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Thursday, November 14, 2019

Thursday IHN

The Weather here is so dull that at this time,it feels like Night time...................What is the weather like where you are?I don't wish for the Sun to roast me but this kind eh,IT IS A WAH!!!

Amu na bia (I am coming),lemme go and drink some peppermint tea!!!

This is the last in house News for the week........


Special shout out to all the lovely BVs who go in the comment section to ask after themselves after not commenting for a few days...

And to the ones who always say they miss themselves whilst in Anonymous mode............You guys are the real pepper....hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha



My people pls I need your opinion on this I have a friend who is bridal hair stylist and as God will have it my wedding plans kicked off and she said she was gonna do it for me when the time got closer I asked her how much she said 20k.

 I was so surprised and asked how much last cos she ain't gonna fix it just to style it and won't be keeping it for long cos it's a 1 day event not 2 days. She said 12k last I told her I had made so much expenses she still didn't reduce it to 7k I bargained with her at the end of the day I ended up doing parking gel which came out well and spent 2,500. 

Tho she bought aso ebi and came for the event but I noticed since then she stopped talking to me, after the wedding I still called to thank her for coming still chatted her up days later but she dey give attitude. Did I do wrong? I just had to cut my cloth according to my material 

So because she is your friend and you are getting Married,she should not d business again?You had entitlement mentality from your friend and its not right.......You think she will believe you paid 2500 for your make up?that is prolly why she is upset.....

Don't attempt to patronise a friend if you are not willing to support their business meaningfully...Thus is one of the Major reasons that businesses crash,when family and friends chook head inside of it and believe that it is their right to dictate what they should pay.............You owe her an apology or proper explanation.



That night, I decided not to ask her any question that may seems judgemental. While we eat and drink, we talked about life in general, Lagos and its struggle for survival. She asked after her people in Port Harcourt and how often I do see them. "Its being a while I saw them especially your parents, but I think I saw your younger sister few weeks ago." This I said to her.

It was already getting late and I needed to get back to my hotel. I know we will meet again definitely before I leave, so I saved some questions for the next day. "Have you gotten a hotel for your stay?" She asked. I responded yes and not too far from here. Immediately, she mentioned the name of the hotel and got it right.

All the time we were discussing, I noticed how free spirited she has suddenly become. At a point I felt I was obstructing her business for the night, for I saw how different guys were calling for her 'service'. I tried in talking her to attend to her callers but it was greeted with a NO answer. "Until you leaves." she said.

Stylishly, her friends came over to know what is happening and she told them not to worry that she's not dispose to see anyone at the moment. Some of the guys stood around waiting for her to finish. When I noticed that, I told her it's time to go before these Eko guys rough handle me here.

She laughed as she walked me out of the garden and gave one of the guys sign that she's coming shortly. "Goodnight dear." She said to me as I walked down the road.

It was past 9am the next day as I dressed up to go out, I got a call from her that she's at the reception desk. I gave her my room number. In less than three minutes, there was a knock. I opened the door. My goodness!!! I have never seen her this beautiful all through my life. I closed the door after her still in admiration.... ( Concluding part next week)

Teejay!!!!..Hahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahaha i dey wait


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  1. Sometimes you are delayed where you are because God knows there's a storm where you're headed.. He's protecting you.. He hasn't forgotten you.. He's going to come through for you in a much greater way than you even imagined.. Thank Him! _RealTalkKim

    1. I thank God for life always.
      poster,please talk to your friend about it.
      IHN welcome o

    2. Goodafternoon bvs.
      Stella the bride did no wrong, she only went for what can afford.

    3. Goodafternoon bvs.
      Stella the bride did no wrong, she only went for what she can afford.

    4. So that nails person dropped only contact without location. So if I'm in abuja,I should call a nail technician from enugu to make my nails abi?

    5. Pls Stella
      I don't think d bride did any wrong
      If u critically look at d situation very well,just for u to style a hair u r charging 20k,it's not like u r d one fixing d hair,that's outrageous,even if someone wants to support biz dat one no mean say make dem con use me build house na.pls d bride was right to cut her coat according to her cloth really has nothing to do with entailment trust me

    6. Stella, i dont agre with you o. If she no get 20k, should she borrow? She did the right thing jare. How can a so called friend be angry that *her friend* didnt pay her and looked for a cheaper alternative? Wouldnt she do the same in her shoes? Abegi. The 2500 she spent plenty sef. It's not like the girl will buy dutch wax to decorate the hair o. Just hair pins for 20K. A real friend wont do that. I spent almost 50k of my own money for my friend's wedding.

    7. Stella Nawa for u.
      So she should steal all in d name of patronising her friend

  2. This one everybody is opening church on the blog na was o. Make i open my own too tomorrow...stella i wan buy land..sell me land abeg.

  3. Series to look out for:
    Titans (amaaaaazing!)
    Batwoman (very lame series, just watching cuz it’s still a superhero flick nywais)
    The Boys

    I get billions but I can’t go to Dubai, what am I? Ikwakwakwakwakwa chiaaaa! It can paiiiiiin!

    Kelvin Dat Edo Boi (Stellz Cousin)

    1. You're a man in diaper.
      You go Dubai yet not international and still can't cruise in a Lamborghini

  4. "Amu na abia = Penis is coming?"

    1. u are right,,amu is penis but dont forget,same word different meaning

    2. Thank you Sandy and everyone that responded to my question about wallpaper on Monday.
      I didn't get the exact wallpaper I wanted but I got something really nice.
      SDK is bae

    3. Hmmm tejay sofri sofri oo👀

    4. @ pinky.... she spoke igbo not another language 😂😂 abeg no misyarn.

