Stella Dimoko Labour Room Drama 272


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Monday, November 18, 2019

Labour Room Drama 272

Imagine going into the Lavour room and imaginning you wont come out alive!!!

Hello Stella. 

Thanks so much for creating this wonderful platform. I always look forward to visiting your blog every single day but hardly drop comments.

I had my first baby in February 2015. My pregnancy was quite uneventful as I was so strong all through. No morning sickness, unusual cravings and those other weird symptoms some women complain about. 

Fast forward to my 41week antenatal appointment. I told the doctor how worried I was having gone past my due date. He checked to see how far I had dilated and said just 1cm. He also checked my blood pressure and said it was so high and that I had to get induced ASAP. 

I called my mum to bring my bag to the hospital(hubby was not in the same state with me as I was in my final year in school in Delta where my parents were living while he was in the east). 

Got induced later that evening and managed to dilate to 3cm and couldn't dilate further till the next day. The doctor came at about 12noon and broke my water to speed up things but I was literally stuck on 3cm. I want to say here that labor pain is indescribable. 

At some point, I told myself that there was no way I was going to make it out of the labor room alive. 

To add salt to injury, the doctors and nurses were paying little or no attention to me because the labor room was filled to the brim with pregnant women playing out different kinds of drama(government hospital wahala).

 I even overheard one of the nurses telling another nurse that my case was now in God's hands. At about 5:30pm that evening, I couldn't handle the pain anymore. I called my parents and begged them to come take me out of the hospital if they didn't want to take my corpse home. 

In no time, mum made contacts and got a description of a maternity not too far from the hospital. Immediately the doctors heard that I was trying to leave the hospital, they started pretending like they wanted to do something to help the situation but I saw the pretence written all over them. 

Long story short, we left the hospital after they forced me to sign on my folder that I was leaving on own accord. Exactly 2 hours after we got to the maternity, I had my handsome baby boy. Although I suffered postpartum depression but got over it after a while and due to the trauma from this birth, I decided to wait 4years before I had another baby last month. 

Will send in my second LRD soonest. 

May every woman that desires this precious gift of children get to carry theirs in Jesus Christ name. Amen.



  1. That 2015 child birth of yours was God's hands on you. I thank God for your life.

  2. Will send mine soon.

  3. Amen... Congratulations

  4. Thank God it ended in praise

  5. Thank God it ended in praise

  6. Wow thank you Jesus for saving you from those people.

  7. Congratulations. Childbirth isn't easy.

  8. Thank God for your story poster...cant wait to send my meeting point and labour room drama stories soon.

  9. Thank God for your life. Congratulations on your new born.

  10. Thank God for your life. Congratulations on your new born.

  11. Now ready to share my own drama oo😁

  12. Pls and pls ladies,epidural is a very safe option
    Don't know why people don't use it in Nigeria,and yes I m in Nigeria and I used it!will send my lrd one day.
    My advice though,as u approach ur edd,pls ask to be checked and all.u can take castor oil 10ml.twice in 24hrs.if u have gotten to week 40.also membrane strip is an option.u see that induction,it can go either way cos is not natural.

  13. Hope a man can send his Own LRD in o, cos we too dey follow push


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