Stella Dimoko Sunday In House Gists -First Flow!!!


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Sunday, October 06, 2019

Sunday In House Gists -First Flow!!!

You wont believe what we are about to gist on Today......

Please stay by the Curb and just read if you are a man or you can contribute if you have experienced anyone have their first flow...
Wait guys have a ''First flow?'

First flow refers to the first time the monthly period came calling...
Did you know before hand what to expect?
Were you shocked or in pains when it came?
Were you at home or outside?
Did you tell anyone or keep it a secret?

My world came down crashing when i saw blood for the first time on a January 1st...............Like I said,I thought someone had shot me and I retreated quietly to one corner to die and I cried and cried and cried...I didn't Understand what was happening to me because no one told me what to expect as a 16 year old....
There are many girls like i was, who are out there and do not know what to expect because nothing has been told them...

There are some like me who knew nothing......

Is mens first flow their first wet dream?LOL


  1. I was in secondary school and a boarder.
    Handled it like a pro.

    1. I loved reading as a kid and read everything I could lay my hands on. That’s how I stumbled on the topic menstruation and read all about it even down to how to count the cycle days. The day mine finally showed I was in the village. It started with severe cramps and brown spotting. I hoped it wasn’t a period then because I wanted to start at 16 and not the twelve I was then. Long story short it came, Mum was away. So I teared up pieces of clothing and used them as a pad. When my mom got back from her trip and I told her ( with the same heaviness as telling a parent you were pregnant) she was so upset and kept coming up with theories of whether I was ill or stepped on a particular plant that is believed to make one bleed where I come from.

    2. I was in boarding school,SS3,almost 16.I handled like a pro too.something I was waiting for

    3. Started mine at 11. Had watched my sisters go through it all so I knew what to expect. I felt pain on Saturday night and woke up on Sunday morning to a soaked bed. Had my bath and went to my mums room to get pad and my dad kinda sensed it was for me this time, not my sister. He asked to confirm, I told him. He sat me down and gave me the 'pregnancy' lecture. I nodded like a good girl, took my pad and went to get dressed for church.

      In the evening I went to weave my hair for school, and I told Mama ronke my hairdresser that I have finally seen my period. She jumped for joy and made my hair for free that day. She told me to use the money and buy pad. Ronke was yet to see so she said I should pray for Ronke to see ooh as I've seen mine.

      C'est fini!

  2. Always ultra Pad came to our school when we're in JSS 2 to lecture us on period, they gave us free pad each.

    That very morning, we were on holiday and I woke up, saw my pant stained with blood, went to show my mom in kitchen, she then said I've started naa niyen, I was 14 years and I used the pad Always gave us, it came the second month and seized the 3rd month. Never felt menstrual pains in the first 2 months, but after that, the ppains na to die, even till now, I will take paracetamol to feel OK, if not, I can't go anywhere. Even after taking drugs, I will always look sad throughout the day, I do vomit sometimes sef, headache too is there, honestly, women are trying

    *Larry was here*

    1. You need to see a gynaecologist ASAP. I'm not trying to scare you but what you're describing isn't normal. Many women have abdominal pains, some have a degree of discomfort at that time of the month. But this headache and vomiting you're talking about no follow, oh. They shouldn't be happening. Something else is going on that you think is normal cos that's the only experience you have.


    2. Thanks for your concern but keep that abnormality to yourself. The vomiting might not even happen in 4 years sometimes, read about menstrual cramps and you will know better

      *Larry was here*

    3. I don't know about what Starry said being abnormal but same thing happens to me and I know lots of people it happens to too.

    4. Starry are you me? I throw up once in a while too. I even get nauseous with fresh fish smell when I'm on.
      Period started when I was in JSS1. I've been hearing about it. Wasn't surprised when I saw blood. What I didn't know was how to fix a pad. So, I had to call my older female neighbour to help.
      No show for some months after the first 2 months.

