Stella Dimoko Actor Emeka ke's German Based Girlfriend Pregnant With Their 1st Child


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Monday, September 02, 2019

Actor Emeka ke's German Based Girlfriend Pregnant With Their 1st Child

Nollywood actor Emeka Ike's German based girlfriend Yolanda is heavily pregnant with their first child.....

The German based Model and Mother of two Kids (from her first Marriage)and Emeka Ike plan to wed sometime soon according to the grapevine..

Insiders say their patter of tiny feet will arrive soon.....
Actor Emeka Ike was previously married and has two grown up sons and a lovely daughter.
Congrats to them!!!


  1. Replies
    1. Congratulations?
      for impregnating a girlfriend?
      Is that one an achievement?
      What shall we tell him when he marries her?
      That one is the one that deserves a BIG CONGRATULATION

    2. Lols, u just dey enter this blog, we celebrate baby news like christmas. Whether legal pregnancy or accidental one.

    3. @Mamalette
      That's exactly what I mean that you all are've got no values at all. When the man dumps the woman after impregnating her, you all will be cursing him and will not reprimand the lady that cheapened herself?

    4. Drink water and mind your business .. they’re adults they know what they want .

    5. @14:19
      This your "drink water and mind your business" is a statement of witchcraft, i.e mind control/gag.
      If I am to mind my business, why bring it to the internet.

    6. They post picture on their personal page , they didn’t bring it to blog.

      By the way it’s not in your place to tell two adults on how or what to do with their P$nis and Vag . They’re not hurting anyone ! Darling face your own Vagina let the man and the woman do whatever they deem fit with theirs . Live and let live.
      They got pregnant they didn’t end humanity .

    7. Smh You’re now PA to GOD yeah ?

    8. Not hurting anyone? Does that include children torn between parents? 12:21, 16:24 doesn't have to be a PA to God to abide by His will to condemn what is wrong.

  2. Wow!!! Wishing him the very best hmm...

  3. This is the era of pregnancy o. Pregnant women everywhere.

  4. Congratulations to them both.

    Everything's still standard 😊

  5. She is beautifully pregnant wow!!

  6. Congratulations?
    Common, Nigerians have lost their values.
    A man impregnates a girlfriend and you are all shouting congratulations?
    If he is man enough, why not marry her before impregnating her?
    is it that all of you ladies on this blog are this depraved?
    I feel ashamed on behalf of the women folk.

    1. In as much as getting pregnant out of wedlock is wrong,but what would you have us say?You don't need to be ashame ,change begins with you and I.Let us start from our immediate families.Letting them know it is totally unacceptable.

    2. @13:24
      But everyone here is celebrating what you just said is "wrong".
      Why don't we start from here and denounce what is wrong and let the ladies change.

    3. In the uk, many people partner and don’t get married and people tell them same congratulations like they tell married people

    4. @****!..try to use your word carefully when passing your view."it that all of you ladies on this blog are this depraved"?
      Please no one is "depraved" (morally corrupt; wicked) here.

    5. @14:22
      This is the problem. So everything "UK PEOPLE" do is right?
      So when did the UK people become the Bible standard for life?

    6. @14:44
      Yes, you are morally corrupt to celebrate moral bankruptcy.
      How can a lady just open her legs and get pregnant without being
      married and everyone is celebrating her?
      If not moral depravity, tell me what it is

    7. @****! do not know me to conclude that one is "morally corrupt to celebrating moral bankruptcy". I reject that assertion.
      There is a clause in your previous comment that stated, " is it that all of you ladies on this blog"....stop generalizing.("ALL").

    8. @19:29
      By your words you will be acquitted and by your words you will be condemned
      I asked a question and instead of answering it, you took up the "all" and ran
      with it. Too bad.

    9. @****!
      But I say unto you, That every idle word that you shall speak, you shall give account thereof in the day of judgment.
      For by thy words you shalt be justified, and by thy words you shalt be "condemned".

      Stop generalizing when asking a question.

      OH, that's "too bad".

  7. I read where a BV asked that he hopes Emeka will not beat this one like he did his ex. Not just interested in his gist .

  8. Emeka my dear, if that is how life settled it for you, well l wish more blessings in your life's journey.

  9. Congratulations to them.

  10. ****12:39, God bless u. The world needs more of ur sort. Some ppl will just celebrate anything.


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