attention and he gave it to you, so πŸ’πŸΏ‍♂️ SMH.

  17. Good day Stella and lovely Bvs.
    Eka joy and our professional teachers here please come to my aid.
    I have a 'teaching job' test tomorrow, what should I expect, aside banking jobs and secretarial posts this is my first time of going for a teaching test/ interview.

    1. How to write on a board..

      Your interaction with the students.

      How to write a lesson note

      Lesson plan too..

    2. You should know how to write a lesson note and may be asked to do a micro teaching on any topic of the subject you will be teaching

    3. Mostly maths and English test and if you are applying for a subject teacher, test on that subject.

      Followed by micro teaching then oral interview.

    4. How to handle a class


      Your handwriting on the board

      Most schools don't ask candidates to write a lesson note or plan anymore, but you can still learn it.
      They mostly give written test based on the level you want to teach, either Secondary or Primary. The test includes Maths, English, general subject or vocational aptitude and then current affairs. Composition is also included like essay or letter writing. All these depends on how big the school is and their standards.

      To be well prepared, meet a teacher to teach you how to write a lesson note, handle a class and stand at the board..
      Dress in your corporate wear and wear a smile on your face, no loud makeup or hair. Put your phone on silent.
      All the best

  18. uncle i don't believe what you said up there but since stella said we should move on from the gist i will let the dog just sleep. Aunty move on please and forget abput him.

    Aunty that has 3 married men that she is using, biko continue as long as it makes you happy, do not allow them use you but rather use them to your own advantage. Men need to be used the way the use us women, i will be happy if you make it up to 5 men. If i see them i will also use them badly.

    92k for Gold Micheal kors wristwatch, money is good oh.

    1. Pls dont generalize, dont assume all women have being used.

    2. Come to phc, so many loose married men with extra cash...😁😁

    3. Uncle Excited, buy it na
      Sebi you said you are very comfortable now and that you now have a very good job and business.

    4. ...and you think the men are not using her too?

  19. @makeup artist, which Christmas is around which corner?πŸ‘€ This is just August o. Hia! You almost gave me high bp with that statement😐😐😯

    1. You last line though:πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€ very funny

    2. Lol, but truly Christmas is around the corner. By next month now, we wld be in the ember months and before u know, its christmas

  20. Poster with the ‘not good looking boyfriend’... Am going to share something personal bcos I do not want you to make a grave mistake. If u see my boyfriend in pictures, u can notice the staggering difference between us. But I chose him and the love he brought me, because he is the man who makes me laugh so hard, he is the man who is always in my corner, he is the man who is hardworking and has dreams and is chasing those dreams. I hold his hand when we go out. I am proud to be in pictures with him, and someday am going to marry him. Because men like him are rare and if i become fixated on the physical I will definitely end up like some of my friends whose boyfriends treat them like shit but they stay on bcos they refuse to see that which is truly important. I look at them and am so shocked on what they condone, on how they are being treated. My boyfriend and I have our own issues but physical attributes have never been among. I choose him anyday anytime. If people are going to look, they can look and wonder till they are tired. I hope u make the right decisions. Also please do not marry him out of pity! That will be tragic. I hope u do not miss a good man because he looks nothing like a GQ star feature. I hope u embrace this love you have been given. And lastly I hope u find what you are looking for. Good luck.

  21. i was expecting one kind bomb ass gist between mr nude and the reporter but stella have used style to settle them... lol lemme carry my aproko body forward. lol

  22. Oga where is the proof that she sent an immoral video? At lease she brought a receipt of your irresponsible demands to us. Where is yours? From the chat, it shows how irresponsible you are and I please any sensible woman should contact this man for marriage unless you want to be a customer of sad chronicles.

  23. The guy is the sick one. If he claimed I sent an immoral video why didn't he delete me immediately as a Christian and since we didn't have like minds. Why are others also attesting to the fact that he ask for front and back pictures of them. Is he a baby to reciprocriate by sending such chat.let him hear himself. I fear him. We have barely known each other o. Check the time. I hate liars.

    I would rest the case but Stella please don't advertise him to serious and God fearing ladies. He is a sick person

  24. Congratulations Nezzy, your baby is so cute,The Lord keep her and make her a source of joy to u.

    @proud side chic...its your body,punani and destiny...

  25. Personally i don't think there is anything wrong in two adults discussing sex & their needs on phone. Some of us do that at some point,
    even if its not a long distance relationship. But for those guys or babes who are just getting to meet to know each other it is a turn off for me. Madam Stella this man is not saying the truth,this must be a cooked up story like damage control,if not let him provide the other chats where the girl started asking him for sex or phone sex.
    Anyways it doesn't stop anybody from contacting him if they are interested, at the end it all depends on how you can handle humans & mostly when it comes to relationship isssh.

    1. I feel the guy is lieing too.

      The most Complex

    2. I don't believe his story. I also am glad for the call-out. It is better to be warned so you are alert going in.

  26. Bv Nezzy,your angel is cute😘.
    @side chick, "There is a way that seem right to a man but the end of is destruction ". Please repent!
    Good day everyone.

  27. Poster with the 'ugly' boyfriend. You only know he's ugly because you don't love him. If u do, you'd see no ugliness in him.

    I will share a little story. My older cousin showed me a picture of her then fiancΓ© and to God, to me ehn, the man wasn't close to fine but she loves him so much that she doesn't care.

    My cousin is really pretty (almost mercy Johnson's look alike) but she has never seen her now husband as ugly. He's all over her Facebook and other social media pages and of course he treats her like a queen.

    Let that man go already because you don't love him.