    5. Always came to our school too. They gave all the girls a talk on menstruation in our school hall that year. I was also in Jss 2.. I didn't quite understand the talk, but atleast I had an idea of what it was.... My first flow came few months later in school, my friends took me to the school counsellor and she gave me a pad.... #memories

    6. Baby N, don't mind the over sabi jare, if she read things like that online, she will be so ashamed of what she wrote πŸ‘† there. I've Google searched everything and it's very normal.

      Adire-classic it's always funny like seriously o and I've seen people with such too

      *Larry was here*

    7. Starry Larry, you made it sound like it happens EVERY period. That's why I mentioned abnormal. Nobody should be having headaches and vomiting every month, so stop being unnecessarily defensive when you're the one that supplied inaccurate/incomplete info. It makes you come across as incredibly stupid.


    8. OA, I can understand how frustrating life has been for you, can't you read and comprehend again? Can you interpret what "sometimes" meant in that post πŸ‘† there for me? Without mincing words, you're abnormal indeed

      *Larry was here*

    9. I was in primary 5 when it happened close to graduation period, was ten years old then i felt something sticky in my pant so i went to the loo to pee and i saw blood in d toilet and wondered who did it, i flushed and went back to class after a few mins i went to d loo again and saw the blood on my pant this time, i was terrified, though i had seen my mom wear her pads and even keep a diary about her monthly flow, it never occured to me that same thing was happening to me, when i got home i got tissue and was cleaning d blood as it flowed d whole room was filled with bloodied tissue, my mom came and met me there and had a good laugh at first then gave me the talk and taught me how to use my pad and care for my self

  3. I was 12. I just woke up one morning to prepare for school, and as I removed my pant, I saw blood. I was confused and didn't know what it was, so I decided to keep quiet.
    After preparing and was about to leave, my mum called me aside and gave me pad and showed me how to fix then went on to lecture me about periods. Didn't know big sis saw the blood and reported to mum.

    1. I started mine at the age of 12. My mum and I had already talked so much about it before it came so I wasn't scared when I saw it. I woke up at night to pee and I saw my panties stained with blood. I woke her up and she was so happy. I couldn't understand why then. I later got to know that she was beginning to get worried that it hadn't come earlier. My period came with so much cramp. It's still the same now.

  4. I started my period at the age of 10, I was in jss 1 then and i was staying with grandma. I didn't even freaked out, I didn't tell anyone at home until about a year later. I was using clothes and tissues as pad then. I am 24yrs old now and i wish to get married as soon as possible cos i heard early menstruation is synonymous to early menopause.. I don't know hoe true

    1. Started mine at 16,was in ss3 then. I have heard about it from my older sisters so I wasn't scared

  5. No one actually sat me down to tell me about it, I started reading when I was very young, I had even read the forbidden book EVERYWOMAN, lol plus I had heard snippets of conversation about it from my elder sisters and their friends so I wasn't shocked at all, I was even expecting it. The books I read didn't prepare me for the nightmares I faced though, first 6 months were HELL. I bled constantly with only few days break before it would start flowing again. I had actually planned on keeping it to myself not even to tell my sisters, but I had to run to them for help when it was looking like I would bleed to

    I remember one time I saw an unopened pad in my parents' bathroom, I took it into their room and asked with an innocent face 'daddy what is this thing used for'?
    I saw my parents exchange glances and then my dad said 'sweetheart it is used for headaches' I just laughed in my heart, if only they knew what I was reading πŸ˜… Lol


  6. Growing up I was never close to my mom. I was so sacred when I bled for the first time. I can still remember packing my undies and throwing them away thinking something was wrong with me and if my mom finds out she will be angry. I can still remember how I used to use toilet papers when and when it's full I throw it through the fence to an empty land so no one knows. I was 11 - 12..For a year I learnt my body ways myself without any help till I heard some girls in school talking about it and mentioned pad. I was so attentive, that was how I knew I was normal. When I was 13, my mom was worried I was yet to see my period not knowing I had since a year ago. She was shocked when I told her I ve started and I'm her only daughter oo. We never talked about it again. I'm very secretive today cos a lot of things in my childhood shaped me. It's hard to change attitudes. Sometimes I wish my dad was my mother. I was molested no one to confide in. I was raped no one to talk to. I grew up taking care of whatever life throws my way myself and it has made me so defensive. I wish I grew up differently not like I'm from a poor home my parents are confortable but they were just not there in areas that needs parental guidance. They were more of school, food, clothes, shelter. Get a degree and what not. I don tire to type abeg..

