Stella Dimoko Lady Drags Law Maker To Court For Allegedly Decieving Her Out Of Marriage,Not Fulfiling Promises And Making Her Swear To Love Oath...


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Tuesday, September 24, 2019

Lady Drags Law Maker To Court For Allegedly Decieving Her Out Of Marriage,Not Fulfiling Promises And Making Her Swear To Love Oath...

What!!!!..I cannot believe what I just read!!!!

A businesswoman, Nkeiruka Cynthia Kamalu, has told a Federal High Court in Lagos that she was allegedly raped by a federal lawmaker on August 9, 2015.

Mrs Kamalu told Justice Nicholas Oweibo that following an incestuous relationship with 
Uju Kingsley Chima, the lawmaker offered to pay her N20 million if she was divorced by her husband, Mr Gabriel Igbibi.

Chima is the member, Federal House of Representatives for Ohaji/Egbema, Oguta and Oru West Federal Constituency of Imo State.

She is seeking protection from Chima, who she alleged caused her to be arrested on 27th day of May, 2019 tortured, humiliated, detained for seven days by the Special Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS) and arraigned on a fictitious N40million theft charge.

Kamalu made the allegations in a fundamental rights suit marked FHC/L/CS/1458/19 which came up on September 11, 2019.

Her counsel, Chijioke Jiakponna, told the judge that Chima had been evading service.

He alleged that when the bailiff called Chima on phone to inform him that he wanted to serve him, the lawmaker cut the call.

Justice Oweibo adjourned till yesterday to rule on whether to allow substituted service.

On Monday, the court did not sit.

When The Nation phoned Chima on Saturday evening for his reaction to the rape and N20m allegations, he said “I’m inside a court now, can we talk later? I’m inside a court.”

In her August 22, 2019 Affidavit of Urgency, Kamalu said she filed the suit due to the “intimidation, mounting surveillance and or illegal oral invitation threat of life and annihilation of property.”

She said she had been living “in perpetual fear” of being further detained “indefinitely.”

Kamalu is seeking several reliefs including a declaration that her arrest and detention “by the respondent at the State CID Police Headquarters, Owerri, Imo State (SARS) for seven days was unconstitutional.”

Others include a declaration that her invitation by the police for another investigation while the case has been adjourned sine die at the Chief Magistrate Court, Owerri, violates her rights.

She also wants an order restraining the Respondents, from further arresting, pursuing and intimidating her.

“An order directing the 1st 2nd, 4th to 6th Respondents to release forthwith her Infinix Note 7 and lnfinix Note 8 illegally seized by the Respondents during the arrest and torture in Lagos.

“An order awarding damage in the sum of N50 Million to the Applicant for the unlawful arrest, torture, unlawful detention, insult, disgrace, intimidation and the embarrassing treatment meted out on the Applicant.”

In her August 22, 2019 Affidavit in support of her application, Kamalu averred that she and Chima began dating in 1993 while she was in secondary school.

“We dated for 10 years, after which he proposed marriage and we both agreed to settle down as husband and wife. Unfortunately, our parents kicked against our relationship on the ground that we are biologically related and that we were committing incest and could not get married, so I married another man called Gabriel Igbibi,” she said.

The applicant said she reconnected with the lawmaker when she needed assistance to execute a contract she secured and that after she refused his advances, “he raped me.”

“I lodged the case first at New Owerri Police Station wherein he influenced it and I wrote a Petition to the Inspector-General of Police, Force State Quarters, Abuja. The petition was assigned to Zone 9 Police Command, Umuahia, Abia State.

“The 1st Respondent settled the police and they brokered peace between the 1st Respondent and me, wherein he promised to take proper care of me because he cannot withdraw himself from me.

She said following their reconciliation, they resumed their incestuous relationship “fully again”.

Kamalu added: “My husband got wind of the relationship between the 1st respondent and myself,” following which he filed for divorce.

When she informed Chima he allegedly gave her money to hire a lawyer for the case.

“The 1st Respondent promised that if the divorce succeeds, he will be giving me N20 million every six months and also buy me a property in any designated place in Lagos.

“The marriage was dissolved at the Ikeja High Court, Lagos. After the divorce, the 1st Respondent told me that before he will take the relationship serious, I will have to bear a child for him.”

According to her, she took in for him, but had a miscarriage. He then asked her to adopt a baby which would be his and claim that the baby was born in Canada, but that the baby also died.

She further claimed that he made her swear to an oath of loyalty, but she eventually caught him with another woman.

“I became infuriated and he became furious and warned me never to visit him again, that he is no longer interested in the relationship. I reminded him of the oath he forced me to take that no man must have any relationship with me again and the promise to be giving N20m every six months, buy me a property in a choice area, buy a brand new car every six months, which he had never fulfilled.

“I told him that I would tell the whole world how he has ruined my life and deceived me out of my marriage where I had four children.”

She told the court that this was why the lawmaker used the police to arrest her on May 27, 2019 and detained for seven days.
from the nation.


  1. Enter your comment...see problem Abeg

    1. Money(greed) and sex always causing issues

    2. CHAII!! Shame oeave this woman dey drag my face for potopoto. I thought it was one of those one kain news from Kenya or Zimbaawe.

    3. I just sent this link to my husband. His ex wife is on the same WhatsApp group with this woman.

      I have her 2 sons who are too embarrassed to acknowledge her as their mother but I will do my best to heal them from the trauma they suffered before she left with another man. I am raising them to forgive and love.

    4. Anon 15:51.. Pls take good care of those boys and God will reward u abundantly..U are a good woman.

    5. 15;51. May God bless u

  2. I wish their pictures were attached. So we can see what stupidity looks like.

    1. What a foolish woman. You left a marriage with four kids to be chasing shadows. All because of 20m and property you havnt even smelled yet.
      Foolish is her name.

