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Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Chronicle Of Blog Visitor Narrative....

Na wah!!!!


Okay the story goes like this..
9 years ago, I went for a program in another state different from where I reside I was 23 years old then.
I met a guy during the short trip. It was love at first sight for him. We had a connection and exchanged numbers and we started communicating.

I left the particular state to my state of residence, we kept on talking on phone, I didn't take him serious because I saw him as a fling, but the guy was so in love with me, always professing his love for me.

I was worried because we met just once. I could not imagine how he could love someone you didn't spend up to 10 minutes with that much.

I started ignoring his calls, some times we will stay for months without communicating. And he will come back again with the love story.
So many times he has begged me to come over to his place but I always refused.

Tho I like the guy in particular.

In 2017 he came back with full force, very persistent guy, that was 7 years after, we started all over again on phone, I fell in love with him big time, but on phone. 

I found out he was a great guy, ambitious, God fearing and cute.
Indeed long distance relationship is the purest test of love.
Even tho there was break ups and make ups in between.
He has made several attempts for us to see but I try to shy away from it.


- Growing up as a child, I had dark spots on my legs, I got teased by my siblings and it affected me alot, I hardly wear shorts, always on trousers, even in sec school I had d longest socks.

-Growing up the spots only faded a little but still very visible.
So I imagine been with a man with my spoty legs would irritate him, though I have a beautiful face and clean skin, just my legs that has this issue.

- when we met years back I was very slim and sexy, now am 30 and have added lots of weight (fat) but my pictures could be deceptive in the sense that even if I don't edit my pictures I look very slim in pictures 🤷 I look very different in pictures, I don't know if it's an ordinary something. And this person in particular saw me at night, u can see the confusion.
Tho I have told him dat I look slim in pictures and he will be like u will only appear how u are in pictures.

The weight is a major issue for me, I feel like am not sexy enough for him, because he is kind of exposed, travelled far and wide and I have seen pictures of his ex, very sexy and beautiful.

Now guy man is tired of this whole phone thing, likewise me. But I'm still very scared of going to see him.
I suggested he comes over but his work won't let him.

My fear is going down there and someone will be surprise seeing me like 'really is this u' kind of thing or disappointed.
Because Beyonce gat nothing on me from my pictures, my stomach
Looks flat in pictures but in reality mba nu hell no.

*We ve never face timed each other and even if we do I will still look slim. Lol.

I need advice from you and our dear bvs on how to go about this body insecurities.
Bcos we need to see asap, and take the relationship to another level.

*Na wah oh.....
I see many issues here....

So in 9 years,this guy has not had any relationship with anyone around him?
Are you gonna off your panties immediately you see him?How is he gonna see your spots?wear trousers and dont take em off..

My advice to you is that if you wanna go viit him,please go with your money for hotel bill and transportation and dont expect anything becos i dont think he is serious with you....
If you dont wanna go,please stop communicating with him cos its a waste of time really....When a man loves a woman,he will climb the highest mountain to get to her....

Also make sure you meet him in a public place,if you must go to see him and remember that Ladies have been killed in hotel rooms so dont let him in and dont follow him anywhere...
The decision lies with you
Good luck oh.


  1. She lacks confidence in her and very

    Low self esteem...

    1. Imagine going to see him because oga which his nonsense work?. He cannot find two days in a year to come and see you?.
      Be there mumuing up and down.
      If you like dont sit your bum bum at home.
      Im sure guy man is looking forward to chop chop chop and clean mouth.
      Someone that saw you for 10mins you're already loving. Mstchewww,

    2. Don’t be so quick to comment.always read to comprehend.smh

    3. If it's about the spots, babes, grow some balls mahn. It's a thing of sorry I can't or sure I'm in. Dem no dey kill body join.

    4. My dear, just sit your ass down. Its the man that is supposed to come to see you and not the other way around. What bullshit work is he doing that he can't put in some effort take a little time off to see you that requires you to be the one to run off see him? Are you even thinking about your safety? Please, pick up your self esteem from where you dropped it.
      Why are spots an issue? Your weight? Where you planning to take off your clothes? All these insecurities over someone, who your best claim to interaction is him whispering lovey dovey nonsense to you over the phone.
      Abeg, if you wise up and get him to come and visit, meet him at a public place and don't bring him to your crib. You really don't know that much about him. Phone romance is not enough.

