Stella Dimoko Frenzy About An Online Video From UNGA In New York


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Thursday, September 26, 2019

Frenzy About An Online Video From UNGA In New York

On Monday September 23, 2019, President Muhammadu Buhari participated alongside other world leaders at the United Nations Climate Action Summit 2019.
Since then, we have seen conversations on Twitter doing what Twitter allows many people to spend a lot of their time on: getting things horribly wrong and/or focusing on the wrong things, while completely missing the real/meaningful/actual message.

And so, this is a backgrounder/explainer, focusing on Nigeria’s commitment to climate action, under the Buhari Administration.

The Climate Action Summit was convened by UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres, to provide an opportunity for world leaders to, “come to New York on 23 September with concrete, realistic plans to enhance their nationally determined contributions by 2020, in line with reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 45 per cent over the next decade, and to net zero emissions by 2050.”

The theme of President Buhari’s panel was, “Towards a Resilient Future” — with the rider: “Announcement of plans to mainstream climate risk in decision making.”
So, note that the goal of the panel was to elicit ‘announcements’ from the panelists on behalf of their respective countries: Fiji, Nigeria, Netherlands, the Bank of England, etc. In other words, panelists were billed to deliver remarks announcing their country/organisation plans to build a resilient, climate-sensitive future.

To address the theme of the event, President Buhari chose to deliver prepared remarks.

And the moderator’s question, was, in keeping with the theme: “President Buhari, Nigeria has a very young population; perhaps you might highlight what a pathway for a resilient future looks like?”

The President did exactly that, in his prepared remarks, over the next few minutes, highlighting what a “resilient future” will look like in Nigeria — by focusing on the administration’s policies (the ones already being implemented, like the Green Bonds, and the ones set for implementation, like the new tree-planting campaign, and the energy mix target).

His prepared remarks were wholly in alignment with the theme of the Panel event, and the question he was asked.

Keep in mind that as panels often work, the moderator’s question was meant to invite/usher him to take the stage, and share his remarks. As a panelist it was up to him to choose to respond ex tempore, or to go the ‘prepared remarks way.’

He chose the prepared remarks way. And most importantly, he touched on the issues re: mainstreaming climate action for the future and for the young people of Nigeria.

The only story here, for all serious minded people, is what he said, and what it means for the future and for the young people of Nigeria. His remarks read in parts:

“I share the sentiment expressed by the Secretary-General that the world is on the verge of climate catastrophe. Undeniably, Climate Change is a human-induced phenomenon.

“In the water sector, Nigeria will issue a Green Bond for irrigation and construct multi-purpose dams for power, irrigation and water supply. We will strengthen solid and liquid waste management systems to attract more private sector investors.

“We will mobilize Nigerian youths towards planting 25 million trees to enhance Nigeria’s carbon sink.

“Specifically, Nigeria is progressively working to realize 30 percent energy efficiency and renewable energy mix by 2030.

“Furthermore, the Federal Government has commenced the implementation of the Hydrocarbon Pollution Remediation Programme in Ogoniland, to recover the carbon sink potential of the mangrove ecosystem of the one thousand square kilometers (1,000 KM2) polluted site in the affected area.

“Finally, permit me to add that the forty million citizens in the Lake Chad area expect this Summit to take into consideration their concerns. They anticipate that the outcomes of this meeting would include solutions to address the Climate Change impact in the Lake Chad area.”

We believe that the important things for young people of Nigeria to do now should be around holding the government to account on these ‘announcement’ and promises, and ensuring they are fulfilled and delivered in a timely manner.

One of the most exciting should be the tree-planting campaign. Ethiopia recently set a world record on that account — perhaps Nigeria’s young people might even be able to pressure the Government into scaling up the ambitions of our own planned tree-planting campaign.

Therefore the online hysteria is completely unnecessary.

President’s Media Office
September 25, 2019


  1. Trying so hard to cover up Mr President mistakes. The president goofed big time unless you didn't watch that video. Forget what the media aide are saying, they are doing what they are paid for to do. Isn't it the same Buhari we watched prior to election goofing in national television during the Challenge interview? We are used to the Mumbo Jumbo and aren't surprise one bit.

    A good educated president mustn't read always from the script. What happened to his own personal speech?

    1. Lolzzz..Buhari reminds me of exam time in Secondary school when they said that ''Give account on how the Ottoman empire collapsed ''..The student said ''Who i am to write on how the Ottoman empire collapsed therefore since I have no authority to do so..''This is the story of how the Oyo empire collapsed...O.P..Off point

    2. This mumbo jumbo Don suffer for your hand this season. Everyday mumbo jumbo jumbo mumbo mtchew

    3. Is it why you are crying @Anon 12:55?

  2. Ndi ara ndi ara.

    Shame on our dullard president

  3. What is all this jargon?
    What point are you further trying to drive?
    Did he goof or not??

    1. In years to come, these media aides of Mr President will look back on how stupid their defence were all the time they tried so hard covering mediocrity.

    2. I tell you my brother! God forbid that I celebrate or defend mediocrity in any form...

  4. Utter rubbish.

    Ndi ihere na anaghi eme!

  5. Funny enough, only foreigners will be surprised at his unintelligence, we Nigerians are not, we already know him, even before he went there we knew he will not dissapointn us😂

    1. He keeps on giving credence to our assertions. My worries are that, sycophants are the biggest problems we have in this part of Africa.

  6. Let me tell all those who didn't read.
    Forget the long grammar up there.

    Buhari went to Climate Change conference.
    He was seated with others when it was question time, the oyibo woman wey be moderator asked him "wetin you go do for the youths of Nigeria we dey suffer, youths wey their future no sure as things hard reach now for Naija"

    Buhari pull out already written script wey Im media people give am begin read out about climate change.

    Everybody shock, buhari answer no relate to question atall atall.

    The most embarrassing moment for Nigerians.
    They said Nnamdi KANU is lying ko? Gradually we're getting there.
    You wait for it.
    This man is not Buhari.

    1. My worries again are, does it mean he doesn't hear well or understand questions? Does it mean without prepared speech, he can't answer questions? Why is it so? Why are they always giving him script to embarrass him publicly? I feel pity for him at this point, for this is no longer funny.

    2. His team can only predetermine to the best of their ability where the questions might come from but they can never be 100% right because, they're not the ones asking.
      Moreover, we already know that without anything written down for the man, his good morning is not guaranteed! I have never seen anyone more intellectually bankrupt...


  8. Dear President’s Media Team (and, dare I say, all other masters of the dark arts behind the scenes), keep feeding your ridiculous codswallop to a discerning audience; your hamster will in due course succumb to the effects of his ever rotating wheel. Until then, keep spinning.

  9. It is the same falsehood the peddle here. I really don't understand the need to lie or change the narrative when it's all there on video. Next they'll say the video was edited. These present govt is not just the worst they are the most shameless, always trying to get praises or hide truth.

  10. As usual, SDK Beer Palour loud mouths are jumping like drunken frogs. Can someone please google 'Resilient future' to know what it actually means? I cant believe people can be so 'boastfully' foolish.

  11. Context Nigerians, context.


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