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Tuesday, October 15, 2019

Did You Know...


  1. She like to dey compete sha. Abeg which song she sing

    1. Healthy competition is needed to be relevant in life. What would you have her do?

  2. You forgot to mention; "after she signed a masonic USA deal"
    That is how they do it. Once you sign that blood deal, you are
    nominated and streamed worldwide. Satan controls the worldly
    music industry.

    1. And it your soul they are controlling... Worry about your own self for being a judgemental idiot.

    2. Shut up jor, must everything be Satan?
      Keep giving excuses for your failure and bitterness, don't go and work hard to be recognised and to be rewarded, stay here and be talking nonsense.
      Masonic USA deal kill you there

    3. I believe you are someone I know. Always talking rubbish!

    4. None of you is raising any point to counter her/his
      Did the said lady begin to be listed after the US deals?

  3. We all want to be better than we were yesterday,we all strive to excel,thats competiting. ain't nothing bad in that.

  4. Yemi Alade taking over the world. No noise. Just consistently making music and good videos.

    She would be far gone by the time her detractors realise so.

    Woman of Steel to the world!!!

    Much Love to the very hardworking and focused Yemi!!

  5. Auntie 4999 could NEVER #qualityovernudity

  6. @Stella
    If you must post these people here, then be prepared to receive divergent opinions and observations.
    That is journalism 101.
    This lady began to stream and get nominated since she signed a US record deal and you cannot connect the
    dot? Some of us know the knitty gritty of the industry.

  7. This is not to discredit Yemi...but anybody's song can be considered for a Grammy, as long as the song meets the necessary criteria for the category the artist wishes to be nominated in (ie. date of release, production, etc.)! The actual feat is being nominated and winning!


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