Stella Dimoko Amebo Column -Imbecile Dance Moves....


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Saturday, September 21, 2019

Amebo Column -Imbecile Dance Moves....

Why in God's name would a person sit and play music for a mentally(drug, spiritual or birth defects) or physically challenged person to dance to?!

 They sit and laugh and copy the way the victim dances in mockery and soon becomes an accepted dance step!
If that imbecile was healthy and sane, do you think he would have danced that way or be excited being put in that position because of 5naira you promise him if he dances for you!

Let's have the fear of God in us and stop the meaningless habit of accepting derogatory dance moves into the system okwaya!

How about dance moves adopted from a person highly intoxicated with hard drugs or alcohol; whose brain panels are disjointed and the so-called moment of madness is termed inspiration.....

Dance is arts in an unspoken form,so Whatever happened to making arts out of it and vice versa with a sensible lesson.?

Even kids now dance in parties and homes shaking their heads and legs like one in an exorcism! Call me old-school but i won't be suprised if demonic possession takes place during these dance moves! 

Brings to mind MJ's Thriller and the dead peoples dance?
 So creepy and demonic!
Na me


  1. Lol seriously y'all need to chill. I only agree with you on how evil it is to humiliate a mentally challenged person for fun, the rest of this write up is BS. But come oh, I have never heard of people paying challenged people to dance oh... Never ever heard of it.

    1. Na wa for you, Amebo. You condemn the dance steps yet you call human beings like you imbeciles. O ga o!

    2. People do it a lot especially in open parties they crash in.

    3. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚very funny this woman.

  2. Amebo you are right, those dance steps are demonic. May God help us.

  3. @Stella where are the comments for this post?

  4. Nigerians and their mentality, everything must be about religion.

  5. Speak about things you know. About the challenged person, it is wrong. The rest? Watch "Honey" the first one with Jessica Elba. You'll realize that choreography can get life from anywhere and anything. That's the easiest way I can explain dance to you

  6. I have never even thought of it like that o... Hmmmm

  7. The inspiration for a lot of these "things" is not clean

    Like sheep people copy and copy not knowing the origin or reason why

    Like trouser sagging from prisoners without belts
    Or teardrop tattoo that is very evil in meaning


    The tattooed eagle now resembles vulture 30 years after

    Read the right things!!!!
    Keep your filter ON
    Not every rubbish passing by must be absorbed into you

  8. Some of the things people do in the name of dancing amazes me.

    Why on earth will I be jumping like a mad man in the name of zanku? It's just tiring. Or touching my privates because of soapy? Abi is it one corner dance or the fall and die dance of last year?

    Painful thing is that before this time next year, another stressful, draining, stupid dance step will come out.

    I can't kill myself because I want to be woke.


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