Stella Dimoko Igbo Leaders In Strong Push For 2023 Presidency


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Saturday, October 26, 2019

Igbo Leaders In Strong Push For 2023 Presidency

There seems to be no let down in the clamour for an Igbo man to become the President of the nation in 2023, as there are indications that prominent leaders of Igbo extraction are closing ranks and have been having series of meetings in order to intensify efforts on their bid to achieve the aim.

The meetings, which multiple sources said had leaders of thought, prominent politicians, traditional rulers, businessmen and industrialists, among others, in attendance had been taking place at the home of a former governor in the South East, whom sources say is the coordinator of the project. To this end, many of the Igbo leaders are said to have buried their political differences in order to accomplish the task.

However, sources within the group said there had been no decision on the choice of candidate as well as the political party to use for the project. This is coming as Association of South East Town Unions (ASETU), lent its support to the agenda, saying that the region is handling the 2023 presidency agenda painstakingly, just as its National President, Chief Emeka Diwe, confirmed that there are ongoing meetings and consultations over the matter.

Adopting Yoruba model, Further checks by the New Telegraph however revealed that, while some of the Igbo leaders are insisting on fielding a common candidate for the top job, others are of the opinion that the race should adopt the 1999 Yoruba model, in which the major political parties: the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) and the Alliance for Democracy (AD) fielded Yoruba men: Chief Olusegun Obasanjo (PDP) and Chief OLu Falae (AD).
According to most of the sources within the group, the Yoruba model is actually gaining attention of most of the leaders, going by its acceptability within the assembly. “We are very serious about this project.

For once we are putting our differences aside to see this thing through. We are insisting that they should give us the two candidates for the APC and the PDP, so that it would be like what happened to the Yoruba race in 1999”, said one of the sources. The New Telegraph also gathered that a prominent Igbo business tycoon, who is very close to a former governor in the South West has offered to bankroll the project, and to be assisted by other magnates.

From New Telegraph


  1. Yimu. Abeg I don't want Igbo man to smell that seat just yet..

    1. Time for Nigeria to break don reach

    2. Former INEC chairman, Prof. Attahiru Jega attested to that few days ago. It's really imminent and inevitable.

    3. @Sandy I follow fourple Yinmu!

  2. If they cannot convince Ngozi Okonjo Iwuala and support her to vie, there is no need. All the other politicians have
    their hands soiled.

  3. This shall NOT stand. Go and mark today's date; an Igbo man will not be president of Nigeria come 2023. They had better think of how to develop Igboland instead of this whatever this is that they're doing. And yes, I'm Igbo.

    1. ✅✅✅👍

    2. You be correct nwa afor jare...dreamers

  4. "We are insisting that they should give us the two candidates for the APC and the PDP, so that it would be like what happened to the Yoruba race in 1999”

    Isn't that statement above madness? Who gives you what? This is a joke taken too far and so shameful. I pity for my people so much cos they seems to have hope even in a hopeless situation. They are elders that ought to know more about the Nigerian history. Even the PDP Igbo largely supported won't even give them ticket to fly, how much more of APC? Igbo won't be given the slot of presidency on a platter of gold else Ekwueme who merited that position 1999 would have succeeded but the politics of the north didn't let it materialized.

    I wish them the best even though I know it's another exercise in futility.

  5. Very funny!
    They had a Peter Obi who was going to be Vice President and what percentage of igbos came out to campaign for him?
    What percentage of igbos voted PDP?
    What percentage of the entire igbo race registered to vote, let alone voted on Election Day?
    Start from Somewhere! Always playing the victim card!
    Yoruba doesn’t like us! Hausa doesn’t like us! You people dont even like each other! Very unaccommodating people but the whole world should lay on their backs for them to walk on!
    They havent even decided yet if they want Biafra or not but they want to be President of Nigeria? Its like something is wrong with you people *clicks tongue!!!

    1. Abeg no allow your hatred for Igbos choke you.

    2. @ anonymous what are you blabbing? Didn’t PDP win in the presidential election in all the south East states? They even won in some local governments in Lagos where Igbos are dominant hence the burning of ballots boxes there. Please if you don’t have facts, mechie onu gi

    3. Hatred for Igbos? People who don’t even know their directions? They will betray themselves as always.

    4. Bitter truth. They should start by demanding good governance from their governors and leaders.

  6. I can't say if the APC would field someone from the SE as candidate for president in 2023 because the party repeatedly called the SE in 2015 and 2019 to support them in their back to back Electoral victories. But the results of both elections echoed the response of the SE.

    So democratic politics as we all know it remains a game of numbers. Let's see sha


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