Stella Dimoko Labour Room Drama 273


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Sunday, November 24, 2019

Labour Room Drama 273

Before she went to the labour room,she tried severally to abort the baby....

This is my labour room story.

This is my second child, I am also sharing this as a means of testimony as I didn't know I could do it all alone. I am the womam who was asking about induction.

I was so sad to find out I was pregnant as I have realise that I was in a shaking marriage and was just looking for a way out. 

God forgive me because I tried severally to terminate the pregnancy but my boy and God refused.

 From the day I informed my ex husband of being pregnant rather than comfort me he opted to threat of how my suffering just began that he was going to show me.

 God being by side I had a smooth first trimester and also second trimester. Issues started when I entered my third trimester as my then hubby did to his promise by leaving me and my first child with pregnancy. Thank God I didn't have HBP as that was his plans. 

Thank God for the kind of boss I had who God used to bless me to over looked the days I couldn't come to work due to one issue to another. Intially I hated my unborn baby for not refusing to go and allowing me go through all the stress but as soon as this man left and filed for divorce which I granted him I had this peace and love for my unborn child. I just made up my mind to never give up as my baby was a big gift.

Thank God for the sense of saving when this man was misbehaving as he felt i was penniless and refused to do anything for his first child and unborn baby. I fell back to my savings and furmished the apartment as he left with all our properties, i went for serious shopping for my baby and also for my first child. Everything was so set I was just waiting for my boy to come.

I took my leave, I have already planned with my sister's on how to help during delivery and after delivery. Although once in a while I was just scared of the unknown as this guy filled me up with fears of death before leaving. Due date came and passed no sign that was when my doctor advice for induction which might end up with vaginal birth or cs. I was not scared of cs I was just scared of the big bill as I have only made provision for vaginal birth and not cs that was why I came asking for help but God in his infinite mercy proved to me that he has not finished with me.

The day for the induction came I refused to go the hospital that morning because I was so scared of what might happen. In the evening I decided to go for check up incase. I got there I met with another doctor, first of all he checked my baby and screamed that this one is a strong child as his heart beat was very strong mind you I was 41 weeks already. He advice I should take castor oil that evening and if noting happened I should come first thing the next morning for the induction. I bought the oil took it and went back home to get my mind ready for the next day. I went for my evening walk came back home and had the first cramp.

I called my sister to inform her that it has started but not too sure because I had prolong labour during my first child. Immediately I drop the call the cramp continued I started walking around my apartment, at night I prayed and ask my cousin to go to to bed with my first child. That was how I continued walking around, dancing also praying to God to help me. Around 12 midnight I was a little relieved I asked my sis if I could sleep a little she said yes so I decided to sleep only for sharp pain to wake me up around 1:30 am. I continued to bear the pains as I couldn't go out that time to the hospital.....

 Around 4am the pain was so much that I had no choice than to call my neighbour to drive me to the hospital. Thank God he responded fast. We got to the hospital meanwhile I had already drop my bag at the hospital. Doctor checked me and asked me to go the Labour room I was so surprise as I thought I wouldn't have even dilate that far due to my first experience. My bag was brought in and they were asking me which clothes I would like my baby to wear that was when I ask the nurse how far I had gone she said 7cm. 

More pains continued untill I was fully dilated it was now time to push the devil decided to play a fast one. My people I pushed for more than 45 mins baby refused to come out oh ......God I wanted to run mad as the contraction pains was out of the world. 

I had to beg for forceps as I was tired and in pains, forceps was used thrice and failed, doctor and nurses were also worried at the fourth time my baby came out alive, healthy and crying seriously. I burst into tears and praising God. I was cleaned up baby was cleaned up and handed to me he was so cute. We were transferred to another ward .

my sister's arrived immediately and we were discharged the next day. I thank God that I came out of this pregnancy alive as I thought otherwise. I thank God my baby is alive and everyday I beg God for forgiveness for ever thinking other wise. He has blessed me so much that I now have a daughter and a son despite that my marriage failed I have decided to move on and hustle more to give my kids the best of life.

Thanks Stella for this platform to share my story attached is my picture, my daughter and son photos for only your eyes.

You wanted to abort this beautiful baby???OMG
Thank God it didnt happen,Congratulations.


  1. Poster your labour room story is so touching, see the way I was shouting Jesus Jesus while reading. God has proven himself faithful always, your baby's name should be miracle or testimony. God has put your ex to shame, why will a human being reject a woman you impregnated and your children. You abandon your blood, God may I never reject my children no Matter what.

    Hang in there, move on, focus on your beautiful children. God will give you reasons to be happy. I love your strong spirit never allowing what your ex did bring you down.

  2. congratulations! motherhood is bae.

  3. Congratulations madam. God bless your babies & grant you strength & all you need to care for them. Be strong, God's got you

  4. God bless you poster, thank you for sharing and I pray that God will continue to lift you and where you have sown with tears you will reap bountifully with joy. You will come back with more testimonies. Your children are for signs and wonders! Blessings to you!

  5. Congratulations. Your child will be a president of a nation.

  6. Congratulations OP. Man is not God, He will never abandon you. Watch as God does great and mighty things in your life. Stay strong sis.

  7. Congratulations poster. God bless you and your children

  8. congrats and thank God for safe delivery..may the lord supply all your needs according to his riches in glory and give you the strenght to carry on

  9. Congratulations Poster. Please don't go back to the ex. He can kill o.
    Hope everyone has learnt a lesson on the value of savings.

  10. Congratulations poster...God bless you and your kids.

    BVs, join me in thanking the good Lord as I was delivered of beautiful baby girl around 3:45am this morning.

    That castor oil is so magical, I wonder why I never read of it here before. I believe anyone booked for induction should try it first before agreeing to be induced. Today made it eleven days past my due date, I just took the castor oil around 1pm yesterday, took a very long work, had a hot water bath and by 8pm labour started mildly. The real thing came around midnight, left for the hospital after saying Divine Mercy Prayer by 3am, was in the hospital by 3:30 and by 3:45am, my Christ the King baby came.

    Stella, I will send you my LRD soon.
    Castor oil is bae, but God is the ultimate.

    1. Congratulations! Thank God for you safe delivery

    2. Congratulations dearest, God will be with you and the baby

      *Larry was here*

    3. Waoooh congrats indeed your Christ the king baby was given birth today

    4. Madame koinkoin aka the 'peace maker'24 November 2019 at 20:41

      Congratulations to you ma, poster I am so happy for you!

    5. Congratulations to the poster and Mhiz A

    6. Congratulations ma... God bless you and ur baby.

  11. Poster something within me has said I should tell you that ur baby is already a blessed baby. Just bring him up the right way and watch him grow up to be a great man..

  12. Congrats God is still on the throne

  13. I'm teary eyed reading this. Congratulations Madam. God is still in the business of performing miracles and yours will be a continuous miracle. Don't mind your ex. Your later years will be better than your past.

  14. Congrats poster, God bless you.

  15. Congratulations poster. Indeed,God is no man.

  16. Congratulations poster. God will continue to help you in Jesus name.

  17. Thank God for you and your son. May this be the beginning of more testimonies in Jesus name.

  18. Congratulations poster, you and your wonderful children are blessed

  19. Congrats poster, the good Lord that started this will bring you to a completion.

  20. Congratulations to you Ma'am on the birth of your son. He is at the center of it all, Just look up to him. It is well with you!!

  21. Congratulations poster. Your kids will make you proud.

  22. congratulation God bless you more...


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