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Thursday, August 01, 2019

Thursday Motivation....

This is to motivate someone who wants to find a future in writing but is told they cannot do it because they cannot get their tenses right......

lease discovers yourself and find your style and even if you miss it,the crowd helps you find it instead of laughing at you...Word!!!

You can do........................Discover yourself in whatever you find yourself and the rest will fall into place......This is Agape advice!!!

Nobody is perfect!!!


  1. I love writing but my tenses gives me up easily. l have rest my cap by reading comments both here and on Facebook.

    Na be me bvs see to disgrace, sit down dey look get me full time.

    1. Write in anon mode so when we correct it won’t bother you. Taking correction is important because bad grammar can close some doors. That’s the truth. Plus it’s not attractive

      I have rested my cap

    2. 😂😂😂😂 Princess o!

    3. Just do you and ignore every other thing. You matter!

    4. If you want I could help you edit whatever you write.

    5. Write it down like that. We will still read it.
      Even if some bvs yab you, it won’t be all. You will get better with writing and getting corrected. Can’t you see Teejay has gotten a lot better. Please, write make we read jare.

  2. Kai, I wish I could write. When I sit alone I have so many ideas in my mind. I will even write a book in my thoughts. When it comes to pen it down or type it, I find myself lost for words, & I will be like, wetin be this word again oo. Or how to connect tge next paragraph then to the one above. I will just give up. I keep promising I will just be recording my thoughts, like bringing the thoughts out audibly.

  3. I don’t think this meme has anything to do with tenses. Not everyone with good grammar will make a good writer, and not all good writers have an expert command of English.
    When you have good content, putting it into PERFECT words can easily be achieved. Why do we have reviewers and editors? Content is key.

  4. Practice makes perfect. Stella write_ups in encomium were no so perfect then.

  5. Baldwin is so right!


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