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Friday, September 20, 2019

Chronicle Of Blog Visitor Narrative



Sad day Stella

I'm from Abia state and during my service year in bayelsa that was ending of 2016 I met this sweet guy from delta state who just concluded his service and was working. 

We met in the church but we talked as members, though later we found out those periods we talked we actually grew in love, that led to our relationship in January first week of 2017. We became so knitted, I actually told him I don't want any long distance relationship anymore and to him I was his first love and he prayed I be his last, that's what he told God.

So we continued, things went well, hoping to tie the knot at least before his next birthday which was in 2018. 

All of a sudden his parents wanted him to run his masters which I wanted also, so I supported him, he left bayelsa for his masters and I too left bayelsa after my service that same period. We kept in contact and became closer, cos we knew the goal of our relationship. 

He came to see my family to inform them of his intention and I also spoke with his mom and grandma. Things moved well and since I haven't gotten a fixed job I do go and see him and stay with him. 

Stella, he is a perfect guy for me, he is closer too his goal and wants to settle down and went to meet his parents to inform them and the grenade got blown.

They dont want someone from my side, they feel he is too young to settle down, he has other responsibilities cos he is the first child and son plus his masters, which I can wait for him to finish doing.

Stella, we both in tears since the news cos we both grew in this relationship together, we always believed tribe, genes, age, possessions and any those things that makes people gaga in relationship won't affect us. Now we are at the cross road, if he decides to go outside their will to see my parents he will be disowned, that's the precise words of the father, and me I need to settle down too.

I really do love him and he has held my world and has been the centre of it.

I hope to remain anonymous, cos most of my close pals are on the blog too. I want the house opinion and yours.....

Even if he loves you to th moon and back,Marrying without the support of his family is not something i would advise you to do...


  1. Stella u have posted this before

    1. Still love , pls post another for you have posted this before

    2. Stale Chronicle

      SDK pls check we have seen this b4 😘

    3. Have read this before.

    4. Keep praying since you are sure he is the one for you. Go out of your way to make his family live you... Shebi that is the foolish advice you want.

      What of your own goals? Better wake up and smell the coffee. Get a job do well for yourself and be smart. End the relationship if he does not convince his family. Shi kenan.

  2. Replies
    1. Were you there when his father threatened to disown him if he goes ahead? Be there deceiving yourself. This is 2019. Guys have better things to do with their lives than grab the first girl they meet post youth service.

  3. Stella please check again, i think we've treated this chronicle before.


  4. You have posted this before @ Stella

  5. This chronicle is a repeat. Quite sure of that

  6. You "go to see him and stay with him...?"
    Meaning premarital sex in the picture?
    Please I am only asking a sincere question because you told us you met in a church which is assuming we are
    talking about Christians here?
    So let me tell you that if you have kept yourselves pure and God is in this matter from the beginning, the
    parents will clear that exploded grenade and join the chorus okay?
    But if you have soiled your bodies,
    that is where the problem lies.
    Whatever be the case, you've got to be
    patient and call upon Jesus to help you. I've always said it here that
    the evil one, the enemy of mankind fights any marriage
    just like he did at Eden. Marriage is a godly institution and that is why he does that.
    I hope the arrow shooters will read
    and understand before they begin shooting.
    Dalukwa nu o.

    1. Exactly my point. It baffles me when some people chant they're christians yet will go and spend days in their so call christians brothers houses... Be guided

    2. Lolzz. Swear you have not done same..Una go bring una Fanatism into anything..He who is without sin should cast a stone..Mtshewww

    3. Gently, kindly or quietly back off if you have nothing to advice or comment, whiich one comes first

    4. @Bitch

      Please there is nothing like "fanaticism or casting stones" here. This lady just presented a Christian picture of herself and fiance. Allow her to correct us if we are wrong. So what was that going to stay with him in another city all about? If you are doing it, it does not mean every other person is doing same. And it does not in anyway change the Word of God that says flee fornication 1 Cor. 6:18 and that God will cast fornicators and other sinners into the lake of fire Rev. 21:8. Yes, I am not ashamed of the gospel of Christ for it is the power of God to save the souls of mankind.

