Stella Dimoko Alleged Youngest Billionaire Tunde Biletiri Says Huspuppi And Mompha Are Broke


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Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Alleged Youngest Billionaire Tunde Biletiri Says Huspuppi And Mompha Are Broke

Tunde Biletiri,Young and wealthy publisher Of Black celebrity Magazine claims that he is richer than Huspuppi and Mompha.

The young publisher who called himself the youngest billionaire said both of them are broke and can’t be compared with the real wealth he controlled.

In an Instagram post on his official page,@biletiri he claimed that while they are eager to meet Governors, he is busy sponsoring elections behind the scene.


  1. Replies
    1. They have started again o, until FBI/EFCC comes for their black asses dem go begin snitch.

    2. The truth is that, no legit millionaire or billionaire, makes stupid statements like this or flaunts wealth very foolishly as these people does, non at all. So no body should envy these yung yung rich niggas

    3. Biliteri, you are no better!!!
      Making spurious claims on social media us stupidity on your part. Who are you trying to impress???

  2. Ain't you also guilty as them ? You're also bragging bruv!... gbogbo yin ma wa alright las las.

  3. Hype yourself and leave others out of your comments.
    This can only come from a loud mouth too. Why talking and comparing yourself to others that are not talking about you.

  4. Invictus said same.

  5. These guys do money laundering for most of our Nigeria Politicians, so that Governor part no be lie...

  6. Tunde even if your are wealthier than Jeff Bezos himself, it doesn't make any difference to or lives.
    This is a childish habit, my Mercedes is bigger than your Benz.....

  7. Replies
    1. E reach to ask

      This one is a loose mouth, immature character shows attitude issues already and is not even boyfriend talkless of husband material

      Sense zero
      Money plenty?
      Maturity zero

  8. stella what will be his own claim to fame? CELEBRITY TROLLER OF HUSHPUPPI AND MOMPHAπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  9. Why didn’t he compare himself to other billionaires all around the globe?
    This spirit of entitlement among Nigerians makes them their own worse enemies.

  10. Invictus Tunde......he's account was prolly hacked by ill manner and pride of africa mtchewww

    1. Lol ! so pride and ill manner don get typing fingers too ?

  11. We are very happy to hear this young billionaire. Huspuppi I know,Mompha I know too. But you, I know not. Can't even remember your name sef. Unto the next post🚴🚴🚴🚴🚴

  12. This one too wants to become a social media celebrity!!!! This is how hush puppi started. I don’t blame them though, I blame people that give them attention. Radarada.

  13. Serious millionaries or billionaires fon't brag

  14. See the dirty pool and dirty walls of the basic house. Shioor!

  15. Yuck what’s that dirty building?


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