Stella Dimoko Crooner Flavour And His Ugegbe Sandra Celebrate Their Daughter's 5th Birthday...


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Sunday, October 20, 2019

Crooner Flavour And His Ugegbe Sandra Celebrate Their Daughter's 5th Birthday...

Sunday October 20,2019 is the 5th Birthday of Gabrielle,the Beautiful daughter of Highlife crooner Chinedu Okoli a.k.a Flavour and his wife,Former Beauty Ambassador Sandra Okagbue....

Happy Brithday Princess....She is soooo Beautiful!!!

Sandra posted....

''first fruit of the womb, my first born.
You couldn't have come into my life at a more perfect brought blinding light into my life. I remember your first birthday like it was just yesterday. Today you turn 5. How time flies.

There is no greater joy for a mother than to watch her child grow and blossom into a star.
Today, i say this prayer for you, from a mother to a child...

The world will know your name.
You will grow in grace, mercy and favour of the most high God.
You shall always be the head and not the tail.
You shall always be a giver and not a receiver.
You shall be the envy of your peers.
Your heart-melting smile will never fade.
Sorrow and pain shall never find you.
Lack and want shall be very far from you.
Good health and strength shall always be your portion.
Love will surround and overwhelm you.
Where others go and doors are shut, you shall go and doors shall open for you.
Where others are told "we don't need you" you shall go and they will ask "where have you been?"
Lastly, your children will make you proud and happy just as you make me every second of the day.
Happy birthday Munachi nwam. I love you and will always do.#Adaijele.''


  1. Happy birthday to her. God bless her.

    1. What's with the one exposed tigh outside her beautiful ball gown? Wheeew...

      Please let her be 5years old for God's sake. Don't bloody sexualize her, she is a child!!!

    2. You are the one who is sexualizing a 5year old girl and u don’t deserve to live among reasonable human beings, like the hell,nothing inappropriate about that beautiful dress, anyone with kids close to you should run away from your pedophilia ass, yes and I don’t care if u are a man or women. You are sick in the head. You are a bitch or a son of one.

    3. Anonymous 12:21 wth! Did someone caution you earlier about the dress? Why so rude and angry? You should be ashamed of yourself for the nonsense you posted up there! So he/she is a pedophile for writing down her thoughts? So what does your comment say about you?

      Anyway, there is EVERYTHING wrong with the legs out! Pray tell why it is exposed? The dress is beautiful enough and the girl even more so, so why the exposure? How many 5 year olds expose their legs in photo shoots? Fashion/style? Whatever the reason, it is inappropriate for a 5 year old. INAPPROPRIATE!

      Some of you just fly out of your nests to attack people stupidly. So low!

      Happy Birthday Muna, God bless you princess.

    4. God bless you. I am a mother of 2 girls and agree that there's no reason for her leg to be out. At 5!!! Common!!!!! Happy birthday to her.

    5. Anon 12:21. What Saphire said is the truth. Allow the child be a child. The pose is not ideal for a 5year old child. All these "forcing guy" mothers sef. Let the kids be kids abeg.

    6. Kai nawao. I don't see anything wrong in exposing her legs. Dress your child like you want and leave other people to theirs. What's all these?

  2. Happy birthday to my Neice birth mate....You will flourish on all sides..Amen...Oct 20 babies are too cute!!!!

  3. Happy birthday Munachimso my baby's name sake. May you grow up in health wisdom and understanding. Omalicha

  4. Happy birthday beautiful❤️🎁❤️🎁

  5. Replies
    1. You better take Stella very seriously. She never called Chioma a girlfriend but Davido’s WIFE, look at them today

    2. Anon go and sleep. This Flavour and Sandra matter over 2 years have passed nothing to show for it. They don't even live together.

  6. Happy Birthday to her, Congratulations!!

  7. Yaaay, good to have my fellow okwuluokalisia back on Ig.😍
    Happy 5th birthday Omalicha Ada Ijele Umunze.♥️

    1. Yes ooo,una get am😍😍😍😍

  8. Happy birthday beautiful angel many more beautiful years ahead amen, pls don't be senseless like your beautiful mom ooo. Stella did I hear you say wife? I Lolzzz 😂

  9. Stella why are you forcing this two to get married? Flavour is not married to Sandra.

  10. Family time is priceless mr flavour was so happy hugging sandra at any given opportunity,HDB Muna God bless your new age

  11. Family time is priceless mr flavour was so happy hugging sandra at any given opportunity,HDB Muna God bless your new age


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