Stella Dimoko Reality Star Alex Attends Nancy Isime's Private Vieweing Of New Talk Show...


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Friday, November 01, 2019

Reality Star Alex Attends Nancy Isime's Private Vieweing Of New Talk Show...

Big Brother star Alex attended the Private viewing of Media personality Nancy Isimie's private viewing of her talk show which begins soon.
Alex posted the videos on her Insta story.

Both Ladies look hot!!!


  1. Replies
    1. Low cut suits them. Flat tummy is the MOST beautiful thing in a woman’s body

  2. I think Alex should surround herself with people like Nancy. Decent, focused and goal driven I believe.

  3. Anything this Nancy wears fits her so perfectly. She has good dress sense and her legs are so damn hott, team hot legs. This show will be interesting, she is good at what she does.

  4. Baring of chest has become a trend?
    Are these ladies or guys?

    1. They are layguys

    2. You see that hand behind those butts in the first picture,
      that is lesbo pose

  5. Alex is not hot anything abeg

  6. Replies
    1. As in. Just look at that young confused girl last year. I'm so proud of her. She has evolved real good. More focused than ever.

  7. When is she going back to school though πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
    I thought you people said she's left others on Instagram to keep taking pictures .

    Why is she back and taking pictures all over Instagram?

    Are you even sure she was ever in any school or is it the fake news she sold to her gullible foolish fans .

    How can someone who claims to be in school be in Nigeria now for getting to a month .

    I'm sure the school curriculum is moving.

    Now they must have moved on from script making to , graphics ,editing , camera angles , directing etc ...but here is your Alex all over Nigeria .

    How is she going to catch up on what she might have missed ?
    Is she going to restart her course again or take extra lessons .

    NIGERIANS always act smart but they're incredibly dumb .

    How anyone bought this fake gist of this fraud being in school is beyond me.

    In every picture she posted there weren't more than five people in her class.

    Tell me which new York film academy has only five people in class.

    The pepper Dem housemates sent her running back like a headless chicken when she realized all her faux hype was gone.

    Look at her at that fashion show .

    Mike was getting standing ovation while she walked stiffly to a defeaning silence.

    Even at the headies she wasn't even offered a presenting job and no relevant blog covered her outfit While Tacha and Mercy were trending .

    Even her obese fan whale Didi abi fat didi has abandoned her and switched to Tacha.

    Amauche when are you ever going to be true to yourself ?

    Broke ass debtor.

    Little wonder Naomi swindled you .

    You're tired of asking miracle to lend you money.

    Nsukka clown.

    1. Just for this statement alone "NIGERIANS always act smart but they're incredibly dumb" your idiocy is irreparable.
      Go to the bank and tell then you need to cash out on your stupidity. Because you want to insult one person, you insulted an entire nation of people...your type needs to live in a Saturn, alone with no homo sapiens. 'Idiotica'

    2. Jesus... you need honey, you are very bitter..get a Life cos you obviously don't have one.

    3. Belive you me this is one of double wahala celeb that wrote this long story. Allow the babe to be. Your so bitter I swear

    4. Chai, it's obvious Alex gives you sleepless nights. keep on stalking her while she moves from glory to glory.

  8. Beautiful girls. Love both of them!

  9. Hot legs and flat tummy is what I have in common with these hot babes 🀩

  10. Nancy i love love your shoe. You are hot.

  11. Beautiful babes, make una carry go


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