    As for the man with the exposed chat, I put it to u that u are a liar. You are a depraved sex freak. You Don fuck up already, stop using more lies to cover up obvious lies.

    1. Mercy Johnson look-alike is what you call 'really pretty'
      Pls MJ has got curves alone, shikena

    2. Eka Joy thank God I saw u today.ive been looking 4 u since Monday.pls it's abt Dat foundation zikel.i want to no if u bought it and if it's good as recommended by RSQ.pls how much if u bought.Thanks

    3. Mercy Johnson is not pretty na Eka lol

    4. Yes I bought the foundation, alongside the primer. Together with the primer, it's really good enough for the price. It's not bad at all. I bought the foundation for 2500 and primer 2000

    5. Thanks for the feedback Ekajoy

  28. The truth is bitter they said, in our society today, the truth is percieved as judgment, @ proud side chic...hope you took note of the anonymous that said she's coming for you.

  29. Beautiful ladies

    Pls if you see a plain guy, as in a guy who is not fine like that but he loves you so much and treats you well and also has a good job or business, pls marry him. Such men, when they marry pretty wives, they treat them as gold, like they won a trophy. Go for such men and don't ever break their hearts. As long as you are fine, your own beauty will cover for his own and your kids will be fine

    1. What happens when the same "ugly" guy cheats on the fine woman/wife or even sires an outside baby down the line?

  30. To the 24yo that doesn't want to marry that man, there's nothing wrong with not finding someone attractive. If you feel he's not fine, there's nothing anyone can do about it. Afterall, if you marry him, nobody here will live with you and him. What is wrong is you leading him on. Cut him loose so he can find the person who will see him as the answer to her prayers.

  31. Please I saw a comment by bv Chikito saying she misses her library in Nigeria, biko is she not in Nigeria again please answer good people

    1. Chikito has relocated.

    2. Yes. She has relocated to obodo oyibo, meaning she has traveled to United States of America

    3. Anon 16:01 if you must know chikito relocated to the USA

  32. There was a time I dated one dude,he was not educated,he loved me like KILODE,was ready to go miles for me,I wanted to eat his money for the first time in my life,my friends told me to use his head since he had money for outing and buying things,
    The first major money I took from him,i Itold him for books and he sent books and my school fees
    I could not use it.
    I just called him and told him I can not sleep with you talkless of marrying you.
    Your physical looks is a no go for me,he begged and begged and begged buy I knew I was not ready to start a journey with him.
    I apologized for wasting 3weeks of his time and asked his account details which he did not send..
    Poster pls let him go,if you do not accept him whole heartedly.

    1. How do you look now compared to his own looks that time?

  33. Pls who knows about starting up sales of drinks like coke, Pepsi, fruit juice etc in wholesale

  34. Baby nezzy is so adorable 😘😘😘😘😘
    Unu good afternoon my yard people.

    Grateful for the gift of life.

  35. Baby Nezzy so beautiful

    Lady with ugly boyfriend , you don't love him. You only enjoy his comfort so leave him alone

  36. Congratulations to bv Nezzy on the arrival of your beautiful baby.

  37. Na wah! the lady with 3 married men so after the married men finish eating your pussy they go back and use same mouth to kiss their wives???? Yuck!!!!

  38. Replies
    1. Nwafor, nd’ebe itinyere isi since.
      Adanne y’a kwanu. Ndi otu onu 😘.
      Ahu odikwa gi nma?
      Jisike 😘😘.

  39. Poster concerned with boyfriends looks. Are you for real?
    What qualities do you want in your Man? Does this Man love you? Does he abuse you verbally, emotionally, mentally, financially, physically. Does he have a good heart?
    Poster, did you not see his face before you started to hang out with him?
    Okay, be there looking for cute guys. A cute guy is every woman’s crush. This one you have, will have eyes for you only. My Cousin, who was very pretty, got pregnant and the boyfriend dumped her. She had no job. She went through a lot. She later gave her life to Christ and started going to Church. The Pastor there was below five feet tall. He was short. My Cousin was 5.9 tall. This Man wasn’t facially well endowed. They got married and he legally adopted her Son. My other male cousins were pissed off at her because they stated the Man was too ugly. My Cousin did the unthinkable. She looked them in the eyes and told them...”You see this my husband, him be like shoes. When l wear them, e de open doors for me. I don enter Government house meet governor. I don enter and meet many influential people because of this ugly man. Leave am for me. I love am like that. You wey get fine wives and una fine too. How many places Una don fit enter? Nor be form una go fill first? I just walk in and say Pastor Mike’s wife and l am ushered in. I don land US, UK, several times over.”
    After she finished, my Cousins could not say a word. I laughed so hard at them that day. Sadly, my beautiful cousin passed away ten years ago. That Man hasn’t remarried and still has that only Son.
    Be proud of your Man. Wear him like a pair of beautiful shoes that you want to show off to the whole world. But, if you are ashamed of his looks, let him go. E mean say you for nor fit marry Seal. You wouldn’t have married that Ronke Ayuba’s husband. I wish you well in your search for fine boy no pimples.

  40. Bv Nezzy, your baby is so beautiful
    Good afternoon beautiful people
    Enjoy the rest of your day

  41. How much are the bedsheets?

  42. Thanks, Stella!
    Oya BVs, help my ministry

  43. @fineboysearcher una type go marry fine boy..make God no let us see bad thing e come get accident .. na run u go dey o?? deep thinking good sha.. God go provide u ur fine boy with those ogbonge quality u list there.. olojukokoro!! u no know say the dude no fine since when u agree to date am cos of him money..if na from man to woman now my "BV Sisters" go don tia paiynt !!!stay blessed!


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