Stella Dimoko Fulani Herdsmen Send Strong Warning To State Govs Over RUGA...


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Sunday, November 03, 2019

Fulani Herdsmen Send Strong Warning To State Govs Over RUGA...

Fulani herdsmen, under the auspices of the Miyetti Allah Kautal Hore socio-cultural organisation, has issued a strong warning to State governors.

National President of the organisation, Abdullahi Bodejo, was quoted by Sun as saying that governors who want to enjoy peace in their states must create a particular area for the Fulani and equip them with modern amenities.

He said, “Yes. We are just saying the same thing, whether Ruga or cattle colony, but the only thing is that Fulani issue in Nigeria is being used to play politics.

“If you are losing election and you want to gain back lost ground, play the Fulani politics. If you want to win election in 2023, you can start using anti-grazing law.

“We have grazing routes and grazing reserves and if Nigeria wants to solve the herdsmen and farmers clashes once and for all, you are a governor and you want to enjoy peace in your state, you don’t need any long meeting, just create a particular area for the Fulani and equip them with modern amenities. Instead of doing this, they are playing bad politics with Fulani.

“Since when the Ruga started, I’m yet to see any, except the efforts being made by the Zamfara State governor. No other governor is doing anything about it; it is still politics.

“Look at the support given to rice farmers through anchor borrowers programme; it is running into several billions of naira, and yet there is nothing for the Fulani business.

“Some people are saying cattle rearing is a private business, but the about 99 per cent of the cows we are eating in this country are from Fulani.

“States are making revenues from cows. For example, in Lagos, over 6,000 cows are killed daily and the state government is making so much money from that and that is the way it is in other states of the country.

“These governors are not serious, that is why they are talking about anti grazing laws; they are not serious in maintaining peace in their state; they are not serious in carrying everybody along.

“They want to politicise Fulani issue. See how they are criminalising the Fulani man; these people they arrested for criminal activities are not Fulani, some of them have learnt Fulani languages and people say they are Fulani.

“Even small children have been made to believe that the problem of this country is the Fulani. But Fulani are very peace loving; they don’t have any problem.”
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  1. Oga go back to your village and set up your RUGA. Y’all are EVIL. States now grow their own animal husbandry so we do not need your evil asses here anymore. Murderers!!!!

    I can’t wait for Buhari to leave.

  2. "If you want to enjoy peace...." threat?

    1. Madame koinkoin aka the 'peace maker'3 November 2019 at 09:14

      Please who interviewed that man? imagine him saying if they (governors)want peace? Like really ? They should question him more since he knows more than us. Just like play Nigeria don turn Fulani country over night.

  3. What an effrontery, these people are either mad or about to be. The governors should even equipped their grazing lands for them, are they stupid or mad? I'm seriously angry

    *Larry was here*

  4. Jeez! It has come to the point where miyetti Allah now issues threats? And everybody is quiet? If it was ipob that said half of this, operation shark and whale would have been instituted. Hmmmm. This country hehn! Abeg can anyone put me through? I want go australia but not through school stuff. Just put me through. Thank u

  5. this fool needs to be questioned but watch it,,they wont do anything to him

    imagine the threat

  6. They are mad. They suppose flog that his stupid mouth that made that threat


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