    1. Sounds like me

    2. Mine started when I was 16, although my mum and I had a talk about it I still learnt it from school too.
      Mine started at a religious gathering,my mom wasn't there. I was so alone. I had to package myself 😭 not wanting anyone around me to know what was happening to me.
      Proceeding flows was very uncomfortable even till date,the menstrual cramps is killing.
      My kids are well informed and kitted abt all they need to know and how to handle it when it starts.

  7. I remember it like yesterday..
    11 years old,
    Woke up with stained sweatpants,
    Yelled for mommy,
    Got the welcome to womanhood pep talk.
    Used up more than 3 pack of pads even though it was just light spotting.
    Everyone in the house knew i got my flow cos I was clogging the toilet and acting weird. 😭😭😭😭

  8. Mine came at age 14 while i was in jss3. After school that day i was hanving this terrible stomach cramps, i got home and went to the rest room to pee and i saw blood when i finished. I never knew anything about Menstruation then so i was shocked. I screamed and my mom came in, i told her and she checked the toilet. She then asked me if i have known a man i said no. She cut tissue and wiped me, and saw blood.
    She told me to wait in my room, she went and brought me pad and told me to use it. I was so ashamed and i found it awkward how that thing would stay under me. I asked her till when she said if the pad is soaked with blood.
    She went out and bought chicken and we celebrated my adulthood.
    Afterwards in the evening,she gave me the famous lecture of if a man calls or touches me i get pregnant.

  9. My sister saw her’s at 13 one faithful morning like that and she jumped out of bed and started shouting, running towards my mum, screaming blood! blood!! blood!!! My elder sisters were just laughing when they heard aboun it.

  10. It was in April and on the 17th day of that year.

    Before that day, I already know everything about monthly menstrual cycle and I also had three cartoons of Always sanitary pads that was gifted to me in my school as a good girl and also for the course I stood for back then.

    Three cartoons of Always sanitary pads waited for more than three years under my mother's bed, before my menses finally came, and I was one of the happiest girl in the world; haven't waited for years for it to start. All my friends had started having their monthly flow, I even gave them advice on how to keep themselves clean (thanks to every woman book)

    When I told my mum on that very day, she was like, oh now you have to be very careful, don't go close to men all that pregnancy talk, I had to correct my mum. I told her that having male friends will not get me pregnant, there has to be sexual intercourse and she was laughing.

    Anyways, I already knew the DOs and Don'ts of Menstrual cycle and I had prepared myself for it.

    My three cartoons of Always sanitary pads lasted me for a while and then, my dad took over with buying my sanitary pads. My dad actually was the one that gave me a sound and better advice than my mum.

    From the day that it started, had heavy flow. Had cramps before it starts and cramps when I'm on.

    I am grateful to God for creating me a woman and for granting me the strength.

  11. ‘Always’ already gave us single pads and prep talks before I saw mine.
    The most stressful part for me was my walk😭 I just couldn't walk proper anymore. A neighbour(lady) even called me aside to ask if I was seing my periodπŸ™†πŸΎ‍♂️. That was so embarrassing.

  12. I was 16...painless, didn't tell anyone coz my sis already gave me heads up, so i was prepared.

  13. Mind was in my year 2 I. Secondary sch. I was 12. Suddenly I'm my dormitory I saw my pant stained. I stated crying. My dormitary mates went to call my school mother who came immeduately with a pad. She cut it into 2 and showed me how to use it. My mother has never told me about it. And she has never bothered. That experience together with never getting me a bra when those tiny balls were beginning to show made me emotionally apart with her. She never cared.

    I am happy that I have never experienced menstrual pains till today. Never ones. And I am approaching menaupause.
    I Thank God for it. But my daughter's own is always very painful. Anytime it comes, it's always tears for her. I always feel for her. I kept her on her as soon as she turned 11. But hers finally came at 13+

    Every girl shoud look forward to the experience joor.

