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Friday, November 15, 2019

Mrs Dee's Corner - Flashback...

In the post where I talked about buying products without testing, I noticed one comment that said he did not fancy using those items and my memory quickly flashed to my roommate.

She was the typical church girl, in fact, a Deeper Life member to the core. No make up, even powder, no deodorant, no body spray.

I don't want to conclude that her choice not to use them were based on religion alone, it could be personal, but she was always very neat and extremely tidy.

Through out the three years we stayed in the same room, I never perceived a whiff of bad breath nor body odour.

I know that there are still others out there who for health reasons may choose not to use these products. I too have bought a particular body mist and it made me sneeze whenever I wore it cos it was quite harsh.

I've read others say they can't do without their body spray and perfumes.

There are some days when I don't feel like it. I mean I just use my deodorant and leave it at that.

For me, I think a clean bath should suffice on a good day to prevent body odour. When some people say they cannot do without perfumes and body mist, you'll begin to wonder if they are not trying to mask body smell.

*Let me just be looking at you...You didn't advice them to shave armpit hair you are talking about not using body sprays and parfums......When the weather is hot,you need roll on and body spray.....This is the reason people go around with body smell thinking they smell cool...You see ehn,if i put mouth for this topic,i will head it South.....I hate the body smell of people who are not bathed in armpit deodorant and expensive parfum


  1. Let me just sit here and wait for "them" to come for you. If I hear say only a clean bath will suffice...

  2. I have a good bath everyday but I dare not leave the house without wearing deodorant, I will smell like a guinea pig...But there is one tip: You don't have to use deodorant or body mist..Once you have a very good bath, cut lemon in two halves and rub on your armpits and you wont have any funny smell..If the smell persists, then you need to see a doctor or visit Ikpoba river to wash off...

    1. Alom is also good for the armpit, shave your armpit and bath very well, then deep alom in water and rub on your armpit, you are good to go.

    2. Lemon is the best. Works magic even below.

    3. I can not take a bath and not use roll on. It can not happen at all. This is not about body odour but I love to smell good.

      I don't use perfumes in the house except I am going out but my body spray and a roll on is a must biko.

  3. Some people just take his Christianity to a whole new level.
    Look nice and smell great for the Lord 😏
    Some people I know don’t make their hair, no earings, neck pieces, watches, they say the Bible forbids it..hmmmmmm.
    When you stand close to some, you’d feel like puking. How can you serve the Lord in filth?

  4. Yes, that day i mentioned that I prayed concerning my makeup/perfume/hair and body lotions brands and some
    Naija girls 😊😊 laughed me to scorn. No wahala though.

    During that time of retreat that I wrote about, I table a lot of things
    before the Lord Jesus and I get answers. That's apart from my regular days in the week when I set out to fast.
    These are the things he taught and practiced/his early disciples practiced if you take out time to read

    Well, why do I have to seek the Lord in prayers for all these cosmetics?
    Yes, relevant ajuju 😊😊
    He once opened my eyes to see that there are a lot of pollution from the Kingdom of darkness on things that women especially use.
    A lot of the things that happen to you,
    you do not know where they are coming from.

    I did write that an acquaintance in our lady's fellowship then used a particular famous body lotion and had
    rashes all over her body which medical help from diverse specialists in and
    out of the country could not help her. In fact, she was succumbing to the
    side effects of the steroids
    they kept prescribing.
    She sought God and had same warning that I once had. Once she stopped using that particular brand and switched to the one the Lord had
    recommended to her, the
    illness stopped but it cost her a lot.

    Even when I buy my perfume (John 12:3), he leads me to the particular

    It is so easy to chant that "Jesus is my Lord and personal Savior..." but in personal matters, you ignore him until
    you have plenty wahalas okwa ya?

    Ajuju ooo 😊😊😊

    1. Did you see the comment in IHN that one lady didn't buy human hairs because of you?

      Also, what regular days of the week do you fast and why those specific days? Just curious.

    2. @Mystique

      I did not see any comment. As for the human hair issue, why not type it in on
      Youtube and educate yourself about the source of all those -especially those donated to the
      indian temples?

