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Saturday, September 28, 2019

Amebo Column -Eye Pensu

This eye brow something ehn! Please ladies if you cannot draw the one that suits your face, just go and tattoo the one those our aunties dem in the market do! Those ones are wayyy better than some 'horrors' we see these days!

Why will you draw eye brow with 'thick' Coal black eye pensu?!. Did you burn firewood and carry the coal inside purse?

These pencils have numbers and shades to make it look natural. Some brows look angry while some sef no get expression!

Every face has its unique shape and arch. If you have to pay for it, at least do so with a professional. Not only studio jobs are pros!

If the studio cost is high, biko don't go asking Awele to do your brows for you! Awele that you offended last week and you tink the quarrel has finished!

When she scrape your entire eyebrow,lashes and moustache leaving you looking like 'casper the unfriendly ghost'.Una go resume fight again!

Please let us use those tutorials online or buy broomstick and be using to mark the up and down, start and stop points. You will get a hang of it in no time!

Bia, it is not every young lady carrying box that finished make-up trainning o! Some slept and woke up to the calling!

Some like this ehnn ( na unknown voice dey direct dem inside only dia head o!) Na as dem like your face go look! If you protest, na then you go see wetin that 'inner' voice fit do you!

Like i said it is easier to kukuma gaan draw ledi!(like local tatoo) Just baff and be on your way! Except ofcourse it is still Awele that owns the tattoo shop! Jor prepare to resemble angry bird!

And please you people should stop asking me to mind my business....I WONT!!!

Na me Amebo!!!


  1. Replies
    1. please bb which pencil is the best, I have never got it right , please help!!

    2. Lol, you didn't lie amebo some eyebrow is just horrible abeg, some will line it so thick eh, its scary
      Abeg do a post on auto gele, if I see one more horrid looking auto gele again, I may scream out my lungs. Ogini by ife nke a? There are really beautiful ones but more horrible looking ones out there.
      I can't be caught dead in auto gele, like never

    3. Aaaaaaaah @melancholy, you are very correct, this auto gele matter eeeh🙆🙆

      Though some are very well made.
      But majority that I've seen is just not impressive 🤦

  2. I have one queshon o
    Why should a lady barb, i.e. scrape the entire eyebrow
    that Baba God gave her for "dash" come use paint
    draw winches black angry wings on top of her eyes?
    Girl will pass by and pikin wey you carry for hand
    will begin to cry?
    I don't mind their mutilating their faces o
    But please don't frighten little shildren again.

    1. they barb their brows because they want to trend.

  3. I feel like threading for eye browse are better. It doesn't grow back easily and if you are amongst the lucky fellas who have full eye browse then you don't need to draw anything again.
    Just thread your browser and be on your way.


  4. Amebo, go African French countries first make you come see eye pensu. You go enter some of their cities you go see dressing like Naija in the 80's. God forgive me o,lol. The men with Ankara shirt on trouser and Marcel haircut with parting, and their women eyebrow na 3rd mainland bridge with black eye pensu lip liner and vaseline. They still use black eye pensu in most of those places.

    1. Those frenchies be feeling like fashionistas.

  5. Enter your comment...very hilarious!

  6. That's how my bridal make-up was ruined. She scraped everything off and I ended up looking like someone hit me. Dad didn't even help matters. His reaction when he saw me made me burst into tears! Abeg it's not every make up artist that is a make-up artist. Some should be used to make-up clowns, masquerades, etc. I can't stand my wedding pictures till date. Not like it was free sef. 20K for lawd have mercy!

    1. Eyahh!!! Chaiiii, so disheartening!!!! This is why I advice brides to do a pre- wedding make over, just to be sure whoever is taking care of your face gets it right. Or kukuma do the make over yourself.

    2. How you go pay 20k and expect a bibiyonce look? They gave you what your money can afford

    3. Chaaaaaai!
      I had a good laugh at your comment.
      Nkaa bu makeup artist from hell 😥
      Awwwwwwww daddy must be an emotional person 😍
      Pele dear, I usually trim mine, and so far so good😁

    4. Lol...sorry dear. I had to laugh

  7. I need to learn this make up sometimes i don't draw it well and others I get it well.

  8. Please someone should help me with referrals for good micro-blading salons in Lagos.

  9. Amebo abeg keep minding our business jawe. Your business is to most and our business and e dey sweet us wells. More ororo to your palate.

  10. Amebo abeg keep minding our business jawe. Your business is to mind our business and e dey sweet us wella. More ororo to your palate.


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