  14. I did not know anything about it. All I know is as I was getting ready for choir practice, I saw blood. Washed and washed. I could talk to no one. Lolking back I wish there was some kind of preparation(something I will do better with my future daughter(s). I went to choir practice like that but was so self conscious!had to keep readjusting my skirts.
    Went home. Slept. My mum woke me up next morning to a veeeeerrry scary discussion(hahahaha). Shw then told me I was now a woman. Therefore if i allowed boys to touch me , I would become pregnant.
    The next month my period was late. I was so so scared(wished they had explained it happnd sometimes). I kepy tinking I was pregnant! But how? How did it happen? I kept thinking maybe they touched me and I did not know!I would wake up and look at my stomach and tell myself its getting bigger! Jeeezzzz! I wish there was just some sort of education. I had no phone so could not google. It eventually came tho, the next month.
    I have had relatively painless periods( a solace from God maybe).
    That is why I appreciate the various programmes by bodies especially the WHO, to remove the stigma on periods across the world.

  15. Stella you said 16yrs old? Yours started late . I was 13 years when I firstly saw my period. I was not shocked because my mother already explained what it was and how to care for myself when it happened. I remember sitting outside in front on my friends house (we lived in same neighbourhood)weaving her hair. I got up after a while and saw blood on the seat. Opposite my friends house was some boys playing tennis. Immediately pulled my skirt close to my chest, looked around to see if the boys noticed. The look on most of their faces showed they have seen it. I was embarrassed and felt like disappearing but couldn’t move. I didn’t know how to get my self out of that environment because I was ashamed. My friends started asking me what the problem was, I couldn’t say. I was standing for more than 15minutes. Luckily for me I heard my mum calling me to come back home. That call was my saviour. I immediately rushed straight to the bathroom, cleaned myself and put pad that mum already bought .

    As for the guys playing tennis, I tried as much as possible to avoid them, though none of them made fun of me.
    I hate monthly flow because of the pain that it brings and mine use to be very heavy. Thanks to coil, I don’t experience heavy flow anymore.

    1. Mine started at 13, mum had a dream I was pregnant, we both Jammed at d door, she was coming to ask what I have done, while I was requesting for Lady sept, she started screaming and celebrating. Very funny, had friends we already discussed about it. She only helped me place it right and told me to keep checking it

  16. I already knew about menses cos i have read about it in my mum's health book titled Where there is no doctor. So on that fateful day after our P.E. I felt kind of wet and sticky down there with minor cramps. When i got home, my panties was stained badly with black blood like discharge. I cleaned up and bought sanitary pad. I did nt tell anyone until much later when my mum asked me if i have started and i told her.

  17. I was in secondary school, about 12 years of age. Already read about it in my home-economics text book, my teacher had also talked about it  so I was informed. I was in school when I noticed I wet down there, rushed to the toilet, and saw I was stained, thank God it was a Friday, we closed early, on getting home, I rushed to the toilet again to double confirm it was blood, then I told my mum who was at home at that time, she gave me pad and started lecture of how I will get pregnant if a boy touches me, I held her hand and asked her is it this type of holding that will get me pregnant, lolz.

    1. Big Mama Thornton6 October 2019 at 15:45

      Lolzz hand holding pregnancy

  18. I saw mine in secondary school at the age of 13.I was already aware of it cos my elder sis had seen hers and I learnt a thing or two from Mum when she was schooling her on what to do. I quietly stole a pad from her own and padded myself before going to school,it was when I came back home that I informed Mum about it. She was complaining that we saw our flow too early that hers was at age 16.Let me stop here.

  19. I was really expecting it cos all my friends were already changing pads from js1. I was the youngest girl in my set. It came in ss1 and i was 13 years old. The first tinge of red was when i went to the ladies. I was excited and told the bigger girls but they said if it didn't stain my pant then it wasn't period.

