Stella Dimoko President Trump Bans Immigrants Who Can’t Pay For Healthcare


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Saturday, October 05, 2019

President Trump Bans Immigrants Who Can’t Pay For Healthcare

President Donald Trump issued a proclamation on Friday night requiring many future immigrant visa applicants to show they can afford health care, a move that could make it harder for poor migrants to enter the U.S.

The action, which is set to take effect in 30 days, would require applicants, including people with ties to family members in the U.S., to show they have health insurance or prove their financial ability to pay for medical care before being issued a visa that could lead to a green card.

The proclamation wouldn’t apply to noncitizen children of U.S. citizens. Refugees and immigrants who won asylum are also excluded from the new requirement.

The move marks the latest effort by President Trump to restrict immigrants’ ability to enter the U.S.

The administration is poised to implement a rule this month that would require many of the same applicants to demonstrate that they wouldn’t become reliant on public benefits including Medicaid should they be allowed to immigrate to the U.S.

The new requirement would take a further step, requiring anyone looking to move to the U.S. to enrol in private insurance — including as a dependent on a family member’s health plan — or possess the financial means to cover significant medical costs.

The proclamation also allows entry into the U.S. for migrants who have the “financial resources to pay for reasonably foreseeable medical costs, ” but it doesn’t define the threshold for meeting that standard.

The new requirement will apply to potentially hundreds of thousands of people moving to the U.S. each year on immigrant visas, which allow people to become permanent residents. In the 2018 fiscal year, the U.S. issued a total of roughly 534,000 visas, a 4.6% decline from the previous year’s total, according to State Department data.

Some of those visas, like those granted to noncitizen children of U.S. citizens, won’t need to comply with the new requirement.

The U.S. issues about 1.1 million green cards a year, but people issued immigrant visas often wait years in backlogs before they are granted permanent resident status.


  1. Trump you have successed in killing my urge of travelling to the US thank you very much.

  2. We are not kuku interested in the US. Many nice countries with better job opportunities and great pay, US will now be doing shakara

    1. Please I need examples of such countries

  3. This is sad! no wonder your country men are seriously looking for ways to impeach you.

  4. Guys,
    Trump has done the right thing. I wonder why Nigerians keep flocking to the U.S to enjoy benefits they did not contribute to or do not have intentions to contribute to? 🤷

    When I was in U.S, I had to compulsorily pay for health care as a student, during my 2nd term. I seeked a more affordable Obama care, eventhough I never got sick, my aunt's friend, felt something was wrong with her and went for medical check up alone and got slamped a bill of $2000 plus bill alone. She wished she had insurance at that point. One thing Nigerians don't realise is this things are put in place to help you. A pool of funds used as a provision to cater for the needy at different times. This insurance has already been subsidized. Nigerians need to stop looking for ways to cut protocol in other countries or remain in theirs to build theirs. Shikena!

    1. See this one..Shebi you're here now, Abi you're still there, let's build IT together.
      . Why did you go to the USA in the first place.. . For education, hmmm. Why didn't you wait till we build our higher institutions to their own standard. 🤔

    2. Thank you for your reply. I came back, truth be told because I did not like the U.S system, it was hard fitting in. Forget whatever anyone will tell you about how you will work and study, how there are opportunities, or how you will do this or that, you must start from the scratch, no matter what you were in your own country. Go to school, build your social security, and get work history before you can get a good job! Nigerians will not tell you this, and it is sad because telling those back at home, will be like "shebi you have gone, you do not want us to go". That is why, my prayer for everyone is to go witness things themselves.

      My aunt wanted to change my accounting course to nursing but I declined. See,she has done well for herself, started from the very scratch though she is very ambitious and has a very strong support system.

      I remember when one of her friend's wife came and was saying she already had a nursing degree back home and will commence work, my aunt and her other friend told her point blank she has to start from scratch even Indians go to school before they can practice.

      In answer, to your question, Yes I did my first degree in Nigeria, there is nothing wrong in furthering outside the country, even Americans go outside their country to further. As long as you abide with the rules and jurisdiction of the land.

      Did you know that all these measures Trump put in place, are as a result of immigrants abusing the system? The U.S is runned by taxes, so just imagine when Nigeria women go to give birth in the U.S without paying their medical bills, they only play the first sum, the subsequent bills will be mailed to an address they might have left, they rather use $2000 to shop for baby clothes than pay for delivery, so why did they go in the first place? And guess who clears up the bill at the end of the day: "Tax payers money".

      You know, when I was in school, whenever I had a presentation, my American coursemates always asked me why we can not stand up to our government to fight for what is ours, why does of us that has been here can not go back home to start a revolution, in short, they said I should tell y'all that Nigerians are all FOOLS, for refusing to smell the coffee, you keep lobying to be a second class citizen in other countries. Unfortunately, third class in the U.S, because there are the Whites, Black-Americans and Others. They blantantly told me that they have no respect for us till we take a stand. When I told them I will be killed, they said only? But you should get honored with a humanitarian day. So you see, some people laid their life to make America what it is today.

      You may hate your country so much, but if I should all what they told me here, you will learn to appreciate your country. No short cut oo, Nigerians build your own country.

    3. Good points. But a fewCorrections here:

      *sought NOT *seeked
      *run NOT *runned

      There are ways around getting a good job as an immigrant. But I agree the experience is different for everyone.


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