Stella Dimoko Amebo Column -When Help Goes Wrong...


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Saturday, November 02, 2019

Amebo Column -When Help Goes Wrong...

Sometimes,the good we do ca turn around and hurt us...............

I recall while heading a department some years back, a young lady from another department walked up to me sobbing in the cafeteria.

She had been fired and needed me to assist her get back in. She was ill for over 3weeks and her line manager had her replaced.

I asked for a few days to help sort it out. I spoke with my bosses and I created space for her in my department. I agreed to train and mentor her so as to avoid any regrets. She was dressed as an SU though smart and neat. I liked her .

Few days later, I suddenly fell ill. I was at the hospital severally and was asked to be under observation. My boss who was like a father to me called to check up on me severally and brought me flowers and chocolates.

The new girl did not call for a week. I called her to be sure she was catching up without any hurdles and still put her through a couple of things while on my sick bed.

I returned home to resume back the next day. I got a call from the new girl who seemed excited that I was coming in.

That night, I picked out my clothes for the week and other meal plans to run with my meds.
The next morning, I woke up sooo sick, throwing up all over the place. My head was banging so loud, my body was burning through my clothes.

I had a neighbour help me back to the hospital. I informed my boss.

My health since birth had never gone past slight headache. I felt something was not adding up!

I got on my feet shaking as I held on to the bed declaring my health and recovery like a mad woman! Oh, I prayed so hard my bones hurt and stopped hurting. I slept off on the bare rug and woke up like a feather

I got a call from my friend at the office, she asked how long I would be away... I did not give a clue. She took a deep breathe and said 'Babe, get yourself back here as fast as possible'!. I asked why? She said 'the new girl was now occupying my office space'. I said 'she proli needed some resources in my space' and my friend said 'oh, and she's handling your clients now, seats with your boss at the board meetings and leaves the building for lunch together!

I knew my boss to be elderly, disciplined and this news got me suprised in disbelief.

So, I dressed up and got a cab to take me down to the office.

I headed straight to my office and met the new lady in my chair. She was on a phone call at 8: 55am giggling whilst gesticulating to someone, I walked towards her eye-path and it was my boss who was on the phone with her. He was shocked to see me, so was she o!

She had a very 'spicy' mini dress on and oh, her make up was on flick. Her tHighs were 'everwhere' I just told her to get the f***k out of my office.

My boss could not speak with me directly all day. I was so disappointed and felt betrayed. The chairman called me in asking I liase with my clients to reconsider as they all turned my boss and new lady down during a 'closing meeting'.

I went a alone for the meetings and sealed the deals. I asked chairman if I could replace the new girl with another, he agreed. I had her served and she tried coming to speak with me, I just slammed the toilet door in her face!

I was never one to believe in spiritual things, I travelled home that weekend and my spiritual parents told me how the new girl took my name to some shrine to have me out of her way! They had been interceeding on my behalf when God revealed it to them earlier. If I had travelled when they asked me to visit, I would have known and avoided the attack with prayers!

Hmm... Let's be careful o! May God be with us all.

Na me Amebo....

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  1. Thank God for you Amebo, it ended well.
    It hurts when people we go all out for to help betray us like this....snakes.
    You see those “SU”wannabe, the at worse. The things they do, oh boy, you will marvel when you hear/see.
    Thank God for his gracious gift, you get to know/have an idea what they are up to and how to thwart every of their plans.
    The most annoying part of it all is after they have been exposed, they try to come back claiming to have friend, disappear.
    Such boldness!!!! And you start to quote the Bible? Where was your bible when you tried to harm me?
    May God protect us o.

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  3. Good narration
    But my ajuju n' ese okwu 😜😜be this o
    When the generation of "my spiritual parents" (who I suppose prays to Jesus)
    all go to be with the Lord, what becomes of the twitter, social mmebi generation that have no time for God or "being positively spiritual?"
    Yes, this is my ajuju o.
    Note that I said positively spiritual because, the negative ekwensu -satanic spirituality is the kind that
    a lot of (naija) girls do to get men to fork and tie them like goats to "marry" them. Note again the "marry' in quote because Satan does not foster marriages, he scatters them.
    Only fork(nication) is what he endorses, espouses, and nurtures...
    Ahaaa, take the oyinbo like that

    1. What's this sicko saying?
      Always talking out of point.

    2. @Eliza
      I don hear that one before, find another new insulting name inugo?
      And thanks for the insults 😊😊😊

    3. This Anon get skiing skiing aswear 😆😆😆 this cannot be normal...

  4. Amebo
    All these long dongo turenchi is that the new girl snatched your boss from you?

  5. Soooo many holes in this story but if MOST OF THIS ACTUALLY HAPPENED then thank God for your life and lessons learned!

    1. What holes ?

    2. Too many holes indeed
      ... and nothing juju.. Nigeria and diabolical beliefs

  6. Some su are the most wicked people on earth, note that I said some and those few can be very deadly if you don't stay alert and be wise cos you will drop your guard thinking oohh they are su, leave story abeg.but these your story confused me, one time your neighbour took you to hospital and next you woke up on the rug, were you not supposed to have woken up on a hospital bed? Anyways let me just imagine you were discharged back home that same day you went in to hospital. And you said your office girl was su, next you came to work and she was wearing a mini dress with makeup on,chatting away on the phone with your boss and your boss could not look you in the eye all day,but what's your business with your boss? Are you dating your boss as well? You made yourself look like the good staff and the su bad,as if you are all not bad together, you have spiritual parents, she has herbalists.Just thank God the su girl didn't end up harming you more than you feeling sick.

  7. Counseling? I dey. Advice? I get am. But to carry money put, you are on your own. People are wicked when you lend them money.

  8. So what was the illness? Do you have a condition? Your story describes the biggest problem Nigerians have. Now that you have attributed your sickness to evil you won't do the needful for your health. You won't ensure it never happens again. Because it's the devil not a clearly qualified opportunist who saw an opening to promote their station in life. How bad are you at your job that you could be so easily almost replaced? These are the questions you should be checking out.

  9. This comment has been removed by the author.

  10. Worst part is this folks think they are smart and that everything is hustle for them. If a helping hand was not extended to them, I wonder where their smartness will originate from and what they will hustle on.

    Ingratitude is bad and adding betrayal to it is the height of with wickedness

    I help from far, not close range, my experience.

  11. I am only nice to the orphanages, church and those in need. When people hurt you and you hurt them back, they play victim and make it look like you are a bad person but they forget what they did to you....lesson only help those that are truly in need and if you do have to help someone you know, help them and run far away from them.also don't expect anything from anyone you help.

  12. I don't get. Poster you fell sick so someone else tried to step onto your role. What does spiritual parents have to do with this? It's regular stuff tho.


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