Stella Dimoko Selah -This Life No Balance At All...!


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Thursday, October 31, 2019

Selah -This Life No Balance At All...!

 You may need to read what you are about to read twice before it makes any sense to you...Read it twice!

Shey dem been de celebrate Mercy the other day say she win 60m for BB Naija and some people come de vex de wish say na dem....

You remember that year wey Davido buy one motor like that for Chioma, how much be the car again? I hear say na 45m and he come use diamond ring wey worth millions again come propose to am. Just the gifts alone don pass wetin Mercy win.

Relax first, I no de beef anybody, follow me to the end.

You remember that nigga "E money?" January dis year im been buy 3 cars wey been worth 250m, 156m and 80m for himself, wife and one comedian like that. You see how dem de throw money? But he never enter Forbes list. 

Life no balance.

Shey Dangote na the richest black man, abi? But im na number 136 for people wey rich for the world..
No go kill yourself, life no balance.

Shey C. Ronaldo and Messi get money pass for footballers?
You know that young man Zuckerberg, im fit pay them till dem die and he no go even feel am. Life no balance. Even if una get same money una fit no get same children or same blessing.... 

Oya make we nack this one...

You know that boxer wey them de call Mayweather?

That guy watch alone worth 18 million dollars.. Convert am for naira and tell me how much e be.
Davido net worth as Forbes take talk am na 16 m dollars... Mayweather watch alone don pass Davido net worth. Ordinary watch wey no fit show us time wey Angel Michael go take blow trumpet

After reading this you go still Wan kill yourself cos say you no get money.

Chill jhoor, buy cool drink, if you get money add am suya. Tell dj make he play "Can't kill myself" by Timaya for you. If dj no de there, use your phone.
As d music de play, de tap your feet for ground, de nod your head like lizard , de feel yourself like say you be Bill gates, life no de two.

If you no get money at all to buy drink or suya, still chill, go church and thank God for good health, e no easy.
Appreciate God for life, be content with what you have, be thankful even as you work harder for more.

God go answer all our prayers one day.
The summary of this message is "Be content with what you have, no one has it all"

Life no balance and e no fit balance!
#Note :
Be yourself.

written by Chukwu Ebuka Noble


  1. ha πŸ™†i no well o
    I follow your instructions writer'm
    I play the music i tap my feet for ground,i come nod my head like lizard,this staff dey look me ,i no say i be cleaner but e pain them ....I will always be happy,one day life go better,one day i go wear better cloth,wear good shoe ,weae better hair,my husband mockery go stop ,by his grace January am paying for my first shop,i no say na container e go better,,twerking away oooo...(i cant kill myself)

    1. My dear,so shall it be as u have said. Love u already

    2. Amen, small small life go better for you.

    3. Chukwu Ebuka Noble1 November 2019 at 11:57

      My dear life na Jeje.. E go better

  2. This write-up make sense... thankful for known & unknown blessings.....

  3. Na wa oooo. Life no balance samsam

  4. What an eye opener. Nice one πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

  5. Gaskiya!! Thank you for this writeup...I feel the richest person is one who lives a life of content..After all the money you have today will not follow one to the grave..All the best...

  6. Yes oh! Lemme be contented with what I have. My state today might be someone's prayer point

  7. Life no balance and he not fit every balance, there'll always be someone wealthier, more beautiful, more popular, more loved than you. No tension yourself.

  8. Human wants are insatiable. That's how the Creator made us. We are created to keep desiring and wanting more. It's good to want to acquire all the goodies the world can offer, but let's not be greedy nor loose ourselves in our quest to gather all those material things. At the end of the day, all those material things can't make us happy (in the real sense of the word) and we are gonna account for every penny we make here on earth before our Creator.

    So take am jeje. Don't be greedy.

    I'm outtie

  9. Nothing more to add

  10. Shit, plain shit talk

    1. Not really shit talk... The people he mentioned, did they just fold their arms to make money? They worked hard with the one given or inherited.

      But the contentment side of it is what I will take. Whatever you have, thank God.

  11. You know I was just thinking about something along this line some minutes ago. So I heard of a 32yr old mother of 4 that died recently. And it got me thinking of how early she must have gotten married to have a child in SS1.. Another lady would get married at 40 but might die 80.......Life no just balance

  12. I so much love this piece...God bless whoever wrote this.

  13. True talk.

    Contentment should be key in all our endeavours.

  14. Wow nicely said. Chill guys we all will get there someday. Looking at your mates after graduation some would get employed, some married and some non. Don't kill your self that you ain't married yet or haven't made that 1m yet, we will all arrive at the same endpoint but just with different time. Thank you Lord for where I am today for i know your promises over my life and family are sweetly sure.

  15. As the write up funny reach na so sense take follow am. Kudos to the person that wrote it.

    Just this morning i was telling a friend that peace and happiness should also be seen as success. Money too is good but its not everything.

    Contentment is great gain😁.


  16. My friends are living the Mompha/hush lifestyle. Thinking no free make I rest,I wanted to be like them. I ended up doing things that put in a terrible mess. Since I got out of that mess, na waka jeje I dey. I give God the glory..once I complete my bungalow I don dey very alright. I no rush again.Juju no pay

  17. Thank You poster for this beautiful piece... last last na 6 feet below we all go enter when the time reach to go meet God, may God give us the grace to appreciate what He has blessed us with believing and trusting Him for others to come. I receive Grace to be contented with what i have presently. Truly it will get better, today i am online hustling, looking for customers and selling, i am grateful God, i believe one day i will also own an offline store where people can walk in and purchase products. E GO BETTER. i am encouraged.

  18. Truly life no get balance at all,in this life I have learnt to be grateful for life and good health. Just today a friend of my was just telling about her friend that has been so sick, this is a girl someone gave a huge sum of money for business and she ended up using all the money to treat herself. It's well

  19. This is a wonderful piece. God bless the author Chukwu Ebuka Noble. More wins as you continue to enlighten this generation

  20. Life no balance at all...Just no kill yourself.


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