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Saturday, September 07, 2019

Saturday Breakfast Post...

Saturday is a good time to experiment cooking different dishes and on this day,Breakfast should be awesome!

Today I am having a very simple Breakfast of oats,Joghurt and brown bread.....

This meal looks really inviting to eat,check out how to prepare it....



Diced pork
Fresh pepper
Vegetable Oil
2 Knorr Chicken Cubes
Salt to taste


Curry Powder
Grinded pepper
Seasoning cubes
1 Tablespoon each of chopped garlic and ginger
1 Tablespoon Dried Thyme
Salt to taste


1)Wash and clean pork thoroughly (it can also be boiled without any ingredients before making the marinade) .

2)Combine all the ingredients for the marinade. 

3)Rub marinade all over the pork and leave for at least 30 minutes. 

4)After this, place a pan on heat and pour in vegetable oil, when it's hot add some chopped onions. 

5)Transfer the pork and fry till it's golden brown. 

6)Set the pork aside. 

7)Blend the peppers and onions. It shouldn't be too smooth. 

8)place another pan and transfer the oil used in frying the pork or fresh oil can be used, add some chopped onions also. 

9)Add the pepper mix, curry powder, seasoning cubes, thyme (optional) and salt to taste. 

10)Stir and leave to fry for about 30 minutes while stirring at intervals. 

11)When the mix is well fried, transfer the fried pork to the pan, stir and leave for another 10 minutes ....And it's ready!!!! 
By Bv Shuga girl


  1. Fruits and milk for breakfast for me.

    Not in the mood to do anything today, thank God my boy is not home.

    I don't eat pork meat at all, I hate it.

    I might prepare small Γ¬yΓ‘ titilayo kinda of stew later, let's wait and see how my day goes.

    1. Same here at ya 2nd line. Have two weddings to attend today but so not in the mood. Will finally not leave this house today.
      Weldone meanwhile, saw ya handwork on boredom elimination posts these past few days.😁 Have a nice weekend ma'am.

    2. We're following Stella's lead jor...

      Try and get up and get ready for that owambe, go and dance😊😊😊

  2. but i can see plantain there,abi is it just my eyes

  3. Pork meat issa no for me. Don't think it's something I will ever want to give a try.
    Is going to be a pancake morning with Lipton tea.

    1. E go sweet to prank u with meat ehn...just fry beef for u, after u finish eating, I'll tell u its pork..😁😁😁

    2. Blackberry, You go kuku kee me be that. Kai!!
      Swaggie, So they say o but the thing no just gree me to ever try hence I gave up!

  4. Jollof rice gat me today

  5. Not a fan of pork meat.I had toast and tea.The meal looks very inviting though,well done to who made it.

  6. Love this. Will definitely try this soon but I will pass on the pork biko. Chicken will do just fine. My mouth is watering, may be because I am seriously hungry😊

  7. Pancake and chill sprite already on it..

  8. Happy weekend to Stella and all bv's I love you all,this breakfast post makes me feel I am invited into your home.

  9. This peppered pork meat sauce looks appetising, I will try it tomorrow since I've had breakfast already.

  10. Don't know what to eat yet.. I'm not even in the mood to make anything

  11. French fries with plantain and egg sauce with tea.

  12. I still dey bed. Slept 3am. Will look for what to eat before leaving home by 11am for classes

  13. I drank water for breakfast. Will eat beans later for lunch

  14. I have boiled pork meat, but will try it later to make stew with it.


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