      The days I fast are the days I am least busy...the days I know that I will be able to pray and
      study the word very well, otherwise, it will be starving and not fasting.
      I had posted a short lesson on fasting from the Scriptures before. I also recommend the book on fasting
      by Jentezen Franklin...basically the same bible study.

    3. Blog pastor you're right. I stop using alot of things not bcos I don't know they're in Vogue but bcos my spirit told me to stop using them. I can't be caught using some kinds of perfume and roll bcos I suddenly become allergic to them. Again I stop using hair extension after watching one documentary that says they're were gotten from shrine.

    4. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ I feel attacked cos i did giggle at your utterance that day. You and your truck load of experience can be exasperating. Lol

    5. @ Ang i believe you are anon 13.18,it's your patern,what's the meaning of ajuju that you write in your comments all the time?That said,you seem to me like someone who has a mental problem that needs to be access,i"m thinking you know yourself that something is not right about you,cos you are always here taking every post to the south with your comments,quoting bible verses ontop every every,always on naija girls matter,offloading husbands yada yada yada.To you you are never wrong and you are the most righteous than anybody in your eyes,all these are not normal behaviour.For all we know you could even be a man and and not a woman as you claim on this blog.Now i'm not diagnosing you,and i don't mean to be rude,i'm a mental health nurse and i see some paterns in you that suggest that you are mad,yes something is wrong with your brain.get it checked ko to ja wΓ²ja.

    6. @Perxian baby,
      I no attack you o ma ncha
      I no dey attack anyone. Na blog tigers and ndi uta -arrow shooters do that one
      I only stated my truthful yarns as usual.
      @Black diamond
      These things are all over Youtube; Indian women donating their hairs to hindi shrines
      You will see them shaving off their hair and doing the rituals.
      And my Naija girls will buy them -some will use their tohtoh as collateral to buy o.
      And what do they harvest in the end; all the devils those
      hairs has been sacrificed to and of course traction allopecia.
      Many of them are ashamed to be caught not wearing those nkwanye things

    7. Stop using soaps too, body lotion , toothpaste, hair cream even sanitary pad. You can't choose a few things to boycott, boycott everything.

    8. @19:22
      Did you read that comment at all or you just came to shoot arrows?
      Did you go to Youtube to watch the videos of Indian ladies shaving their
      hairs and packaging them for their gods and merchants buying them to raise
      money for the temples?
      Yes, I buy my cosmetics according to the Lord's leading, any problem with that?
      Okwa ajuju for you ooo
      May God have mercy on your soul inugo? 🌹🌹➕➕

    9. Do you make your tooth paste yourself? Haircream, pads?? Go and sleep jor, elejowewe.No be only youtube na Ztube, mstchew.

    10. Lol @ 14.06, it is well. Na so we see am.

  5. number 1, is clean shave. Deodorant and perfumes come in handy because we have hot weather and sweat a lot too, especially those staying in Lagos that can be stuck in traffic for hours.

    1. Exactly, if you sweat in that scorching naija sun for a few hours no way you won't smell funny.

  6. Please, there's no body odor that perfume can fact, it even makes the odor worse.

    A clean bath can only leave you fresh for a while but you won't smell nice.

    Personal choice or not, deodorant/body cologne is a necessity.

    1. @anonymous if only you knew where the bend down select you wear or the 1st grade OK or the shoe that makes your feet look peng have been, I believe you wouldn't make ignorant fallacious statements.

    2. You are right.

  7. Myself too. I use deodorant for armpits and then body cream (I can't do without this because of dry skin) which of course has it's own scent. Then when I tell people I don't use body spray or perfume as you may call it, they think I am just dirty.

    But common, body cream and then body spray again on one person, abeg who die. Moreover, I am more comfortable with the cream than the perfume.

