Stella Dimoko Supreme Court Dismisses Atiku's Petition Against Buhari's 2019 Presidential Victory..


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Wednesday, October 30, 2019

Supreme Court Dismisses Atiku's Petition Against Buhari's 2019 Presidential Victory..

The Supreme Court, Wednesday dismissed the petition filed by the presidential candidate of the Peoples Democratic party, PDP, Atiku Abubakar challenging the declaration of President Muhammadu Buhari as winner of the February 23, presidential election for lack of merit.

The Chief Justice of Nigeria, CJN, Tanko Mohammed in his judgment said, “We have examined all the briefs and exhibits for over two weeks.

“And we agreed that there is no merit in this appeal. The appeal is dismissed. Reasons to be given on a date to be announced.
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  1. Replies
    1. Exactly
      We knew from the inception that this would be the outcome .
      No be nigeria we dey ???

    2. Na Nigeria we dey. In this same Nigeria, APC was declared not to have candidates in Rivers and Zamfara states' elections. This gave the opposition landslide victory. Few days ago, two national assembly members of the APC from Sokoto were sacked and replaced by the opposition. We are still in Nigeria. We ain't going nowhere

  2. It's over for Atiku at this point even though we saw it all coming. Atiku lost the election the very day Justice Walter Onnoghen was forced out of office as the supreme court head.

    We didn't expect anything less than what has happened today in court but one thing should be remembered that a man without certificate became a President in Nigeria and was upheld by the apex court.

    Now, you still believe Nigeria can be fixed? Good Morning Nigerians.

    1. Did you read what Adoke, former minister of Justice under GEJ wrote in his book when he was approached by a former gov of Ondo state to disqualify Buhari on the ground of certificate?

      " Adoke emphasised to Mimiko that the candidate in question was a former Head of State. In my opinion, even if he had no certificate, being a retired General in the Army, he must have passed Staff College which was more than an equivalent of the WASSC. I added that as a former Head of State, Gen. Buhari’s experience would be more than ‘an equivalent’ of a school certificate. I drew attention to the provisions of Section 318 of the Constitution to support my assertion".

      Adoke wrote the above in his book. So what do you know that's different or what's your argument to change the status quo?

    2. I like you seem like a very Enlightened and educated person.I would like to be your friend if you dont mind...

    3. What has certificate got to do with anything? It is very obvious you have nothing else to say. In a country that has been ruined by cerificated rogues and thieves all you can find fault with is rhat Buhari has no certificate! For your myopic information the Constitution does not require that a candidate MUST present a certificate. The framers of the Constitution simply intended that the candidate must be able to READ, WRITE, AND HAVE THE COMPREHENSION of a School Cert holder. Buhari was a General in the army! If in your opinion that does not more than qualify him then you and your ilk need your heads examined!!
      Anyway we are too fixated on certificates in this country which is why a lot of us are carrying forged or 'sorted' certificates around the place. Robert Mugabe, before he died, was the most educated head of state in the world. He had over 30 university degrees. That however didn't stop him from ruining Zimbabwe's economy.

    4. Adesega and Anon 19:26, if the certificate wasn't necessary, your president won't have presented an affidavit in that aspect in the first place. A statement of WAEC result is a compulsory requirement to vile for an elective position in Nigeria. Everything about Mr President's result doesn't add up and deep down you know that too well. First it was said the result were with the military but the military came out and denied it. What was the reason for the lies?

      Secondly the class mate Mr president brought as a witness at the tribunal even attested that there were never a time the military requested for their result. Now ask yourself, with these disclosure is Mr President a man of integrity? Does he truly have the said result?

      I am not surprise, for the supreme court chief justice is a bird of the same feather. It's on record where he also said termites ate his own certificate and results. I guess he's trying to be smart and to act first before Nigerians will look towards his direction for we already know he has only three pass in his O level. Now you would want to know how he got to the university in the first place.

      Anon 19:15 thanks a lot for the compliment. We are friends already.

    5. 17:15 and 19:26, una turn dey come. Wait for it.....

    6. People in this age and time are still asking what the importance of certificate is. No wonder Nigeria is the way it is.

    7. Anoy 19:26 Teejay is only angry with the fact that a Doctor Jonathan he loved and gave them room to loot or mere stealing like his hero calls it could be defeated at the polls by Buhari. He is still groaning about it, they needed Atiku for closure but they failed again. αΊΈ Pele.

    8. Yemi7up, I laugh each time you make assertions like this. It shows the knowledge of an average black mentality. Do you know the gravity of looting going on under your Messiah Buhari? Was it not under Buhari jets flew in billions for Ekiti state election? The footage are in the public domain. Should we talk about the recent Military personnel that absconded with over 600millions if not more than few months ago, Or you didn't read that news? Are you proud of a man as a president whom we all saw how his wife was insulted and humiliated by the daughter of a cabal? A man who can't control his immediate family and being control as a remote you dare open your mouth or fingers to type in comparison with Jonathan a technocrat. A man who can't give speech unless the one already prepared for him at all time. Let me kind enough not to mention the many times he goofed on national broadcast and international communities. Has he ever granted Presidential media chat?

      Now, I understand why people often say that Nigerians deserve the leaders they got with mindset like yours and the ones above you. The joke is on you to think Buhari is the best thing that ever happened to Nigeria. He ruined Nigeria more than the way he met it. Wait until he leaves office then you will know better the damages done.

    9. I didn't say certificate is not necessary. Adoke's assertion that I quoted didn't say certificate isn't necessary. He said "Even IF" Buhari does not have. He now mentioned grounds that bubu possesed that are equivalent to the wasce in his opinion.

      The affidavit Buhari presented alone is superior because you can't argue with valid documents.

      In matters of the law, Adoke was a former minister of Justice and AGF, I'm just Adesega and you are just Teejay. So when he asserts something, he knows what he's saying. You are only reasoning from a layman's point of view. Even Atiku's lawyers that got paid argue tire, dem no win

  3. Was Atiku expecting to win the case? I knew he was only wasting resources all along. You got the money through politics so you are spending it through same method.

  4. What was he expecting?
    I said it from onset that him going to court was a waste of money and time but I believe he just wanted to fulfill all righteousness. Let him go to his state and create an impact there.

  5. The people's 'alternative president'πŸ˜‚πŸ™„πŸ€”

    See power hungry. Men and power, the things they will do, the humiliation they will endure. Let I find contentment in the present portion allotted to me, and may I have the humility and grace to handle the greater portion destined for me.

  6. From the beginning i told you guys here that Atiku will never be the president of Nigeria,never. For emphasis, i said never. Teejay and his likes can cook up anything they like, it wouldn't make any difference. If you know what this same man did with his company Intels, you will understand why the forces behind the scene will never give him power. You all have a right to your opinion, but i can assure you that it's just an opinion, not a fact.


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