Stella Dimoko Governor Ganduje Reportedly Demolishes Emir Sanusi’s N250m Property And Compensates Him With N4m


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Thursday, November 28, 2019

Governor Ganduje Reportedly Demolishes Emir Sanusi’s N250m Property And Compensates Him With N4m

The Umar Ganduje led Kano State Government has reportedly seized and demolished a property worth N250million belonging to Muhammadu Sanusi II,the Emir of Kano.

On Wednesday, Daily Nigerian said its investigation with Kano Focus Newspapers revealed that the property, located at Ibrahim Dabo Road, was demolished to pave way for the ongoing flyover and underpass being constructed at the Dangi Roundabout area.

The demolition of structures within the land and the fence was supervised by the Commissioner of Works, Engineer Muaz Magaji, on Friday, 15 November, 2019, days before the Kano High Court presided by Justice Usman Na’abba nullified the law that created new emirates and the emirs in Kano.

On anonymity, some officials of the Ministry of Lands, disclosed that Emir Sanusi purchased the 1.2 hectare land in 2010 at the cost of N200million.

They added that the land was recently valued N250million at commercial rate, but the state government insisted that payment would be made in accordance with the statutory land rate.

Sanusi’s Chief of Staff, Munir Sanusi, declined comment.

He explained that the monarch had not given him clearance to speak on the matter.

In his reaction, the commissioner claimed that the Kano government had paid compensation to the emir.

“I can tell you he got the alert. For eight months, this issue has stalled the project, and this project is for public interest. We were even hoping that the Emir would give us the land free to continue with the work”, Magaji said.

“But since he did not give it to us, we decided to engage the service of valuers who valued it according to the statutory land rate because the government does not engage in commercial purchase”.

The commissioner also confirmed that he personally mounted the Grade D9 bulldozer to pull down the said the structures.

But sources say statutory land rate the government paid Sanusi was a paltry N4million.
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  1. Land for kano for 250milla.
    Ganduje and Sanusi matter na for heaven dem go settle am.

  2. Kai. Am supposed to pity him but pity is far from me. Let him enjoy the change they brought. At least na change they pay him.

    All those that brought APC to power, thank God you all are enjoying the benefits.

    Sanusi ekpele

    1. You're not making sense, if you think Nigeria shoukd continue to do things in the same way and manner.
      Get grip on yourself and address issue squarely.

    2. @Don, the two-faced girl is still pained that the man exposed the criminality in her messiah’s administration in the person of GEJ. That’s her pain, nothing more. Sanusi has nothing to lose. He is doing well for himself. But you, your supposed enjoyment is what gej, his wife and goons stole. You are still suffering it. Las las, Ganduje’s go leave. Sanusi will still be there.

    3. Ohhh please stop preaching DON! Sanusi Ridiculed his boss President Jonathan so badly people were horrified and shocked, With Sanusi and Gov. Ganduje I now know that Karma is still at work and ferocious. Be careful in life.

    4. Please leave President GEJ out of this discourse

      GEJ didn't demolish Sanusi's buildings or Vice versa they just disagreed on matters relating to governance.

      Karma CANNOT come to play in this situation because the scenarios are totally different.

      Im a GEJ Lover myself but the 2 scenarios are totally unconnected

    5. Very unconnected. Same Sanusi that became Emir when GEJ was President.

    6. See them calling accountabilities ridicule that is why most of the are still where they are suffering. I’ve never seen such a group of people that just supports anything negative and dishonest like this people.

  3. You were hoping he gives you the land free


    I am sorry , this statement threw me into laughter

  4. As court reversed 4 emirates

    Bulldozer drove forward

    Both maybe legally backed but the coincidence is comical

    Petty anyone?

  5. Jesus!!!! Sanusi must really hurt this man oo,haba mana!!!

  6. Anonymous gangster28 November 2019 at 07:57

    I feel sorry for Gandollar. Sanusi no be person to trample on.

    1. Gadollar !currently feeling like the cock of the roost

  7. Sanusi you are paying for your evil deed in the past, all of your supporting evil will have a bite of it. Enjoy while it last no need to pity you.

    1. Which evil did he do to you?
      Sometimes I wonder how you guys come up with all this comment in your head. Something must be wrong somewhere.

    2. Evil deed? Because he exposed your messiah for being a thief? Jokers.

    3. Everything is evil in their eyes, to hold people responsible for their actions is not in their DNA’

    4. Even theIr messiah GEJ said on national tv in front of the world that stealing is not corruption.

  8. That is their business because non of them have the interest of the masses in their heart

  9. Gosh! I pity this Ganduje, Gandollar or whatever he is called, his tenure will soon end then he will know what is up, you just don't rubbish people because you CAN. Anyways, what do I even know? Hmmmn.

  10. Maybe he thinks he will stay in power forever. Ganduje the ugly man with the ugly heart.

  11. All the yeye titles and still his people are living in abject poverty.
    Which land is N250million?
    Abeg comot here jaree...

  12. LOL Ganduje puts the P in petty!
    I like his daughter, but he's too mean.
    Which reminds me, how did he give birth to this beautiful girl with that unsightly face of his?

    1. Anonymous gangster29 November 2019 at 20:00

      Na black worwor pot dey produce clean white akamu...
      - Anonymous gangster 1900 - till date

  13. The commissioner also confirmed that he personally mounted the Grade D9 bulldozer to pull down the said the structures.

    Can anyone say petty?

  14. Gutter boy meets Posh Prince

    Gutter Boy's ego has been badly bruised by posh prince's air of superiority

    Gutter Boy takes advantage of his office to settle huge scores plus the deep seated feelings of inferiority and inadequacy...

    Gutter boy sees the use of brute force and political office as a means to "LEVEL UP"

    Even with political offices sometimes you can take the boy out of the gutter but never take the gutter out of the boy!!!!

    Best bet is for the prince to stay princely and follow the route of the courts

    Gutter boy's demons will always be with him and his feelings of inadequacy will never go away ..whether in office as the Governor or after office as a Governor ..he will always stink and will NEVER MEASURE UP

    All Hail Gandollar Agboro Kano...

  15. Enter your comment...They brought the change, they should enjoy it. At the moment the Falanas are changing gear but we wait for the Wole Soyinka of this world to tell us what to do to right the damage the APC has done to this Nation. Emir Sanusi is paying the price for not looking before jumping.

  16. Stellaaaaaaaaa okoroidenwogwu alias big nyash!

    Where is my gutter boy comment?

  17. ganduje wey be agbero...anything to pepper sanusi. anyway na here we dey u go commot office one day


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