    I was sad and was touching my vulva to know if i was hurt. The big day, i was down at school and put myself on the bed without eating after i got home. I woke up feeling odd and when i made to get up, i shouted cos my leg had blood stains and the sheets wasn't left out. Thanks to my eldest sister who gave me her pad and told me to go wash up. I bought lady care for #170 cos that was what i could afford.

    After that time, i had my monthly flow for 3 days with serious cravings for sweet things. The day i thought i had stained in school but i later realised it was ovulation signs, kai. I'm a mother and expecting another. I hope to have a girl and help her go through her puberty with all the changes it brings. The self awareness.

    My mom was too occupied with running a home with 8 children, the struggles of being the last girl is seen as unnecessary tantrums.

    Stella, do another post on reactions when our olympus started to rise. Chai, i dey waka about not knowing Olympus had risen.

  20. I was 16 years when I first saw mine, I had no breast no bum infact I was as flat as stick then... i didn’t tell anyone, used cotton wool to hold it when I saw it couldn’t hold anything!! I resorted to using tissue cos i knew nothing about pad and I don’t wanna tell my mum reason being that I don’t know 🀷🏽‍♀️ what to tell her.. after some months I learnt that about pad and I started using it
    Nothin scary at all

  21. I was about 14 or so and I was having a weird type of tummy ache (thinking back I think it was cramps). I kept going to toilet then all of a sudden I saw blood in my pant! I knelt on the floor and cried begging God to take it back as I wasnt ready for that "responsibility" . I felt my life was over
    When I didnt go back I went to my mom crying that I saw blood in my pant

  22. Mine happened when I was in Jss2. Always ultra pad came to our school and gave us a pack of pad each, every day I go to where my mum kept it and admire it, asking myself when I would be opportuned to use it.
    Few weeks later, it was on a Sunday morning and I was still sleeping when my mom came to wake me from sleep, to prepare for Sunday mass. She saw the blood stain on my white pyjamas trouser and she asked me what's this. I looked down and saw the blood. I started fidgetting and went into her room to tell it was blood. She told me to go take my bath and come, after taking my bath, she gave me the pad and lectured me on menstrual flow. I was really surprised, ashamed, afraid and excited all in one. I didn't concentrate that day in the church. I was asking myself if I've truly started seeing my menstruation. Lol, I couldn't wait to get home and change another one.
    Mine wasn't painful and too embarrassing like my friends.

  23. Pls period is not always consistent. Sometimes it will be consistent for three months in a row and sometimes I won't see it at all for two months straight. Sometimes I will see it in a month and won't see it the next month. It has always been this way since is started my menses at 13 ...I am 23 now. I talked about it once but many women told me it doesn't matter that they go through the same thing. My menses does not always have blood is always clear and does not smell. The only problem is that it is not consistent. Should I be worried. Doctors in the house I need your attention oo.

    1. It matters please go to the hospital i take God beg you

  24. I was 13 in Secondary school at home on holiday. I had bad tummy ache,horrible and diarrhea. Finally blood came. I called my dad at work hes a Dr . He called momsie to tell her. As an only girl Dad and I used to be tight until I got married and quickly hooked up to momsie. The first 2 years I needed medical attention severe dysmenorrhea. Injections and all .Now I no longer have pains but ovulation pains .They told me child birth would be easy cos I paid my dues in monthly periods. Whosaai 5 kids later I laboured wella. But to Gods glory SVD s all my babies no complications ... So maybe it's true painful periods...Hebrew delivery :).

  25. Always people came to our school when I was in Js1 and lectured us about it and shared pad for us. I didnt get to use mine till I was in Js3, sept 5th 2007. It was a rainy day. I woke up, normal, no pains at all. It was when I went to take my bath that I noticed the bright red something. I told mum, she lectured me small and gave me #170 to buy pad cos she was rushing to the market.
    I've always had painless and regular periods until I started doing bad things and the thing is now sometimes irregular and painful.
    My period never start during the day, it always starts in the early morning btw 4:30 and 5am and I always wake up at the first drop. In my 12yrs of having periods I've been using Always ultra, blue and pink and I've never been embarrassed. Thank you Always!

