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Friday, August 02, 2019

Wordless Post

You may Have seen this somewhere else but we need to discuss it......


  1. Leo B na the useless society wey we find ourselves.

  2. I pity women in Africa they suffer untold hardship but you know women greatest problem are women themselves ....they don't support themselves and that is the greatest pity of it all...

  3. Good question 💁🏿‍♂️
    Some of these women will not face their men, they will attack the women and even accuse them of seducing their men.
    Such nonsense 🙄

    1. Some men see everything wrong with sleeping with another man's wife. Even their friend's girlfriend, most will not feel comfortable sleeping with them. Those men who sleep with married women do everything they can to hide the relationship.

      On the other hand, more women see nothing wrong with sleeping with a married man even when the wife is a close friend. They go as far as flaunting it and even attack the wife, doing everything they can to take the wife's place.

  4. It is natural for the woman to be ashamed if she is caught having illicit sex with a man.
    Just like if a woman is stripped naked on the street, she will be more
    ashamed than if it happens to a man.
    Our bodies are peculiar. We must be well covered and protected always
    because, we can cause great havoc
    and lead a lot of men astray if we
    expose it.
    Boobies spilling Naija girls aga anukwa nu -will they hear?😊😊
    But that issue of beating a woman because she fork a horseband, that one is
    over-reaction. It is what jealousy for one's spouse can do.

  5. Please ask them
    Tell them again

  6. Bros Leo,the height of gender inequality in Nigeria is what is dragging the nation backwards. They'll tell you that its a man's world.

  7. Believe it or not it's a man's world. This is not only a Nigerian problem women keep advocating yet nothing much has changed. It is more like a natural phenomenom though it was not so in the begining.

    After Eve caused the fall, her chances of being equal with man was taken away from her

    1. DeHeroine I shi ni ni.

    2. Very true but being in Christ brings the woman back to her former glorious position, so.....

  8. women are below US.we are not same.

  9. I am with you on this leo, at least you've said something reasonable today, women are being shamed for what men get away with in Africa, ignorance is really a deadly disease, the stupid gedoni is busy enjoying it and pretending to be tired of her, immature fool, why can't he say no to her if he's really tired of having sex with her, dog


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