Stella Dimoko Tekno Talks About The Vocal Ailment He Suffered And Says He Now Carries A Magnetic Device In His Throat...


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Sunday, August 04, 2019

Tekno Talks About The Vocal Ailment He Suffered And Says He Now Carries A Magnetic Device In His Throat...

After Triple MG boss, Ubi Franklin called for prayers on behalf of Tekno, disclosing that his vocal box was temporarily damaged ,Tekno who has been absent for months in the music industry has given details on his struggles with his vocal cords ailment.

Ubi had disclosed that Tekno’s vocal box had been temporarily damaged and he might not be able to sing or perform for a period of time.

Tekno speaking in a recent interview with Daddy Freeze revealed that he was operated on by a robot and that he now carries a magnetic device in his system.

Narrating his ordeal, Tekno said he went through hell trying to cure his ailment and had spent months and millions of naira on hospital bills.

He added that during his travails, people speculated that Ubi Franklin and Iyanya were behind it since his contract with the producer was about to expire. However, it is not the case.

Excerpts of the interview…

“I went under the radar for a bit because I was sick and It all started at an event in Ghana, I performed with Wizkid and Davido but somehow I cracked my voice on stage that night. So when I got back to the hotel, I told my guys I didn’t want to go out again because I really injured my voice and just wanted to rest.

“The next day, I had a show In Togo, I performed, still stressed the voice and came back to Lagos but it wasn’t getting better, so I went to see a doctor, he put a camera down my throat but he didn’t really see anything so he just gave me antibiotics and said I should be fine in a week or two but I didn’t get better and by this time I had started cancelling shows.

“So I decided to fly to London, saw the first doctor and he said ‘your vocal cord is just irritated’ he gave me drugs and said I should be fine in about two weeks, but nothing changed.

“So I decided to fly to Los Angeles and again I saw the first doctor, he said the same thing. At this stage I was losing my mind already because it didn’t make sense anymore, I couldn’t sing, I couldn’t talk, sometimes they tell me to stay quiet for a week (laughs).

“Some people around me started saying it may be from Ubi Franklin because my contract was going to expire in a few months and he didn’t want me to sing again, some others said It could be Iyanya, someone else said It could be a girl, another person offered to take me to see Babalawo, I was really getting frustrated. Someone even told me to buy a goat and three machetes for sacrifice

“This all happened over a period of like four months, no work, no recording, no performing, I was just spending money from hospital to hospital. Then I started doing vocal therapy and it got to a point I just thought doing surgery was the best option.

“I eventually flew to New York to see another doctor who promised me I’ll be fine and sing again. At this point, I had spent a lot of money and done all sorts of weird and disgusting tests and scans.

“The surgery option I opted for was the one that had to do with them putting a magnet inside my throat. The surgery was done by a robot, they cut me in five different places. After the surgery, I couldn’t move, I couldn’t breathe, couldn’t sneeze. It was hell.”
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  1. OMG 😨😨😨
    Thank GOD for your life tekno

  2. Na wa ooo
    Egwu dikwa .... I thank God for your life .

  3. Same thing happened to trevor Noah,the south Afrcan comedian. Thank God you are healed,Tekno.

  4. Chaii! It is well with you Tekno.

    life first!

  5. acid reflux and ulcer are 2 deadly diseases, most people don't really dont really know they are deadly

    1. Enter your reply...pls can acid reflux affect the throat

    2. Yes acid reflux is what caused it,the thing is bad and you will think it’s spiritual and it will keeping making you spend while looking for solution:..suffered it for months very crazy shit

  6. God be with you boy, may he heal & strengthen your vocal cords. You will sing, make money and take care of your girls. Then you will probably need a voice coach to train you to sing while not straining the cords a lot.

    Singers go through vocal damage a lot. In the abroad most have had multiple surgeries to their vocal cords.

  7. acid reflux and ulcer are 2 very diseases people don't take seriously, some people would say is it not just ulcer


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