  26. Two weeks before the start of my period I kept having stomach cramps I complained to my parents and my dad said it might be as a result of the satchet water I was taking so he bought bottled water specially for me the cramps stopped surprisingly. I was in my jss3 it was a Friday I was feeling all wet and damp but I cared less it was untill I got back from school while changing that I saw the blood, I was so scared I ran to my sister immediately to show her and she gave me a pad which I only wore for only 20mins before removing it. I thought the blood would have stopped by then, silly me. When I started feeling the blood again I had to go use tissue till my mum came back and I showed her my stained pants. She gave me money to go get a pack of always boy I was super shy in getting to shop. I barely had a wink of sleep that night I just lay close to mum wondering if that's how all the blood in my body will finish in one night.

  27. Big Mama Thornton6 October 2019 at 15:43

    Mine was at the age of 13years..i was home for easter sweeping our lobby..i saw my nighty was stained with blood...i already had heads up in secondary school by our Home Economics teacher...I told my mom and dad and they said you are now a woman..dat evening my dad bought me a chicken to celebrate...

  28. My period started the day my dad died; about 20 years ago. My mum was unavailable to be informed as she was sequestered from us, in another room. Luckily, Always & Simple had come to my school and given free samples, along with instructions on how to use it. All was and is still well.

  29. I remember in sec school then it was competition on who has started seeing their period..some of us starting pouring tasty time on our pads to show say we sef don start to menstruate..chai boarding life

  30. mine came at 13. Like you i didn't know what to expect i handled it myself till i was 15. The awkward feeling then and subsequent pains up till now is story for another day i tell myself i don't wish my worst enemy period pains if i don't take drugs i'll feel like i'll die

  31. I was 9 and I was washing when I felt cramps n was feeling uneasy. I went to the toilet, lo and behold, I saw my period. Rushed out to meet my grandmother and she gave me always ultra. Taught me how to wear it and killed a life chicken she said that's how is been done in my family. I ate most of the meat that day though...

  32. I was 15, in SS2 when I first experienced it. It was our end of the year party rehearsals and I was playing the role of Mama in the drama adaptation of the book 'Wives and Mothers' when suddenly I felt it. I can't describe the feeling but I knew I had peed on my pants. I excused myself, went to the loo, behold, my pant was stained with blood. I quietly called a senior and told her. She couldn't believe it was my first time, the hell, I was tall and a senior. Some 12year olds in junior class had seen theirs.
    She fixed me and I returned to rehearsals but I grew cold. Nobody understood why I became quiet and withdrawn, our director even considered changing my role to Pauline.
    When I got home, my mom and sisters took turns lecturing me. It was embarrassing AF.
    The next day, with my pad expertly worn, I walked to school head held high and excellently played Mama.

    Shout out to my father. Mpa made sure to always give me money for pad before the flow. Sometimes, he even bought them himself.

  33. I was 14 in ss1 when I first saw my period. Always used to come to my school every year to lecture us and give us free pads and I had elder sisters so I knew what it was, I told my mum immediately it started and she told me I'm now a woman, collected money from her and bought pad.

  34. I started mine at the age of 10 and unfortunately my parents were not in town the funny part was that I did something wrong and my big cousin who was told to take care of us gave me a few strokes on my butt only for me to wake up the next morning to see blood on my pant I cried en and I gave my cousin the heart attack of a life time because she no think go that side sef πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  35. Mine started at the age of 11 and mum was transfer to PH and someone had to stay with dad, which he choose me, cos i was unproblematic child. Mum took her time to lecture me on my first flow, so i was mentally ready

    That weekend dad had to travel to visit mum and i kept at the mercy of our talkative neighbor. I woke up one day and i saw the blood and i knew this is it

    I told myself i can't tell this talkative woman, she will tell everyone. i carried the little money i had and went and bought tissue. This talkative neighbor has already told me to tell her anyday it starts so she can buy me pad, something mum told her to help her do

    I couldn't afford the pad, so i bought this small tissue, unroll all of it and used, kia i couldn't walk, funny enough this woman now send me on an errand far far away and i was crawling cos the load in between my legs was amazing

    Dad came back and i told dad, that how dad told this lady and she was so pissed, but being a talkative woman that she is, i received lectures on menses for 2weeks, and i was too quiet and calm to complain

  36. My last year in primary level at 10 I was given pads for all terms but it never came, it was a boarding school I dashed them out while heading home in the last week.

