Stella Dimoko Governor Fayemi Makes Post To Address The Death Of Two Undergrads Allegedly Shot By His Wifes Escort...


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Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Governor Fayemi Makes Post To Address The Death Of Two Undergrads Allegedly Shot By His Wifes Escort...

Governor Fayemi of Ekiti state took to his Facebook page on Monday morning to address the fatal demise of two undergrads Okonofua Joseph and Dada Kehinde, during a school peaceful protest when  the visit of the First Lady, Bisi Fayem visited the School
The students were allegedly shot by the security details attached to the First Lady's convoy. 


  1. May their souls rest in perfect peace, what a sad news.

  2. Nigerian politicians and their assigned security men and women are thugs.

  3. They have carried blood on their hands. People's children, how will Mrs. Fayemi have peace? ....Just saying.................

  4. What is done is done.
    The lives of two young vibrant men has been cut short with several wounded to what AIM?
    Do we now wait for an endless investigation with little or futile results?
    what happens to their parents,whose children's lives has been cut short by your wife's entourage?

    How is your wife and entourage victims of such incidence?
    It is only in Nigeria shit like this happens

    All we demand is justice,compensation for the victims of this horrific incidence and implementation of proper and basic health amenities.
    IS THIS TOO MUCH.............?

  5. NPF need to be revamped.

    I saw a video of a protest in Hong Kong and the Police were using water. Can't same be done here?

    1. That is just it, I saw the video too. But no such can't happen in our country, because we have happy trigger policemen. Really really sad, may their soul rest in peace.

  6. This is so sad. Can't they carry rubber bullets? Hennn! What kind of sorry can he say to make up for the loss of the beautiful lives? What about the efforts of the parents in bringing them up? Kai! Lord please console their parents and other loved one. The people that did this must be brought to book! May God judge them all real fast!

    Things like this scares me a lot! May we not labour in vain for our children. God abeg o!!!

    1. They are cowards..There is a serial killer on the loose..Their tails are in between their legs...They will go on the streets and look for innocent people to pose as the suspects..

  7. Your wife and her entourage are not victims oga so please don't try to water down the pains of the actual victims of this issue.
    The fact remains that live were lost when the protesters and the entourage came in contact. Students don't carry guns, no body carries guns to confront state officials on assignment when they're not kidnappers or assassins. The trigger happy policemen attached to her caused this issue and whether the command to shot came from your wife or not she should be held responsible because people attached to her adorable answerable to her murdered people in cold blood!
    No amount of money or visitation will bring them back so don't use that as a placate measure.
    Has she finished sending missives to Sega Link? It shows she's unrepentant and trying to shift blames. She better leave him alone and answer questions that were asked because that is a fight she will never be able to win. He will drag her and you will be shocked when you see people who will join him. She's not an elected officer, let her please maintain her lane.

    1. My dear, is there even a lane to maintain anymore... These people are heartless and dictators.

  8. Mshewwww......i pray the blood of those innocent youths haunt you and your family till eternity. How does your wife sleep at night. Shes a mother too.....


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