Stella Dimoko Amebo Column -Let The Pikin Talk E Mind!


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Saturday, October 19, 2019

Amebo Column -Let The Pikin Talk E Mind!

This generation of kids are raised by adults who felt they were silenced as kids and do not want the same for their offsprings But now, pikin wey una gree to whisper don collect makuro-fone for una hand enter market! 

Choi....If i remember the kind of beating and punishment children dey chop because of Lie Lie Adults eeehhh!

Kai...all them aunties and uncles wey be say, na dem go spoil something for house o! Instead to admit when parents begin shout, you will hear ' Ha! Chimezie, why you spoil the radio antenna'.

Small time pikin go dey vexxx, he fit no wan greet uncle sef, the same yeye uncle will go and report say ' Chimezie has started growing feathers!'. Mama will now shout ehhhh.... I wee cut the feathers today ooo!.

The only time God intervenes is when a neutral elder comes to chook mouth in the matter but you hardly ever get a chance as a child to 'speak your mind'.The tears and vibration from mama's beating sef no go gree you speak clearly.

Holy book wey tell us say na inside pikin shest crase dey do James bond. You think say na parable.

Give them access to express but curtailed and garnished with discipline.

In our days, we finished the process before realizing it's pro's and con's. If we had the avenue to protest trust me, majority of us with 'crase' tendency for don tear head enter market!

It is quite unfortunate that some of us would have slso escaped some vices if we had the voice as kids...we probably would have been saved and freed.

In the mean time, let us go down memory lane. Let us remember the days dem 'seniors' and brodas have 'chanced' us because of age!

The seniors wey go quick throw meat inside mouth pretend say na share una share am! Una go begin 'lem' dry eba and okro with no meat!

If you say 'pim' na only you go follow tree play ball.
Memories eeehhh!

Na me Amebo!


  1. Lol...😂😁😂🤣 childhood was fun, adulthood is too serious, wish I could be a baby again

    1. You want to become a baby again, one uncle wee now send you message and you'll want to grow up fast fast

  2. I thought the essence of this amebo post is to give us amebo gist 🙄🙄

  3. No one tried this shii with my siblings and I. My dad was a no nonsense man.

  4. Adulthood is a scam. I want to go back to my childhood. I hate the way things are today.

  5. funny enough; i wasn't raised like that.
    I came from a home where everybody's opinions matters a lot and where if you have a voice; it could be heard no matter how tiny and meaningless it appeared to sound.

    May God bless our home.

  6. Childhood rocks, adulthood na scum.

  7. Can you stop writing in pidgin?? You are not good at it and your write up are so tiring to read abeg.The pidgin is not smooth or sweet as you try to pull it off.Your topic and ideas are interesting but@,Just write what somebody will understand and enjoy.Learn how to write and captivate your audience without doing too much.Nobody has time for headache inducing write up*yawns*.

  8. Kai my own upbringing was different. My mum didn't believe in beating she only shouts. As a child you couldn't shut me up. I was so outspoken and I had a mind of my own though I was stubborn. I was thought to make decisions as a child and stand by them and this was from little things like what I'd like to eat and wear. Today these have really helped me as an adult. I believe in my own decisions and once I make up my mind about something concerning me, you can't make me change my mind. I'm also not influenced easily cause peer pressure doesn't get to me.

  9. Please start your own series and send in so we your fellow blog members can enjoy. Be constructive and encourage her/him to improve on content delivery. It’s very easy to be an armchair critic from afar.

  10. I remember my childhood days with fondness.

  11. Column writer... Can you please try another writing format? This your pidgin makes me skip your writing all the time. The pidgin is not smooth and quite disjointed #justsaying. Nice topics but to read it is something else.

  12. I remembered vividly when I was little(8years) I went to my brother's hideout( that's where he hides his money) and stole his money being that whenever we were given money to share he's always taking the biggest share or not giving us anything at all. I guess that day was my most happiest day because I and my sister spent the money buying Puff-puff, akara etc. Although, we paid dearly for it because my mum found out and gave us the beating of our lives and locked us outside with our naked bodies for some minutes before letting us in. That was the first and last time we took something that did not belong to us because the beating and the disgrace we got afterwards reset our brain.


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