    5. Poster learn to love yourself. It is very important. When you love yourself, trust me nobody can put you down. Nobody is perfect even the guy has his flaws. Carry yourself as if you are the most beautiful.
      Let me give you a trick to, most evenings when you are less busy, wear your sports wear and jug round your neighborhood (or you can register in a gym). While jugging, call him and be formimg gist with him. If he cares about you, he will ask you what are you doing on one of those evening? Tell him you went jugging or exercising. that you have added alot of weight and that you are working it. Poster i just want you to let him codely that you are bigger now so if you two meet, he won't be expecting the slim lady he knew 9 years ago.
      Now for the meeting part. If this guy truly love you like you said, tell him to come down to your state and see you. Make him feel like you are not desperate for a man. He is the man and like Stella said When a man loves a woman, he will climb the highest mountain to get to her. He can lodge close to your house. Wear a long gown or jeans trouser when visiting him and please see him in a public place. I wish you well my dear

    6. Any man that cannot go out of your way is not your way

      This is not love at all especially from his side

      No man is this complacent for woman he loves

      Forget the phone calls
      Credit is not time and attention for a whole 9 years he cannot come visit you

      Reset your brain

      Do sit ups
      Go on a diet
      Expose your legs let the spots fade

      Go and gather self confidence
      Try YouTube videos on confidence

      Na spots you get, you no kee person?

    7. Tell the guy exactly how you look. I'm tired of all these I'm fat, I'm slim, I'm too short. Own who you are and move on. My acne no be here. Some days I go to work without make up. I have tribal mark on my face but I sometimes forget sef. These things have nothing on me baby girl.

    8. Zukky for President!!! You've said it all!!!

    9. Yes Stella nailed it! Poster read her advise again, and slowly this time.
      You need to work on your self esteem. Read self help books.

    10. Poster:
      1. A guy who can't make the time to see you after 9 years of being "in love" with you is not genuine.

      2. Drink 1 tablespoon of apple cider vinegar diluted in 1 cup of warm water, 3 times a day and in 2 weeks time, come back to thank me.

  2. Stella na winsh. She took every word i wanted to type in response.

    Poster, insist he come to visit you first. Or are u idle? Na only him get work.

  3. Forget going to see him
    WhatsApp is everywhere. Video chat and let him see. If you still look different when he sees you after the chat, then it’s not your fault cause you at least showed him on video and the video wasn’t clear
    I think it’s a waste of time to go visit a guy without video chatting first. We all have what we like so let him see you.
    Also I can assure you he doesn’t care about some spots on your leg.

    1. Poster you are worried about your spotty legs. Hmmmmm some people don't have legs and they got married to wonderful men.
      What I am trying to tell you is that it is in the mind. Try to appreciate God your maker and feel good about yourself. After all, the guy you are obsessing about, is he perfect? Do you think he is worrying himself about how he will look to you? He can't even find time to come and see you in years...... My dear, love yourself and it will amaze you the kind of guys you will attract.

  4. We need a how to be an adult manual .

    What type of job prevents him from coming to see you ????

    And you? You are building up issues which I think might not be issues if you didn't make them issues .

    Be true to yourself. Admit it that you are fatter than before. And if a guy is having sex the legs aren't first or top of his priority.

    Please see a dermatologist and stop using filters for your pics.

    The Posh Yoruba

    1. Some jobs do prevent people from traveling easily. If you’re worried about that, just ask those that know about the job and they’ll tell you if the person is lying or not

    2. No matter the job, 9 years is enough for him to have found the time, if he was really interested. Poster it is not by somborri singing I rove you 247, it is about his actions. Nuff said.

  5. Can't the guy come and visit you. Why must you go there. Stella you advised her to go with her hotel money and co.

    Lady that man needs to drop 50k first for your transport.

    Secondly you need to love yourself. You don't love yourself, that is why those teasing you is affecting you. ShoShow yourself love. People with spots, don't care much about it and learn to love their bodies.

    Or you want to bleach? Hypo is very much around

    1. Damn!! You are wicked..Hypo!!

  6. Lmao @poster.
    Sorry about the laugh o 👺
    9 years is such a long time.
    Have you been in relationships before?
    If you have been, how were you treated....concerning your leg spots.
    You have to love and accept yourself first, before anyone else can love and accept you. Did you read the IFEOMA post of yesterday? If you haven’t, please do.
    If you are so concerned about your weight, go on a strict diet, gym if possible.
    Learn to accept your spots and rock them. There’s nothing you can do about it.
    Any man who finds you worthy, will accept your spots and admire them.
    Do not go out of your way to impress this guy, be yourself.
    With the recent happenings, I’d suggest you ask him to come over to see you.

