Stella Dimoko Three Ladies Die In Brothel Fire In Anambra State.....


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Saturday, October 19, 2019

Three Ladies Die In Brothel Fire In Anambra State.....

Three girls said to be s#x workers have died in a fire outbreak in a brothel in Nnewi, Anambra State.

A source said the motel which is located at Ezekwuabo Otolo Nnewi close to St. Thomas Anglican Church (Akwudo) called Padded Joint, was gutted with fire in the early hours of Friday.

The source said the cause of the fire was unknown, but started after the owner of the brothel closed for the day, leaving behind three girls who were suspected to be prostitutes.

An eyewitness who pleaded anonymity, said, “the owner of the motel who is a woman fondly called ‘Obodo Umu Anumanu’ is a native of Ndimgbu in Otolo but married in Mbanagu-Otolo.

“She had closed the motel apartment for the day, and three girls who slept in the motel because they did not go to work were caught up in the fire, and they died.”

The source said it is a normal occurrence for the woman to close the apartment and go home with the keys even if there are girls that did not go out that night with clients.

“The three girls could not escape because the rooms were locked and there was no way exit as at that time,”.

Anambra State police commissioner, Mr John Abang confirmed the incident, but said the deceased persons were waiters who slept in the motel.

He said, “Yes, its a drinking joint and the waiters who do sleep over in the joint lost their lives. Very unfortunate”

He added that, “The owner has made useful statement to the police.”


  1. May their rest in peace. This life na wa I'm sure if they had better options they won't go into prostitution. I wish them eternal rest.

  2. But why will the woman be locking them and going away with the keys when they aren't criminals!
    Death by fire?? The horror!

  3. Hmmmmn! So it has always been a normal occurrence not that it was intentional (note: the lady who dropped the gist on SP), na wa R.I.P to the ladies!

    Kelvin Dat Edo Boi (Stellz Cousin)

    1. Kelvin are you OK????
      What's the difference with what I posted on sp post and what Stella reported?
      How can locking up girls in a room and leaving with the keys "normal" to you ?? Are they chickens?? I repeat, that woman should be charged with murder!!

  4. This is so so sad, what a pity!

    What is that commissioner talking about?

    For those who do not understand Igbo,
    Obodo Umu Anumanu = Town of animals or abode of animals

    How can someone tell you that she is and runs abode of animals and you chose to be an inmate there?
    And the commissioner is trying to protect his former club?

    1. Sabinus onye juru gi? Ha aga atapikwara gi ma oburu ha? O ka unu si ere onwe unu kobo na afu n'ebe ndi ozo no.

  5. She should not just make useful statements and go home o

  6. What’s with Anambra and fire?
    Who locks humans in the house and leaves with the keys? What if there’s an emergency that needs people evacuated, just like this one?
    Illiteracy is worse than cancer.

    1. Slutty,this act is no of illiteracy,it's sheer wickedness

      What is useful in statement the she made after she killed 3 people?
      In this time and era,how can you lock someone in and go home with the keys? Abi she fear make the girls no Rob her, what has she gained now?

    2. My sis @ayaoba, it’s so painful. The lady is ruined for life. The family of those girls will come hard for her. Na wa.

  7. What's happening in Anambra State bikonu? Fire everyday!! God abeg o

  8. But why locking the girls inside and leaving with the key! She never talk wetin happen....Rip

  9. It's inhuman but it's common with a tribe, even their apprentice sleep in shops. A similar thing happened in my place, 2guys slept in the shop(male Boutique)the fire started, from a neighbor shop they couldn't escape.
    RIP to dead.

  10. The commissioner is a the woman's man, h has been patronising her and she has promised to settle him well after investigation. What rubbish that comment from him she gave useful statement, who does that locking adults inside a shop and going home with key. Mtcheeeew this country is so messed up, people commit crimes and get away with it. You cannot tell the public that woman is not evil, if those girls were to be your daughters would you be sounding that way? Smh

    Rip to the girls

  11. I hope the police is not covering up for this woman? Because I don't understand that their statement about the woman.
    Whether the girls are prostitutes or waitresses is of no importance here, what they should be asking is why a woman will lock up 3 girls in an apartment overnight with no means of exit.

  12. She used the term prostitutes thinking it will exonerate her. I'm sure those girls are working for her and she locked them in so they won't steal from her before she comes in the morning. So sad RIP girls.

  13. No problem if they are prostitutes it doesn't mean they are not human or it is okay to ill treat them. If you are liable for their deaths then you must go to prison and serve your time. For all we know those girls were the victims of human trafficking and that is why they were locked up like prisoners.

  14. What's up with Anambra and fire of late? Who or what is after Anambra state?


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