    2. @Kamikaze
      This AntiChrist came to my house yesterday because I called her antichrist?
      How did you find it all?

    3. I am just imagining her ex husband and his friends/family reading this now. Them go laugh her taya.

  3. Replies
    1. Hain! I am even embarrassed reading this. Your way go really far. Thank God your first husband left you. You are a weak, greedy and unintelligent woman.

  4. Such a foolish woman ,he is done using your destiny

    1. Amacastel
      If a politician promises to be giving you 20 million Naira and brand new car every six months
      and you see the first wonder; alert in your phone and a car key. All he wants is sex. And you are married to
      a civil servant, what will you do?
      Say the truth and shame the pretenders.

  5. Hahahaha!! Pussy game did not get lit.. Imagine for you to leave your husband becos of money..Money good yeee!! Poverty na disease eee!!!

  6. Very very foolish woman... see the shame and disgrace you have brought upon your children. Stupid man too.

  7. The story has all of it; incest, adultery, adulterous incest, greed, blood oath, satanism...
    death, betrayal, torture... wow.😯😯😯
    This is common among Naija ladies. You are in marriage and looking for a horseband 🐎🐎and
    an incestuous one at that.
    Who gives a someone 20 million every six months, and brand new car
    every six months...? When they see money, houses, cars, Canada, they begin to
    vacillate like pendulum and tremble like leave in a harmattan wind! 😯😯😯😯
    Did I also make up this story? Mbanu
    Did it happen?
    It is still happening.
    4 children could not touch her conscience at all.
    Many ladies will come here to bash this woman no doubt.
    But tomorrow, in BEP, let Stella ask them what will make them reach orgasm,
    you will hear the chants of; money, money, credit alert, credit entering into...
    😯😯😯😯😯😯 If you are like this woman, one word; Repent for the kingdom of God
    is at hand!

    1. As In ehh! Very disgusting story, a very greedy and stupid woman.

    2. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
      Does credit alert someone without being employed?
      I always laugh when they begin all those credit alert, credit alert in BEP.
      Goes to show how most girls think

  8. Greedy woman. They say be contented . They will not hear. See your life. You deserve what you are getting even more.

  9. Stella one is even trending in Akwa ibom. Former commissioner and presently chairman of uyo something, Enobong uwah, he impregnated a married woman, woman gave birth, baby come dark, husband was shocked cos everyone from the both family dey fair, so where black baby come from, when God wants to disgrace you ehhhh, DNA test was conducted and bam it wasn't the man child and she confessed that the fellow married man Enobong uwa is the father.

    How can a married woman open leg for another man and with no condom, please how do they face their husband when they get home please. This is getting scaring sincerely, the world is coming to an end

  10. A working class woman leaving her husband to go frolick with another man who's probably married is now crying rape 🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣

    Cheap and shameless woman who doesn't care about her self worth and her kids.

    And the shameless Mr.Chima is probably laughing right now, thinking he'll go scot-free.

  11. Jesus, why will she believe him in the first place. she left her first marriage because of all these yeye promises and also took an oath. Woman thou art not wise at all. She left four children and her first husband for promises/someone she isn't so sure about. i am shocked.

  12. The world is really coming to an end πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„

  13. Imagine... because of money

  14. As much as i believe the woman brought it on herself, i believe justice should be served. It is a crime for him to rape her and use his power to unlawfully detain and abuse her.

    1. So u believe he raped her? Women are using rape story anyhow these days..

  15. Even after he raped you, you continued your incestuous relationship and divorced your husband. Because God does not approve of such incestuous relationship you had a miscarriage and lost a child the second time. The wrath of God has not started with the two of you yet.

  16. My fellow women, never leave your marriage because of another man. Any man that sponsors your divorce from your husband will still dump you for another woman. if you must leave your marriage, leave on the part of honour!!!

  17. I had to go and search her out on FB, Nkeiruka Kamalu, she was even campaigning for the guy last year, mtchewww Useless man and Woman!

  18. Okay. Lesson to BVS who men tell to leave their husbands.

  19. Wow finally greed has a name . very greedy woman

  20. Very stupid woman.

    The man only wanted to get his pound of flesh for the past...
    Can't believe at is pressing charges. She ought to hide her dad in shame.

    Thank goodness her ex husband divorced her. She is better off with the highest bidder.

  21. What kind of disgusting story is this? So after their parents said you were related, she's saying she entered and left a marriage to continue sleeping with her relative and is now crying rape? She knowingly got pregnant for her relative and entered love oath, too. She should go and hang herself. Useless creature.

  22. The incest could be the reason for the miscarriage. This woman is very very very very GREEDY and at the same time FOOLISH and SHAMELESS! Someone that is supposed to hide her face in shame while licking her wound. No word for the man. Maybe karma would have one or two words for him.

  23. "Mrs Nkeiruka Kamalu campaigned in support of Hon. Uju Kingsley.

    Hon. Uju Kingsley was her candidate for Federal House of Representatives. She campaigned vigorously for Hon. Uju Kingsley. 7 months after, she vex when her demands were not met. She tried severally to extort money from the Honourable member, when her demand were not met, she hurriedly joined Hon. Uju Kingsley Chima's opponent who are still aggrieved over the defeat at the last election to blackmail Hon. Uju Kingsley Chima."

    Prick and toto matter. Gbenshing with reckless abandon.

    They are both horny male and female dogs that are related.

  24. Looking at it from psychological pov, both of them should have stayed away from each other for life!

    From mad love to deadly love...that's what I see.

  25. Haaa.Funkeeeeee
    This is seriously serious

  26. Warris dis? Abi dis pipo no dey shame?

  27. Served her right ,even the cry of her four children could not reset her senses all for the money.


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