  7. Dear Poster..You have to first of all love yourself..You have low self esteem and if you ooze that out with not just him but other guys..They would not show interest..highest they will sleep with you..Work on yourself 100% please..Whether you are fat or slim, love yourself regardless and do exercise to get your desired weight..How do you expect someone to love you when you cant love yourself..The Universe does not work like that..Why cant this man come to meet you first...My dear be smart!! You are just a second fiddle and dont play that place to any man...I dont trust that guy at all, he may be a serial killer..Please meet that guy in a PUBLIC PLACE..even if after 9 years ago, you dont know him at all..Be very careful..All the best...

  8. Be confident no matter your body type. If he doesn’t like what he sees get over it and move on. Someone else will love all of you no matter what.

  9. In furtherance to what Stella said, I believe he should be the one to come around and see you if he claims to love you this much. I have traveled down to Akwaibom to see a lady even passed the night in her flat. It's his duty to look for you. As for your body, that one isn't a thing to be worried about. Men truly knows what they want when it comes to marriage. They can date all beautiful women but often end up with an average woman. Character is all that matters. I will never trade beauty for character, Never.

  10. Abeg leave the ladies that was killed out of this chronicle, every man is not a psycho.
    I don't know if you should go to him but if you have the chance, just free your mind and go with the flow.
    Enough of his low self esteem of yours, who go like you go like you even if your tummy is sitting on your laps.

    1. It is still relevant to state about women being killed by serial killers..True not all men are pyschos..

  11. Put on what makes you comfortable and also look your best. Smell nice and pray before you go because it is God's glory that beautifies a person. There's no flawless person on this earth.

  12. Poster are you serious? You want to travel all the way to see a guy you saw just once in your life, he has been professing love to you but finds it difficult to come down to your base unless you go to his? Spare me abeg don't be naive and think with your brain and not your heart. Such journey is too dangerous to embark on in this perilous times. If this guy is really into you as you claim,let him come all the way to your base. If the reverse is the case you will appear desperate and there is a high probability that this guy will just take advantage of you. Don't travel I beg of you let this guy come over and just like Stella said, meet in a public place. May God help you and as for your insecurities, it has no place where love exist. You need to see me, am a plus size dating a very handsome guy who is proud of flaunting me. Be calm and let love rules.

  13. Take Stella's advice, because regardless of the sweet picture you painted, the reality of the situation is you don't really know this guy.

  14. Poster remember the saying "beauty is in the eyes of the beholder"

    I have seen so many men that are more handsome than their wife.

    Some people are physically challenged but they still get attracted to men that love them. Follow Madam Stella's advice of going there with ur transport and all of that. Make sure u inform someone about ur whereabout dont sneak to go and see him.
    Dont decieve the guy by covering up ur legs, you can at least wear 3 qtr trousers to gv him a clue of hw ur legs look like. If he is for you, he will adore you for whom u are... Good luck!

  15. Dear poster.
    A man that loves and wants to be with you will travel to see you and not keep inviting you to his place.

    Also, RAISE YOUR MENTALITY!! You are beautifully made. You have legs and can walk, yet complain of spots. SPOTS!! imagine.

    Better kneel down and ask God for forgiveness for being ungrateful. As Stella said, will you pull your trouser when you see him? If he loves you, let him COME and see you, your family and do the needful.

    Even you, why are you wasting time? If you are ready to settle down, do the inviting and let him come to your base, if he is not ready block him and look front. better guys dey town, and PLEASE CLOSE YOUR LEGS!!


  16. poster your first problem is self esteem, no confidence at all.
    your next problem is that you are in love but the guy is not in love with you, the guy man want to taste yor cookies and give you a sack letter.
    If a man loves you weather you are big or not he will cherish you. With spot or no spot guy will love you. Stop selling yourself cheap to a man, you are 30 does not mean you will not find love or a man to love you with your big size.

