Stella Dimoko Deborah OguntoyinboIs Accused Of Being A Professional And Prolific Identity Thief


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Thursday, November 07, 2019

Deborah OguntoyinboIs Accused Of Being A Professional And Prolific Identity Thief

Police say Deborah Oguntoyinbo is one of the most prolific identity thieves they've recently encountered.

 26-year-old Deborah Oguntoyinbo, of Toronto, has left a trail of shattered lives and destroyed credit profiles.

A CBC News investigation has uncovered details about Oguntoyinbo, who is currently facing more than 50 fraud-related charges in Toronto as well as nearby York, Peel and Halton regions, according to court records.

The charges relate to the alleged thefts of identities belonging to at least 20 people since 2017 alone but there could be more, York Regional Police Sgt. Andy Pattenden told CBC News.

Police services across the Toronto area are still piecing together the extent of her alleged crimes.

Oguntoyinbo's latest arrest came on June 29, when police allege she tried to flee a luxury condominium complex in Markham, north of Toronto, after being suspected of fraud.

York Region Police allege Oguntoyinbo tried to rent the condo using the name Natalia Bozic, and have charged her with using a forged certified cheque and a false identity.

Someone "reset passwords, reset security questions, reset my phone to a new phone number, created a new email address so I don't get notified my [banking] password changed."

Twice more, money was drained from Bozic's account. Some was sent to a bank account in Vancouver. In all, about $4,000 went missing, according to bank records.

Over the next five days, someone using Bozic's driver's licence and SIN applied for at least 20 bank loans, car loans and credit cards from financial institutions across the country.   

On June 17, someone accessed her Fido mobile phone account. Her phone number was changed, new phones were purchased, and Bozic was billed $2,000.Someone also changed the passwords to her social media accounts.

Then, on June 19, Bozic received a letter from Scotiabank thanking her for the lease of a Range Rover.

Police in Halton, further west, have accused her of stealing the identities of 11 people.
Toronto police say they have two outstanding arrest warrants for Oguntoyinbo in connection with the thefts of two identities and other frauds.

In York region, north of Toronto, police allege she stole four identities.

As part of their most recent investigation, York Regional Police obtained a search warrant for a condo complex at 50 Forest Manor Rd. in Toronto.

Inside the 22nd-floor condo investigators found printers and paper stock they say Oguntoyinbo used to create fake certified cheques using others' names.

She allegedly used some of those cheques to buy a Mercedes Benz and a BMW.

They also seized numerous forged drivers' licences, social insurance numbers and passports in the names of other people.

In 2017, Oguntoyinbo was charged with 19 fraud-related offences. She was sentenced to jail twice, the harshest sentence being 90 days.

She is currently behind bars as the latest round of charges work their way through court systems in the four jurisdictions.

Her only online presence appears to be photos posted on the website, a site used by actors, models and musicians looking for work.

According to federal bankruptcy records and provincial databases Oguntoyinbo has no assets or liens registered in her name.
CBC News has learned police have a list of aliases they believe Oguntoyinbo has used to allegedly commit crimes.

They include:

Debra Omolade Oguntoyinbo
Deborah Ololade Oguntoyinbo
Kayla Wright
Dzoya Trotman
Jessica Wright
Ashley Bailey


  1. Canadian fraudster

  2. Hey OMG!!! This woman will now be blocking road for people wey wan go Canada...Why are some Nigerians so badly behaved and bring up so much disgrace...

    1. You can imagine. This is how it used to start o. Tomorrow now you'll hear that Nigerian immigrants are no longer allowed in Canada. Such a disgrace!

  3. What a woman can do, even a man can't attempt it.

  4. Wow thank God for deliverance I could have towed this part

  5. Beautiful woman with a thieving soul

  6. Only u madam for this kind crimes. I hail thee madam...

  7. this lady Deborah Oguntoyinbo she is really a professional identity thief.

  8. Na so dam go take block Canada for the genuine ones.......useless Nigerians everywhere....wanting to live a lifestyle they did not work for.

  9. What a man can do, a woman can do better? LoL!!! Naija!!!

  10. Nawa o. Why are some Nigerians bent on destroying our name outside this country? Why can't they engage in legal things?

    1. As in. So painful. It's even embarrassing to say you're nigerian over here.

    2. I’m telling you. I cringe when the lawyers at my firm say “it’s probably one of those Nigerian scams.”

  11. Reminds me of the movie ( Identity thief)

    1. Yeah, Mr Bateman and Melissa McCarthy. Nice comedy

  12. I doubt if she is an immigrant. She is mostly like born and bred in Canada..

    1. You are probably right. I also believe she might have crossed the border into Canada from the USA as she cannot becone such a chronic criminal in 2 years of arriving in Canada.

  13. That is if they have her real real name yet

  14. You pple should not close road for those who want to migrate

  15. See fine thief.. some people are just too far gone and cannot save themselves. Why can’t she just look for a real job and live a decent life? Crime does not pay. No peace because you have to keep looking over your shoulders. Well, she made her bed. Let her lay on it now.

  16. I can’t imagine what it’s like living such a dishonest and criminal lifestyle. Everyday you must wonder if this is the day things will catch up with you. She really destroyed some peoples lives. It’s hard to start all over rebuilding after these thieves get a hold of your information. She will never know peace.

  17. Extremely wicked! She has to rot in jail.


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