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Wednesday, August 07, 2019

Wordless Post


  1. Okay na.
    When we say there seems to be no difference between military men and Fulani herdsmen, some people start foaming at the mouth.
    What if he had died?
    Shey you see this country?

  2. Fulani terrorists or armed robbers? They were hooded, and guessing he was on top speed in order to avoid stopping, how could he know which was which?
    All I know sha, most force men and criminals in naija are the same thing, 'collabo-ing' together.
    Thank God for his life.

    1. As in now every robbery is only by fulani

    2. As in eh, all the armed robbers don turn Fulani herdsmen/terrorists.

  3. How did we get to this point as a people?

    I don't want to believe every kidnapping or assassination are being done by the Fulani herdsmen alone but that doesn't mean I am ruling them out of this one. I know there are some criminals already in the south terrorizing before the insurgence of the herdsmen menace.

    I was shocked when I heard that some locals are now using this Fulani guys in their communities to kidnap their own people they believe are wealthy and the ransom being shared among them. This Fulani guys may be acting sometimes with information from the indigenous criminals already in their host communities, the reason they often perfect their act with impunity.

    Always remember, there's always an insider.

  4. He didn't stop, they were hooded, how did he know they were fulani herdsmen.

  5. What this Fulani herdsmen will cause in the country ehn. God please save your children

  6. if God does not save us, who will..we're in God's hands as far as this country is concerned

  7. Nigeria my country, how did we get here? Oh Lord have mercy on your children and Nigeria as a whole

  8. Those who are here saying they don't believe, maybe they want to experience it and identify the killers before they believe.

  9. First, those aren't bullet holes except if the car was made of kevlar.
    Second, if the attackers wore hoods, how were they identified as Fulani's?
    Third, were there cattle grazing nearby to conclude that they were herdsmen?
    Lastly, did he converse with them to pinpoint them as Fulani-herdsmen?

    People are seriously losing their cognitive abilities on the altar of politics, hatred and bigotry.


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