Stella Dimoko BBC Releases Documentary Of Nigerian Lecturers Involved In Demanding To Sleep With Students For High Grades..


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Monday, October 07, 2019

BBC Releases Documentary Of Nigerian Lecturers Involved In Demanding To Sleep With Students For High Grades..

BBC Africa Eye’s on Monday released a documentary targeted at lecturers in some West African universities harassing their students for s#x in exchange for grades/marks.

After gathering dozens of testimonies, BBC Africa Eye sent undercover journalists posing as students inside the University of Lagos and the University of Ghana.

It was disclosed that female reporters were sexually harassed, propositioned and put under pressure by senior lecturers at the institutions – all the while wearing secret cameras in a 13-minutes video documentary released.
A UNILAG senior lecturer, Faculty of Arts, who doubles as the head pastor of a Foursquare Gospel Church in Lagos, Dr. Boniface Igbeneghu, was exposed as one of the culprits.

The undercover journalist posed as a 17-year-old student who wanted an admission at the University of Lagos.

The “student” endured a couple of s#xual harassment from the Dr. Igbeneghu.
Igbeneghu, who invited the teenager to his office for a number of tutorials, subsequently began to have inappropriate conversations with her.
On their first meeting, he commented on her appearance.
In the 13-minutes secret filming, the lecturer revealed how his colleagues tossed and passed around UNILAG female students for sex.

He disclosed further how his colleagues patronised UNILAG Staff club ‘Cold room’ to commit series of atrocities on female students.

“Do you know that you are a very beautiful girl,” he asked her.
“Do you know that I am a pastor and I’m in my fifties. What will shock you is that even at my age now, if I want a girl of your age – a 17-year-old, all I need is to sweet tongue her and put some money in her hand and I’ll get her,” Igbeneghu said to her on camera.

Despite repeated requests, the lecturer failed to react to the BBC’s allegations.
Also, authorities of UNILAG dissociated itself from the lecturer’s actions.
It revealed to the BBC that the institution had a zero-tolerance policy on sexual harassment.

Furthermore, it refused to comment on the alleged ‘cold room.’

Meanwhile, another lecturer from College of Education in Ghana, Dr. Paul Kwame was also indicted in the video documentary.


Watch Documentary HERE


  1. Hmmm Very terrible people...Make dem visit Federal Unis for the whole Naija area..Them go tire...

  2. When the church or mosques won't comment, how do we expect the schools to?. No, it did not happen in church, though we won't know if it did, but we need to start naming and shaming.

    1. Expose them all.. Deviants masquerading as pastors/Lecturers. Name and Shame them.

  3. Wow this was disturbing to watch

  4. Terrible.....but i graduated in the early 2001 and it was not so bad. yes we heard some lecturers were doing it but none ever did it to me. I met one who i believed was being amorous but i never went back to him.

    Even when i failed i just simply rewrote the exams, i never went to beg anybody. or maybe i was not so pretty or something sha. I dont know.

    This practice is becoming alarming, like I am begining to feel like is their any girl that does not go through this?

  5. When I was class gov, one of the ladies came to confide in me that a lecturer wanted to get under her skirt. Doing it wasn't her problem, but the fact that the man's level of hygiene is poor and importantly, she's got a diabolical incision on her virginal that traps men, particularly yahoo boys or rich people.

    She wanted to do it but she wanted someone to push her.

  6. University of Benin English and literature department is next,
    Kola ike
    Can't remember all their names right now ,but no male lecture in that department is clean,except late Okunsebor, (God rest his soul) the rest should know their time is up.....evil souls

  7. So it has now graduated to administering confessional prayers for forgiveness before the act?

    1. Bulus, me sef tire. Saying grace before food. Na wah

  8. I know that it must be a foreign media. Nigerian media houses are only interested in politics.

  9. We have these University Dons all over Nigerian Universities and elsewhere. Na dem Dem. I hope this won't be swept under the carpet. What about the case of that Ife Lecturer? How did it end?

    1. He was prosecuted and jailed....2 years I think

  10. God will continue to expose them, awon evil lecture

  11. Mr Agu of Economics dept Madonna University, and one prof in the Business Education dept( I can't remember your name) plus the Liberian. Y'all won't escape this, the evil you all did will forever stay with you.

  12. These 2 Mass com profs in MAU [Dynasty abi Gaynasty and Mr Okafor who specializes in chasing married women in other to sleep with them, one day una cup go full. Tueh

  13. Uniport lecturers are on this table o gay lecturer sef follow o if u don't suck his dick extra year. Geology uniport them full there

  14. Let them send their undercover journalists to University of Benin, faculty of social science

  15. They should come to uniport

  16. Dem for go uniport. Na rape them for get o pressure or harassment.the video would have been too bad to air.hopeless school

  17. UNIBEN lecturers your time is coming. Including medical dept, one notorious former paediatric HOD......n.a. dem

  18. Personally, I don't support mob action. The courts are the best place, and are always open to address all and every grievances.

    That said, the aim of our justice system is not just to punish an offender, but to also rehabilitate them. But social media trial is almost always destructive.

    Today, the University of Ghana has released a statement, absolving their lecturer from the accusation of sexual harassment... Something that is clearly online. And they made some valid points. They admitted that the lecturer acted immorally, but didn't break the law. I suspect they want to treat the fuck up internally and save Ghana the embarrassment.

    But here in Nigeria, we're quick to jump online to condemn anything from this country, even where there is an established process to address the issue.

    Some people will never write anything good about Nigeria, but will jump at any opportunity to ridicule the country. We're constantly validating the single story that Nigeria is a nation of thieves, swindlers, corrupt elements, rapists Pastors and lecturers etc., while other countries are doing the best to address their vices internally with regards to due process.

    When was the last time you exported great news about Nigeria?


    1. So do you sanction what he was doing. Would you encourage other lecturers to do the same? Did you watch the whole documentary?

    2. Like I said, there is due process for addressing these wrongs, and mob action isn't it. That said, I condemn the act of harassment by the lecturers. It is shameful.


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