    Secondary level was given for 3 consecutive years, small agbalumo breasts came up yet nothing then after Junior Waec, resting from the exam stress and all, woke up one morning and my tummy was wobbling and boom it popped out.

    Before then I knew many things about womanhood. Five elder sisters is not beans, three were medical students(1 through with school and was within). I was used to charts, mags,videos and books on personal hygiene before then. She had to sit me down for a "refresher course" about all the 3 holes, the orifices, the Y on the toe, the shocker on the nape, the tongue, the almighty lips, infact all the erogenous zones in a woman's body so I become cautious and avoid all these my small small friends who call the land phone to murmur when our parents have gone to work. Hahahaha.
    "Now listen up, aka mmadu emetukwana pimples a ibu n'obi). Chai. I remember some of the threats. (No interpretation o. And cautious I became. Overtly cautious because I loved boys well I no go lie.

    Mumsie made chicken peppersoup with plenty Hausa and Igbo spices for relief, I think I showered 3 times that day and practiced how to walk with the pad in between my legs.
    I had yellow Simple pad with me and one other purple one, forgotten the name jare, like 30 years ago. Haba.

    What every mother should do is lecture your girl child from age 8 about menstrual flow and excerpts from magazines on womanhood.

    Get them prepared;
    How and when to shower.
    Set and dispose the pad.
    Set alarms for midnight change and due dates on her small phone if any. Or mark calendars with her.
    Clean shaving and proper positions for sitting and lying down.
    How to excuse yourself to change and when and where to change to avoid embarrassing the boy child.
    Right clothes and underpants when flow is on.
    Most importantly a hand sanitizer and her body spray or a little perfume oil.
    Then not to sit on anybody while on. Just about anybody.

    And finally "why she will get pregnant and birth a baby if a boy twerks on her and sucks her boobs". Hahahaha.

    My sisters are gynaecologists and a paediatrician so they are quick to advise a long the line, we were raised with Mumsie's long pictorial chart hanging on the strategic walls, bearing the slogan The 10Bs:

    End of Discussion.
    If you dey sleep e dey wall, if you dey comot somebody must whisper it.
    I am so repeating it for my daughters, I no fit shout abeg.

    1. Yeaaaahhhhh. Mo gbe.
      Na so e long reach ?
      Una sorry o

    2. XP maama..I just love dis woman.nwanyi ka'ibe ya.abeg no hide again na

  37. Stella God bless u for dis post.I was d person that sent a post abt my almost 16yrs daughter dat hasn't started mensturating.My mind is now at rest after reading dat many bvs started late..16.I can't wait to share my testimony here when she starts and I'll cook chicken peppersoup to celebrate with her too.ive lectured her and she's ready for it.Thank u sdk.

  38. Can't remember my first flow but I can remember my first cramp

  39. My first flow was in sch. After classes I was feeling something inbetween my legs, went to d toilet sea blood n was scared to death. Was thinking something had happened to me. I stayed in d toilet for long b4 anoda girl saw me n I told her, she in turn went n called a teacher. I was given pad n I fixed it myself (wrong way)

    After dey all left me, I was soo shy to leave d toilet but i had for my next class.
    Brethren dats how I started walking as if I had a BIG boil under my leg.
    People were just talking abt me dat day! I was soo ashamed eehnn.

    After I got home, I told my mom, she wasnt in d mood, she just taught me how to fix d pad correctly n gave me d pregnancies talk.

    I was so scared we she said if a boy touches me, I will get pregnant! To the extent dat I ddnt allow my brothers touch me oo lolz...even my dad was not exempted! If I wanted to give my dad something, I wouldn't let his hand touch mine oo so I wouldn't get pregnant!

    That went on in my household until my found out it was intercourse dat gets u pregnant not d mere touching of a boy!


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