  8. I used to think a clean bath will do it until I noticed that once I sweat some funny smell emanates especially if my outfit is made of non cotton fabrics. I still ignored until one guy that was asking me out pointed it out and taught me to use deodorants. With time I added perfumes and till date no going back. Even these days that good perfumes are so expensive I have resorted to perfume oils. Just that once I wear perfume oil and go to my MD's office the poor guy goes into a chain sneeze spree. But when I wear ordinary perfume he doesn't sneeze. I just hope he never links his sneezing spree to my presence in his office-embarrassing but what can one do? I MUST smell nice-always.

  9. Deodorants are essential, in my opinion.

    I've been reading about natural substitutes--baking soda, lemon and even tea tree oil in a spray bottle, diluted and sprayed after taking a shower.
    I've not tried any yet as I'm still very skeptical but people online swear by these natural products.

    With the Aluminium in anti-perspirants and its increased risk for breast cancer, in addition to my learning recently that companies do not have to list all their ingredients on the products, I worry now about chemicals in these products and might try these natural alternatives soon.

    1. Tea tree oil will leave you smelling like you use TCP to bath, I recommend you use it only when you will be indoors.

    2. Oh wow, didn't know that. Thanks, happy tutu.

  10. hmmmmmmmmm

    lets just be sincere to one another,,,,no deodorant can ward-off any body odour but having ur bath always gives u a nourishing moment.

    if you are the type who cannot do wothout deodorant then u need to put a stop to it,,,its not pride,,i dont use it and am not a lover of it,,,i prefer to have my bath, put on my attire and off i go

    1. @Mc pinky you're right. Truth be told, most people don't know how to have their bath, some don't even know about body after care after spraying all the feromones in the world and thus, will still smell. Some still cannot wash their clothes so while their body smells divine, their clothes are walking pit latrines

    2. Most of you are deluded and poverty stricken on top. So in your little minds you think those who use perfumes or deodorants are hiding an odour or they don't bath well? The joke is on you.

    3. Mc Pinky,I promise you,you smell. No one has had the courage to tell you. You can't be an adult in sub saharan Africa and not smell if you walk about without anti-perspirant roll on.

    4. Mc Pinky,I promise you,you smell. No one has had the courage to tell you. You can't be an adult in sub saharan Africa and not smell if you walk about without anti-perspirant roll on.

  11. I love my deodorant, l go out most times without making up but you see my deodorant? It's a must oooo! It's something I've gotten used to tho I smell really nice without them.

  12. I cant do without my deodorant biko, infact i cant do without perfumes.

  13. That's how one of my Anty that attends one holiness church suddenly stopped applying deodorants, body sprays, Perfs and what have you. Their church asked them to totally stop as it's a sin. Smh!!
    Not like she smells bad if she walks past you but, there's still this awful smell I can't really explain abeg.
    In other words, there's nothing like investing in deodorants and Perfs no matter. At least, go for the one your money reach but it's a must pls to be applied on a daily even at nights when you bath before bed time plsssss.

  14. I don't smell with or without deodorants, but I just can't do without my body spray and perfumes. My case is so bad that I can wake up in the middle of the night, wear perfume and then go back to sleep. I even use perfumes as my airfreshner.

  15. Please ooh, nobody should take this write up too serious... Please pity us and use roll on or deodorant at least. I never buy car and we might have to share bus in this hot Lagos weather, Biko I am on my knees.
    The truth is after a long day, we all have our own 'unique smell' and combination of all unique smell in a bus is my nightmare everyday going home after work.

    1. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ very funny

    2. Lmaooo. Can imagine @ya first paragraph.🀦

  16. Perfumes don't mask body odour,it makes it worst..I am all for smelling good all the time as my over sensitive nose can capture smell anyhow,I always have extra deodorant and body spray in my bag.

  17. The anonymous who talked about praying to know what cream to use mentioned tohtoh and I'm blushing on her behalf.

    Please and please use a deodorant ! If perfumes are out of your reach, use a deodorant and bath twice a day.

    Shave either with a depilatory cream or shaving stick always....

    I used to kid myself that i didn't need deodorant.... i stank to the highest heavens! Since then ehn...

    Use creams without steroids and you will use divine revelation for more complex issues...

    1. They won't admit now.

      How can you even be on your period and boldly leave your house because you have taken a bath and not use deodorant or perfume?? How??


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