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Wednesday, September 18, 2019

Did You Know............


  1. Without work experience?
    What will she be "commissioning?"
    Was it not El-rufai in 2000s under Obj's government that paid a cousin of his,
    NYSC staff in his FCT ministry
    17million Naira as monthly salary.?
    What did/will this Joana give in exchange?

    1. Joana get long leg oooooo, she don dey queue since. Anonymous 12:36, you're funny ooo. You still dey dere dey ask wetin Joana give in exchange 😏😏😏😏.
      Nigeria na waawuuu aswear, mtcheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeew 😏

    2. And it is still the same US that is shouting "not too young to run" wetin wan satisfy Nigerians like this....kaiiii

      What do we really want?

    3. bigbanty, not like this type abeg, haba

    4. A lot of the ones with experience are 'charlatans'

      Age is not equal sense
      That is why geriatric strong men still 'rule' Nigeria

  2. stellaaaaaaa!!! plz do a background work on the story!it was alleged that sometimes ago she was pregnant for the governor's son.. the governor's son denied the pregnancy and the were some fall out. and this is some sort of payback.hmmmmmmm,a lot of behind the scenes in this crazy Nigerian movies called politics in naija

  3. I heard this news this morning and I was infuriated.
    Fresh graduate with zero work experience other than teaching in a backyard school is about to become a commissioner! A whole commissioner in charge! What is she bringing to the table? What does she know or have upstairs? Is this governor not a bigass clown?
    I shook my head and I'm still shaking it.

    1. You may not understand her contribution during the election. Give her a chance Ndi ojooo

  4. Hmm I trust Nigerians and joining the bandwagon...It started with Oyo state Governor now Kwara..Now they will say they are giving Youths chance..Yinmu!!

  5. Someone Said to there that's its not a good idea simply she's a fresh graduate....
    And so???
    If she is nko???..SMH
    All those people that claim to have graduated a long time ago and have been holding such positions in this country what have they really offered???...

  6. Do Nigerians really know what they want? We complain that companies ask for years of experience even when nobody is employing so we can gain the experience and now, we're complaining when someone is given a position without seeking experienced hands? What have those experienced people done that has put on the map? Why not wait for her to take office and perform or not perform before passing judgement?

    1. Just like those who tell you they have a zillion years in building houses yet their houses have a history of not being straight, collapsing or leaking

      Its not how far but how well

      Nigerians are part of their own problems with myopic thinking, petty, small mindedness

      Let her prove herself


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