Stella Dimoko Actor Femi Branch Says The Social Media Has Ruined Relationship Of Many Nollywood Actors..


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Saturday, October 12, 2019

Actor Femi Branch Says The Social Media Has Ruined Relationship Of Many Nollywood Actors..

Nollywood actor Femi Branch is very quiet on the social media and in this short Interview,you will et an insight into why that is so.....

He told Inside Nollywood : 

“Social media is a crazy tool to handle. The Internet never forgets. So, I keep warning people to be mindful of what they put out there. My colleagues should note that nobody wins a social media war. 

In the course of a fight, a lot of things about your personal life might come out. People will keep it until the day you guys are no longer in good terms. If you don’t give them, they won’t have something to talk about. You mustn’t respond to whatever call out on Instagram. 

Even if you should, do make it official. Issue a press statement. Social media has ruined lots of relationships in Nollywood.” from  sunnewsonline


  1. No wonder my friend who acts never posts pictures of her family, she is too coded ,She calls it privacy, so people don't have anything to say, i asked her and she gave me reasons , now i see, people only speak of what they see .

    1. It's a matter of choice, If my friends post about their lives, I read & move on but you have to come to my house to see mine and that is if I want.
      I just don't like publicity sha.

  2. The same thing wey Stella they do na 🤣🤣, Stella akpa sense,nobody know her husband ot Children, I too like SDK .

  3. Soooooooo true.

  4. Lies,you guys should keep your marriages,relationship in yiur closet period.

  5. Thank you.
    Hope Olaide Olaogun and co are reading.

  6. Not really. It's what people choose to do and reveal on SM that gets them in trouble and ruins relationships. What we should be asking is why we feel the need to expose every detail of our lives to the world, why nothing is sacred anymore. I don't know how anyone can have 5000 friends on Facebook, double that number or more following them on Instagram, post anything on either of these platforms and think it is private. How can you truly believe 5000+ people are your friends or inner circle cos you put your account on "private"? Breakfast, lunch, dinner, honeymoon and travel plans, sex positions and schedule, details of your children's lives - all out there for the world to see.

    If the first place someone hears something about you is social media, or that's where they're verifying something about you - it's because they're not your friend. If you don't tell someone something, how will they use it against you? It's bad enough that not everyone in your personal life is really for you but it's tragic that this generation is constantly looking for validation from a bunch of strangers. That's why EVERYTHING must be out there and we get depressed over useless things. My friend told me about a lady who was verrrrry upset cos said lady's fiance didn't propose by getting down on one knee and doing video that will trend on the 'gram. Meanwhile, they have had a private conversation and agreed, bobo has gone with his people to her place, met her people, done intro and taken list. But hanty went on SM to say "she doesn't feel engaged"! Piers Morgan said a couple of days ago that the reason it took the US so long (10 years) to catch Osama Bin Laden is because Hunku wasn't on social media! But people be inviting problems and monitoring spirits into their own lives and marriages at the click of a button.



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