Stella Dimoko Labour Room Drama 268


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Thursday, August 15, 2019

Labour Room Drama 268

Praise God oh.............

Hello Stella, 

I've been postponing sending this mail, but finally decided to do it today..

I was 36week gone when I started contracting that Friday. My two other kids I had them at 37weeks so I was expecting same for this one. It wasn't really painful contractions but it wasn't comfortable for me. I decided to bear it since the next day was my ante natal appointment.

On Saturday I went to the hospital around 11 and when the doctor checked, he said I had dilated 4cm. He asked me to go home and bring my things since my house wasn't that far and I had no one to help bring them. I went home and was back an hour later... That was how I sat there in the hospital waiting for progress. Every time I was checked, it remained in 4cm even after climbing stairs several times 

.. I stayed in the hospital till the following day, still no improvement..

The next morning around 10:exam I was put on hot drip and that was when the real Labour started. I was crying and my husband kept consoling me.. After like an hour, I gave birth to a beautiful baby girl.

 After delivery, I started bleeding. 

The doctor said he didn't know the cause of the bleeding but was trying his best to stop it. After a while, he said it had stopped. I was cleaned up and taken the recovery room to be with my baby. While I was in the room I was still feeling painful contractions. I called the nurse and when she checked, she saw that I was still bleeding. 

On our way back to the Labour room, I fainted.

 I just saw my self being carried to the Labour room. After the doctor had worked on me, the contraction stopped.. After a while I felt better and decided to go back to the room to be with my baby. The nurse helped me and on our way, I fainted again...

 When I was rushed back to the Labour room, my BP was very low. I was put on drip and afterwards, I took 2 pints of blood... I stayed in that Labour room till the next morning when I was finally strong again. 

We were discharged later in the evening.

I just want to thank God for saving me and keeping me and my baby alive.


  1. I had goose pimples reading this.... Chukwudiebube

  2. Congratulations. But what kind of medical establishment discharges a mother who was hemorrhaging after a few hours?

  3. What kind of hospital did you go to? I'm asking cos I don't understand a doctor who sees a bleeding patient and is satisfied when they haven't located the source and reason for the bleeding. You could have been shot, something inside you could have ruptured, etc but common sense didn't tell him that finding out WHY the patient is bleeding is actually the best way to stop the bleeding AND make sure it doesn't recur?

  4. This God is awesome. Glory be to your name.

    The most Complex

  5. Congratulations, thank God for you

  6. Thank God for safe delivery and for your life.

  7. Thank God for this testimony.Please take a long break from childbirth.

  8. Congratulations. Thank God your story ended in praise

  9. Bleeding after delivery is really bad. God help women...

  10. God is great. I am happy for you.

  11. Thank God for your life and baby,a quack attended to you i swear down.Haba!! Who does that,you should have been kept for proper monitoring before they discharge you.

  12. Congrat.Thank God for your life.

  13. I had this same bleeding ish when I had my baby,mine was called vaginal laceration. I had no tears but the baby gave me a very massive inner tear and bled really bad. I just thank God for the nurse on duty that day. Although,the doctor later came and I was stitched without anaesthesia,I went to heaven and back,I felt every pull chai..... memories,I fainted severally and the bottom of the bed was elevated. Whilst they went in search of blood. I was already pale and light headed as I'd lost a lot of blood.

    Grateful for the gift of life.

  14. Women are really trying imagine faiting two times, madam you are strong and a big congratulations to you.

  15. Congratulations and sorry for the inconveniences.

    For me, we have decided not to go on that journey again after 2lovely kids

  16. Praise God for your life sis. The devil will try but he will always fail because God is on the throne.

  17. Glory be to God


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