Stella Dimoko Actress Regina Daniels Celebrates 6 Million Followers On Instagram


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Saturday, November 09, 2019

Actress Regina Daniels Celebrates 6 Million Followers On Instagram

6 Million people and mostly celebrities!!!


  1. This small girl no sabi package her breasts well.

  2. More like "thank you monitoring spirits"

  3. Congrats to her. But why are they following her if I may ask?

  4. Always seeking for notice, followers for what?

  5. They are following her because of Oga Ned

  6. Nigerian youths are really depraved and their values if any has been messed up.
    How could 6 million people be following this girl who shamelessly elevated wealth
    above her dignity as a lady, who is living in with her "grand father" who already has
    5 concubines????
    Please can someone help me proffer an answer?

    1. Seriously depraved people.

    2. A glass of cold juice.

      She has made her choice and seem not to care about what anyone feels. So....let's wish her the best outcomes.

    3. Aunty she is not "living in" but married.Her life,her choice.It is better than changing sugar daddies like pant.

    4. @Choice
      Let's also wish the prostitutes, robbers, Yahoo boys, ritualists and co who made their choices "best outcomes?"

    5. Shut your mouth you judgmental scum. Leave the little girl alone as you haven't worked in her footsteps.

      As much as prostitution and gold digging is a moral issue you can't compare it with robbery and Yahoo.

      Most if your Instagram celebs you worship sleep with men for a million or so.

      They jump around from men to men.

      As usual we are with Africans who are .judgmental.

      An African will judge a single mom as a whore not knowing she might have just had sex for the first time and the so called good girl might have committed many abortions.

      Regina's case is clearly a case of povertyixed with bad parenting.

      It is obvious her mom is living her life through her. I know her type. They use blackmail of "I suffered for you" to lure their kids into relationships.

      Leave the little girl alone. Even before she unveiled neds face she obviously wasn't happy.
      It was obvious pictures.

      If you have a mother who isn't greedy and selfish thank God.

    6. @16:12
      Let me quote you:
      "Regina's case is poverty with bad parenting...I know her living her life through her...I suffered for you..?"
      YOu wrote all that and you haven't judged?
      So when you judge her, you will throw her straight into eternal hell????

  7. The celebs following her probably want a share of Ned's money. I hear they've been calling in favours.Not nice to put such pressure on such a young girl.

  8. its cheating to have 6m followers and follow only 747..mostly celebrities? They might secretly want to even be in her place

    1. With all the million followers they never exceed 50 -60k likes on post. Just 100k views or 200k views sometimes.

  9. 6mil on Instagram and only 12 comments on Stella's blog. they should keep buying followers; the reason instagram shadow banned her was for this same reason

  10. Stella most celebs follow each other, how many celebs do we have in Naija that almost 6m of her followers are celebs abeg softly exaggerate.

  11. If she has 6 million followers they can't be mostly celebrities. How many celebrities are there in Nigeria nau? They are mostly hare brained young women who wish they were her. Its not a good time to be a young impressionable girl in Nigeria


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