  17. Poster, if this guy is serious, let him visit you. My advice to ladies (that live in separate places with their suitors) is to always let the guy visit them, it's safer for you - you are more secured and won't have to bother with transport fare and accommodation. As for your insecurity about your leg, it seems you want to jump to his bed on your first visit; if not, have you not been carrying this same leg ALL YOUR LIFE? If you are insecure about ordinary spots on your leg, what about ladies without legs? And do you know the spot on the guys legs/other parts of his body? There are ladies with VERY SMALL breasts -just a dot; there are others with BIG scars on their legs; there are others with no well-defined private parts; there are others with burnt faces, et al; AND THEY HAVE NOT KILLED THEMSELVES. No one can build your confidence for you.

    1. I’ve visited and I’ve had guys visit and I hundred percent think it’s easier to visit. Visit, stay in a hotel. He comes to see you. When he visits, he thinks you owe him something

    2. Lolzz..Haba Breast with just dot..Odiegwu!!

    3. WES, Mrs E., is right about the breast with the dot description. I had a friend like that in high school who always complained about her flat chest. Boys mocked her that there was no difference between hers and that of a man. She is extremely beautiful but her chest was a constant worry and she always wondered how she will breastfeed when married.

      We lost contact over the years and just reconnected. She is married with kids and despite that her bosom is still the same way, I noticed she didn't bother to wear a padded bra like she used to back then. Her confidence is off the roof and her husband adores her. If what I saw is anything to go by, then their love is genuine and she is extremely happy. In the end, there is someone for everyone irrespective of your perceived flaws.

    4. That dot got me, I must confess. Lmao!

  18. "Because Beyonce gat nothing on me from my pictures, my stomach
    Looks flat in pictures but in reality mba nu hell no", hahahaha,when i read up to this place ehn,i burst out laughing,abeg sister forget all these things,you are a funny and lovable person.

  19. if you dont love your self enough, who will? you are body shaming yourself already and that isn't good..
    Take a bold step and go see in a public place as Stella have said...and whatever comes out of it, you move on.

  20. Oh baby girl! From your writing, I can detect self-confidence issues. You are not so proud of your physique.

    You gotta bear in mind that we all have parts of our bodies that we aren't so proud or would have preferred they were a certain way.
    But then, God created you, and when he did, he created you a masterpiece. The same God who created Ramsey Noah, Genevieve that we all agree that they are handsome and beautiful, created you. He was not partial when he did, he created you with the same energy and finesse he used to create every one of us. Youu are God's masterpiece even with all the fat and spotty legs.

    You need to accept and embrace it that you are God's best.

    Don't dwell on your insecurities.

    As for your admirer, anyone can say anything over the phone. Be careful. Be guided. What does your intuition tell you.

  21. Enter your comment...First,let him visit you,it is always better for a start.secondly, why don't u use these fears of yours as a litmus test?if he loves you as he professes,then he should fall in love with the whole package. so my advice is,make up your mind to meet up with him,dress well,be open to have a good time getting to know him,access his reception of you while u guys are bonding and if at the end you realise that it won't work,don't beat up yourself,just know he was not meant for you.

  22. Madam you are your own problem...stop bothering your life over what people think or say about are you nothing can change that.the people who are meant to be in your life will stay SPOT or no SPOT
    DEFORMITy or not
    FAT or no FAT!
    Since man is your problem,a man who really wants you will look beyond your imperfections which is why most times you wonder why a lady who u think you are better than,or pettier than is married.
    2)not all men like slim are someone's kinda lady.
    Try and meet with him,if he distance himself from you after your visit.madam forget him...
    Another will come.
    While waiting make your self a happy girl,be proud of your spots.

    1. Yes dear...True talk..Some men are crazy about some body types..

    2. What do you mean by since man is your problem? Isn't she supposed to marry? The way most of you sound on this blog ehn. Everyone has a part of their body they're not comfortable with, some more than others. Poster tell him about your spots,if possible take pictures and send to him. Be confident and tell him upfront, own the spots that way he can never use it against you. A lot of them here giving you harsh advice like they have perfect bodies can't have sex with the lights on, lmao. Just work on your confidence and practice self love. Kisses

    3. My dear poster, don't tell him about any spots, because then you will be revealing your weak point, which he can use against you in future, if him head no correct, and remember you don't really know him yet. Don't reveal things to people you don't know.

  23. Which kind of phone are you using that the camera makes you appear much slimmer than you really are? Are you sure it's not your eyes doing you? Or is it a spiritual suntin?

