Stella Dimoko Medical Guild Says Nigeria May Soon Start Importing Doctors...


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Wednesday, October 02, 2019

Medical Guild Says Nigeria May Soon Start Importing Doctors...

Chairman of the Lagos Medical Guild, Dr Babajide Saheed on Tuesday urged the Federal Government to declare a state of emergency towards revitalising the health sector and warned that Nigeria may start importing doctors if this was not done.

NAN reports that Saheed at a media briefing in Lagos said that 59 years after Nigeria’s independence, its health sector had deteriorated in healthcare delivery, resulting in medical tourism.

He said that having a functional Primary Healthcare (PHC) system in the country was an effective way of addressing the nation’s health sector challenges.

“We should follow it up with an effective secondary and tertiary care, the tertiary care will take care of medical tourism.
Each region in the country should have hospitals for specialisation – like pediatric, cardiology – and we will not need to move out of the country,”

He urged that all stakeholders should agree on collective and unified common agenda that would deliver efficient, affordable and accessible healthcare services in the country.

Dr Oluwajimi Sodipo, Vice-Chairman of the guild, said that PHC system should not become redundant in the country.

He said that the Federal Government had funds for PHCs and that such funds should be made more accessible and said that local governments should take PHCs as a priority, especially with their attainment of autonomy.

He also called for incentives that would discourage brain-drain among health workers.
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  1. So funny @ may soon start importing doctors. Nigeria 59 we are still not there, please when will our country get there?

  2. Import from where? Or will you kidnap foreigners, bring them to Nigeria and make them work by force? Shebi it's who agrees to follow you? This country is not conducive for Nigerian doctors to practise, e come be the ones wey no know sufferhead? In the past eight years, we have had useless Health Ministers under whose watch everything to do with healthcare (from delivery to management and even training) has become progressively worse. Including that blockhead that was fired from his CMD position at EBTH. Only in Nigeria can someone be disgracefully relieved of a sensitive position at a Teaching Hospital for all kinds of nonsense, only to be rewarded with the top job in a country's Health Ministry. But "we will import doctors". These people's delusion is so special, it should have its own NAFDAC number.


    1. One can't help but wonder if these guys are all competing for who would win the award for the most stupid comment and policy. That's the only way one can try to make sense of all this nonsense so as not to run mental.


    2. To whom brain is given sense is expected

      When the head is empty the body will be turninoniown

  3. Chaii.
    I'm relocating to Cameroon soon.
    At least i may be able to afford this now.
    What a messed up country Nigeria is.

  4. u see the kinda life we are living,infact,all our leaders should be called prodigal sons n daughter

  5. That’ll be good news naaaaaa! Tired of these quake doctors and always being on strike!!

    1. First of all, your english is "quack"

    2. Anon 08:58...can't spell quack yet talking trash. Ask your stupid self why those doctors are "always on strike"? Even if they import from mars..those ones will still go on strike!

    3. Quakes you say!!
      They are quakes yet more advanced countries are welcoming them with open arms.
      Ee pay less to our own but would prefer to pay more/ higher to the do called Imported ones becos of their skin color ....... So, at the end of the day, the poor condition or state of our hospitals and corruption would chase them away.
      Una no go ever appreciate una own thing. It is well o!

    4. Anon, very soon, even the quacks ,you won't see, you will need to start consulting sure deserve the kind of leaders you have!!!

  6. We export what we don't have & import what we have....lawd help us.

  7. Nonsense, when una never fit pay d one’s wey una get, na to import una go fit? Import kor , export ni

  8. Nigeria Their Country Oga oooo...

  9. I can't wait to leave, let's see if you can afford to import me back to naija, as a commododity that I am now. Smh.... majority of my colleagues have left or gearing to....It's only a matter of time....

  10. It is good but please import good doctors and not "aguturumbes" kind of doctors.


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