Stella Dimoko Actress Beverly Naya Shows Off Her Sexy Calves


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Monday, September 30, 2019

Actress Beverly Naya Shows Off Her Sexy Calves

Check out her sexy Calves!!!!


  1. Replies
    1. Because she is not bleached out or HALF CASTE RIGHT?? Get rid of your self hate before it kills you, it is a poison that must be eradicated.

  2. Stella can hype anything. Where's the

    *Larry was here*

  3. Her thigh and calves are the same size.

    1. Wickedness,
      We call it yam leg in secondary school, they yabbed girls with yams wella.
      I love Beverly, she acts well

    2. Yam legs are sexy in the civilized world as it portrays fitness hence the prominent muscle. One man’s meat is another man’s poison!

    3. yam leg that oyinbo and akata are going to gym seriously to attain? okay. Thank God Nigerians now travel a bit sha so they can stop with all this uncivilized backward way of thinking

  4. Please if this is a joke stop it

  5. waiting for hater to comment

  6. Not so sexy a calf. Man like calves, na cloth dey cover some eysores.

  7. Ahn ahn why the hate she looks stunning and confident.
    Is it went she bleaches her skinand augments her butt you lot will be happy?
    I wouldn't show that much skin but still lovely dress.

  8. I love her... She is a beautiful actress..

  9. I love her height...☻

    She is a very good actress.

  10. SHE'S beautiful and classy to me. My crush likes her a lot so i dey jealous her but only very small sha. . lol. Women like her and Bam bam are so feminine dainty and cute and have men eating from the palms of their hands so I am working out and improving myself to be like them. I have the short cute girly height to match, what is remaining is the weight loss. lol


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