    Do NOT go and see anyone, oh. They're killing women in hotels and labelling them prostitutes in PH where they live. E come be you wey wan travel go a state where you don't live cos you're finding man? Be guided, please.

    This one you're saying it's at night he saw you, hmm. Nothing is impossible but please pray and ask God to show you clearly if this is the one before you agree for him to visit your town. To avoid any cankerworm spirit that may be wandering around, looking for whose time to waste. If he's Mr. Right, the spots on your legs will not be a problem if you get to see again.


  24. Stella you just nailed it. It is up to you to take Stalla's advice for your own good.

  25. Too much expectation kills, just keep your head n heart intact.

  26. If the distance is not far go and see but don't stay make sure you guys meet in public place remember don't stay. Visit a good dermatology to take off those spot science is on the advance level now to treat most cases. To get your slim shape back diet and exercise is what you need right now. Avoid swallow at night, change to tiger nut milk or go for low cholesterol milk, oat should be in your diet you can grind it to make swallow and take it in morning as breakfast.

  27. Not sure it was love at first sight at the first meeting. At most, attraction. Like, what do you get to love within a few seconds of meeting someone? If not the physical aspect of them, their appearance. Love develops over time, gradually and profoundly and is way deeper than that. There are many aspects to a person and it takes longer periods of exploring those obscure areas before one even realizes they are in love. Appearance is just an attraction that makes one want to do that exploring.

    "Sometimes we stay for months without communicating",

    All those times what was he up to? Why didn't he endeavour to get close to you? When interacting with a man it's always best to go by their actions and not words. He requested that you come over but finds it hard to come for you when you dismissed his invite?
    A man who loves you will make all the effort, but for some strange reason at the onset of your friendship, he seemed too lazy to pursue someone he claimed his heart thumps for.

    Everyone has insecurities, after all, your love interest isn't adonis. I noticed as women we pay excessive attention to our looks more the male folks. I guess this stems from the fact that society tends to judge us by our looks the most while disregarding all other important qualities. If he really loves you as he claims he won't be bothered by that, and if he is, he will show you support and proffer healthy solutions without making you feel self-conscious.

    The issue is, you seem too eager to please someone who hasn't even proven himself deserving of you and it isn't safe. You appear overly excited and tense now that you like him and that isn't prudent at this stage of your friendship. Lest he thinks he already has you and won't bother moving an inch to keep you entertained and impressed.

    What he feels or think shouldn't be your concern at the moment. Know this! there is more to a woman than her looks and a real man knows that. Looks may get you a second glance but it's your personality that truly determines the outcome. And I really want to believe he likes your personality to a wholesome degree.

    You also need to build your confidence and realise that you are appealing enough and if he doesn't find you attractive in your big state then maybe he isn't the one for you. You shouldn't try to look a certain way for anyone except yourself. Besides you never saw anything wrong with your weight neither did you stress over the way you looked till he asked that you meet up? The right one will give you inner peace, stop stressing over him.

    Don't go down there, he should come over to see you. The fact that he could open his mouth to suggest that, says a lot. If he is so occupied then you are also. It's too soon to twist around in reverse for a man whom you don't even know where you stand or what plans he has for you, a man who hasn't shown himself worthy enough of your efforts. If it's not too much trouble, please stay back and let him do right by you.

    1. Truth..God bless you..

    2. Recherche, your comments give me joy and I always look forward to it. Too much sense. God bless you.
      Where is Ronalda and Doppelganger? You guys should comment lemme go and sleep.

  28. Please, go to see him ,forget this if he loves you he we come see you.but take Stella's advice go with your money, transportation, hotel and feeding money. And please don't give in for sex

    Stella Uche

    1. Three man will just confirm mugu.
      Coded begging will start.
      With her low self esteem, she will spend and spend and spend

  29. Madam when you were young and beautiful he was asking you out and you were forming hard to get.Now he's still asking you out but you are not so confident of your looks..SMH
    The truth is that you don't love him .You only think so because you feel you are getting older and he's the available guy for now.

    1. Doesn't she have to know him before she falls in love with him? He doesn't know her too so the love he is claiming na for him pocket.