    5. Pls we all have our life to live if u choose not to see your boyfriend till marriage that's your choice it doesn't mean that everyone will follow your foot step, biko pussy na our own we decide who to give and who not to give, stop all these your quotations, after all Jesus came for the sinners not the righteous like you

    6. @16:44
      I assume you are not the poster.
      This poster told us that "they met in a church etc.?"
      To the best of my understanding, she is not in that category of "sinner" you
      are referring to. Please it is the same way the prostitutes in brothels "give their pussies to
      who they decide to give it..." But the moment you present yourself as Christian,
      I have to quote the Christian book of instructions; the Bible. If you have any problems
      with that, I am sorry, I don't have any other options.

  7. Give him time, He is probably still young to make decisions for now..

    Wait till he finishes the masters, gets a job, a place where he can stay on his own and see how he will accept you without the support of his parents..

    You too, go look for a job, or find something doing, and hope for the future.

    I noticed that we worry too much, when things of the future are not yet sorted out.

    Just give the guy space..

  8. Stella this has been posted here before i think

  9. thats it all,you need not stress ursef much dear, though its not so easy to let go but u just have to let go.

    getting married to him without his parents knowledge due to love or whatever u call it can be so disastrous.

    The same thing is happening to my step sister who went further in marrying her man by renting another man as a father,now she is in it.

    aunty,God will give u your own man soon,let go and make ursef happy

  10. Pick yourself up and stop crying. Go and pray. By this, I mean you should ask God with an open heart what you should do. His word is what you need more than any opinion.

    Cos if you enter a marriage where human beings approve but God doesn't approve, you're finished. If He says yes, every no is just noise no matter where it's coming from and the no will die out with time. And you don't walk away from what God ordained for you, if you don't want to regret your life. So, return to the Source and ask how far.


    1. This is where the problem lies. Did she ask God any question before jumping into this relationship? Anybody met in the Church is "my husband?"

    2. Let say she asked God, how would she know God said yes or No?

  11. Hey poster, count your loss, don't sweat it. THIS IS NOT GOING TO WORK. Save yourself future headache and say goodbye to him and move on.

    Nonsense parents of this generation ,acting like they know it all. I hate discrimination ehh. So sorry

  12. Is it me, or this is old?

  13. Nne he must be on the same page with the parents. And in this situation you've to move on to avert problem in the future.

  14. What was the actual reasons the parents gave for their refusal? I believe what he told you couldn't be all. How's he young? A man doing masters is young? What responsibility will stop him from getting married to you? I bet you, if your father was Otedollar, Dantata or Dangote, they won't spew up this thrash. Parents usually do this when they notice the background of the person isn't encouraging enough.

    Please if the parents insist, just give it a break and if it comes back to you then fine but if it didn't, then hope for another that won't come with conditions. Do not marry without parental blessings. Don't try it and I won't encourage you on that. You can still get a man that fits in to you and tick the boxes. Don't put pressure on yourself dear.... Sometimes, denial could be a process to our blessing waiting for us somewhere.

  15. I can't marry a man that his people don't like me. I cannot stand the hatred abeg.

  16. Ghen ghen, all this advice on top wetin you don post before.

  17. My dear you need to understand the time and seasons like the sons of Issachar...He may be the one for you but it is not yet time..Love is a bird that needs to fly..What will be will be..I have a distant cousin that her parents never wanted to marry becos the guy is yoruba..Both of them continued the friendship, grow both in their careers and at a time living abroad..Today they are married..Sometimes our parents mean well for us as I don't know what you are doing for yourself? Are you working?? Are both of you mature financially and emotionally? Marriage is not Akara..It takes more than love, cause will never be enough...Build yourself up first..Las las what will be will be...They said no doesnt mean they will not say yes one day..As a lady build your career first before marriage...

  18. Poster, give it time. You said he's young and you're young as well. Let him finish his masters program and get busy yourself. Just have an open mind.

  19. This chronicle has been brought to the elders in council before..

  20. Get busy and watch him finish with his masters- if you are meant for one another, other things won’t work out and he will come back for you. I’m in the same situation and I’ve picked myself up to move on - there’s no do or die in life.

  21. Stella, you have posted this before naw. I thought we are getting an update sef

  22. 1. Don't force it
    2. Face front, your man will find you
    3. Why so in a hurry to settle? Don't go settling for settling sake. Marriage is not as we watch in telemundos and movies. Its a very big deal regardless of your age.

  23. How old is he that his parents are making life decisions for him and planning his life? Mtcheeew!

  24. Don't marry a guy who is afraid of his parents...

  25. Concentrate on building your own life too.
    I will not advice that you marry a man whose parents are not in support of him marrying you.

  26. Abort mission plis


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