Stella Dimoko Actress Kemi Akindoju Says Actors Are Frustrated In The Movie Industry And Not Giving Their Best....


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Thursday, September 26, 2019

Actress Kemi Akindoju Says Actors Are Frustrated In The Movie Industry And Not Giving Their Best....

Nollywood Actress Kemi Akindoju says many actors/actresses in Nollywood are frustrated and can't give their best
In a series of tweets she exposed the flaws and limitations in Nollywood which has affected the lives of actors and actresses negatively.

Note that my Usuage of actor refers to both gender....

My Opinion?Nollywood died a long time ago but it can still be resurrected...


  1. Replies
    1. Am I supposed to read all this?

  2. The problem started when we began referring to our film industry as Nollywood (still trying to wrap my head around the reason behind this name) and yes the term Bollywood is also a terrible idea for the Indians, no wonder both industries churn out ridiculous movies, if you watch zee world, you will understand, while the story is okay, the acting is just cringe worthy, their movies are just so exagerated that you begin to question your sanity. We have a lot of inspiration here for that name to be changed once the name is changed, we will start focusing on tapping to the meaning behind the name maybe structure will change too. Totally unrelated, but where is Adesua? Can't find her on Instagram anymore.

  3. Kemi makes some valid points but she seems to be unaware of a few things:

    1) "Nollywood" doesn't exist in a vacuum. It's in a country where remuneration is a problem fullstop. Many people (whether inside or outside the acting industry) have a side hustle to supplement whatever they say is their main job. From doctors to lawyers to estate agents to police officers to teachers. So, where's the money to pay actors going to come from?

    2) The acting side of the Nigerian entertainment industry doesn't have (and as far as I'm aware has never had) a studio system. Pretty much every production is independent. There are a few with corporate sponsorship but that comes with its own kinda politics.

    3) Unfortunately, whomever pays the piper dictates the tune. I've seen an actress/producer who a bank refused to sponsor unless she changed the script to make the lead actress into a stereotype. The bank, whose board was made up of mostly men of a certain age, just didn't want to see an unapologetic strong woman onscreen owning her life! Just one eg of the politics I mentioned in #2.

    4) Some people see acting as a route to hoelosho-ism as their ultimate goal, so there's no need for them to improve or actually learn to act. Who is going to pay them whatever they think they're worth for acting?

    5) Let's not pretend that the industry is full of versatile Nses, Joke Silvas, Sola Sobowales, Ireti Doyles and Lalas. For instance, Monalisa is a much better stage actress than screen actress (yes, there's a huge difference). Omoni has a fine face but is not an actress or a writer. Kehinde Bankole is seriously underrated - meanwhile Sharon, Mimi, Nancy, DSF et al are just not actresses. Osas is a decent actress with an American accent that is a problem. Yes, I know it's a real accent. Linda Ejiofor is either a one-trick pony or the victim of horribly unimaginative directors. Ufuoma is a dope actress, I'm just not understanding her reason for or attempts at screenwriting.

    Talent management & marketing are contextual. And there's other stuff with so many layers and facets that will take a whole dissertation to dissect. And I'm tired.


    1. i thoroughly enjoyed reading this. I love well-lettered people. Wish i knew you i would follow you on insta.

  4. I am with Stella on this one, nollywood died a long time ago. To me it died around 2012/13.
    There has been one or two okay movies since then but the movies are trying to copy black American films.
    The real nollywood is long gone, just hope it can be revived.
    As for those who have made acting in nollywood their lives, all I can say is good luck to them. It is not my fault they lack wisdom.
    Most of the men are fuck boys and the women oloshos, don't be surprised you have more than them.

    1. I wouldn't say Nollywood is dead, I have seen some really good movies on Iroko.

    2. You say Iroko?
      Please which movie because all the ones I have seen were all rubbish.
      Worst is Mrs Iroko's acting.

    3. Mrs Iroko needs to stick to directing or anything that puts her behind the scenes. She’s awful. There was one brilliant movie where she played Bolanle Ninalowo’s chic, but Bolanle was an agbero whilst she was a so called posh fashion designer; can’t remember the name of the movie. Her acting totally sucked. She was awful.


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