  30. Please patch your bum bum at home. I have been foolish in this my small life and one thing i will never ever do again is travelling to go see anyone who's interested in me, it's sane and safe if he first travel down to your base to see you before you take a step to travel down to his base, my sister, a man who sincerely love you as you portray him in your chronicle, will be so eager to come to your base to hook up with you. My sister met someone on a dating site and the way the man came down to her base to see her, saw our parents, engaged her and left back to his base, in like few months they got married and she relocated to his base. A man who sincerely loves a woman will give all it takes to be where she is and make her officially his own. Dash yourself brain abeg. Concerning your leg and looking slim/fat please love yourself, you are perfect just the way you are, if you love YOU, it will be easy for someone who isn't YOU to love YOU. Embrace your flaws and imperfections, correct the ones that can be corrected and be a better person.

  31. IS it that work places in Nigeria dont give "holidays"? If you go all the way and you are rejected you will feel worse. Since he is still interested after 9 years, he can make the effort to come down. If you get rejected you will go inside your house and sleep.

    1. Nothing to show for 9 years of interest. Poster is still worried about how she looks and she actually thinks she has been in a relationship.

  32. You were 23 then and doing shakara, now you are 30 and realizes all of a sudden that he is all good, intelligent, smart etc and how distant relationship is the best. My dear poster if you know what is good for you, please leave that guy alone and let him go jejely. He only wants to chop and clean mouth, he finally got what he has been chasing since you were 23.

  33. Poor you.... pity pity pity.. is that what you want to hear?
    Honestly as humans we have the power to change things. All the above problems you mentioned are things that can be changed but are you ready and serious enough to do it.
    Spots on the legs/ hyperpigmentation can be sorted with good skin regime and selective lightening products( I never said you should bleach your entire body). So visit a dermatologist.

    Weight loss- we are what we eat. Some people are blessed with high metabolism and hardly gain weight despite what they eat but on an average people gain weight with increased calories more so as one gets older.
    The problem with Africans is that most of our food is oil and starch heavy- garri, yam, rice, plantain etcetera. To avoid weight gain it is advisable to eat small portions of this and more portions of vegetables.
    I see women these days eating like hyenas- how can you fill your plate with rice, eat 1-2 cups of Eba, eat a plate full of fried plantain and then wonder- why am I getting fat?
    You tell them to eat vegetables and they will say- ‘how can you give me flower to eat?’
    That is why you see more Caucasian ladies slimmer as their diet is less starchy.
    Exercise, eat less, visit a dermatologist and look better.
    PS- I’m sure people will say ‘be happy as you are’ but the reality is that if you do not change your lifestyle, size 8 today can be size 14 next year and by the time you get to your 50s- it will be Yokozona that we will be looking at.

    1. Lol..... The hard truth.
      I find myself eating larger portions these days...... I need to watch it.

  34. Now you're *32* not 30. Meanwhile, you sound naive and quite dumb for a 32yr old

    1. God bless you shooter. I thought I was the only one that noticed.

    2. I'm just reading and I had to pause to do the maths.

    3. Why do you have to be insultive? You must be a very bitter person. Of all she typed, that's all you noticed? Just read and ponder your words to a human being like you already suffering from esteem issues. And another dumb Anon 00.03 seconded. Some of you need therapy.

  35. Sister don't go anywhere you I tried it I was almost raped because he said he would marry me someone introduced us

  36. Funny enough, I use to like those spotty legs when I see a lady that has it.. it’s just a natural thing. I’m a man and I will advice you not to kill your morale with such thought because beauty is in the heart and most of we Men are mostly concern about the heart when it comes to marriage.

  37. You can also try and wear a nice skirt with a lovely shirt and a charming smiling face when next you want to meet him in person.

  38. A well travelled and exposed man canmot find time to travel to your state to see you? The legs and weight are the least of your problems. Just make sure you don't end up in a hotel room with him, especially in PH.

  39. In the meantime, try to find a solution for the spots. Research creams and oils that help fade spots. You don't have to live with this problem all your life when there are solutions. See a skin therapist, we have many of them here in Nigeria who will prescribe treatments.
    As for the guy, I agree with most BVs that he should be the one to come see you. It seems he has other options and will rather have you compete with the rest of the people on his list. Be firm that he comes to you instead and from his response you'd know how far. He could come during a public holiday or even a weekend via flight and go back before the beginning of the week. There are ways to make it happen if he really wants to. Don't let any man deceive you o. Also, pray about it.


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