  5. Stella, the lady with the attitude friend doesn't owe the lady any apologies. She did not say bridal make up, she said bridal hair. She bargained for the amount she has, she refused, she went for a cheaper option. If the bride had been given the lady attitude then she would have been wrong.

    My dear, these wedding vendors are super mean. Like extremely mean. Hair they would fix for 5k or less (frontal weave) in their shops, they will be charging u above 20k.

    I'm forced to even say that lady isn't ur friend. A real friend would tell u to get the materials u need for ur hair and she could do it for u for free just for ur wedding. You even offered her money but she still wanted to bill u normal.

    Anyways, if she continues giving u attitude, pls let her be

    1. I agree with you Eka, I don't know how close they are but that 20K was a lot of money and where there is a relationship in between, I don't know if I can charge a friend to make their wedding hair, except it is thank you money or am giving her highly subsidised seIvices or only money for the weaves or extensions if needed and for the handwork is free. Some friends can be funny. Poster if she is giving you attitude reach out and ask her why, if she refuses to change move on.

    2. Thank you joy for this comment. She owe her no apology. So because they are friends, she should patronize her even when she is not able to... Kamnukwa!

    3. I'm not sure Stella understood her plight. The so called friend was still the one that made her the 2500 hair, she doesn't owe her any apology.
      Stella so you read without understanding? Wow😨😨😨😨😨

    4. I agree. My make up for my wedding alone was 100k and my hair (I wore wig oo just the styling) was over 20k.

    5. I totally agree,so she should go beyond her budget o patronise her friend? A good friend will ask her to get the accessories to style the hair and do it for free. Poster mbok ignore her.

    6. Thank you Joy. I guess Stella mis-read the note. It's hair not make-up. The bride pricing 7k is okay. The friend should have just done it for her as her gift to her friend. Anyways people are different sha.

    7. my hair was like 40k and makeup for 2 days 200k ..true story


  6. Prayers no are here o. I don pray and pray, God sees my heart.

    I saw this quite late yesterday's spontaneous post. Wanted to give a response there but you may not see it..

    Truly life is spiritual but not everything should be "spiritualized". When you have prayed in every way possible, yet you keep having same result. Then It's time to check inward and ask questions.

    I say this because I have been there. Almost thirty but couldn't brag about being in one single relationship. I kept praying to God for a godly man. He told me in the dream to wait till five years and this was after I had prayed my lungs out. I was hurt in the light of the fact that I felt with the intensity of my supplication, I would behold an adonis wrapped up in a gift box the next morning at my doorstep. Wasn't it inscribed that faith as diminutive as a mustard seed can move mountains? Yes, I had faith, but what did I get? a response that wasn't encouraging enough according to me. I was told, "Wait till five years time, " not even five months. Though it transpired precisely five years later. I learnt something.

    When God is silent, despite having done everything, be sure he knows the kind of person he has in store for you and he knows you also have a lot of work to do on yourself before that person shows up. He needs the gift he has kept for you to meet you in a ready state so it doesn't slip from your fingers due to lack of preparation when it happens. God will prune you, rid you of any deterrents (which could be emanating from you)that may ruin such blessings when it arises, he strips you bare and make you whole to receive his desires for you. He couldn't care less how long it takes, he doesn't look at the society, your age, your married friends or mockery of scornful exes, every one of these variables doesn't propel him to speed up the process, because he knows what he has in store for you puts to shame societal timelines and is unquestionably worth the wait. What he just needs from you is your obedience to his word, living up uprightly while you wait on him by consciously eschewing transgression (for Isaiah 59:1, shows sinful lifestyle obstructs answered prayers)having faith in who he is and "more patience". It could be there are some areas in your life that still needs some work which you clearly don't see right now.

    1. Thanks a lot for this. It spoke to me...

    2. Hmmm this must be for that lady who complained about getting close to 40 and men keep living her abruptly wthut any reason.she then did her findings and was told her household enemies don't want her to marry and she has overprayed sef but don't know what to do? Nice advisebut you can write epistle sha

  7. I need business ideas pleas Bvs...I have just 1.2M, I don’t want to suffer in 2020 pls help me 🙏

    1. You call N1.2M just? In this present Nigeria...I wont even call N100k 'just'if I had such in my's well!

  8. Good afternoon all. Nice day ahead

  9. Ankara is the best souvenir you can ever think of this Christmas..🤗🤗🤗

  10. @Stella
    A na m abia -I am coming
    That is how to write it inugo?.
    that thing you wrote there is
    Penis is coming

    1. 😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣
      Mandingo is coming 😁.

  11. I had an unforgiving spirit and because of that, people needed to walk on eggshells around me for their own sanity. My tolerance level was zero. It was either my way or the highway. Compromise? what's that? Is that the name of a country? All those terms were alien to me. Yet in that state, I desired and prayed that God gives me one of his sons. I felt God was wasting my time not knowing he was actually giving me extra time because he knew I needed it. During my waiting period, I got close to God even more and ceaselessly prayed for the fruit of the holy spirit which I never cared about since I already had the gifts of the holy spirit and I mentally conceived that was all. After some time, my brother asked me, "haven't you noticed something about yourself? You don't hold grudges anymore".
    Those five years were a lifesaver, I had become spic and pan in mind, body and spirit. Now, imagine if God had brought hubby at that time I asked, though he is a good man but even if he was an angel how would our marriage have fared with the spirit of unforgiveness cohabitating with me, Considering that forgiveness is paramount in marriage. Everyone knows when people live together, it's inevitable to not ruffle each other's feathers unintentionally. Since you have really prayed, then it's time to pay cognizance to other areas of your life. You are a child of God, and I trust you obey him wholeheartedly then why believe any malevolent power can restrain you? Peruse Isaiah 54:15.

    You've prayed but because the result isn't instant like you expected, you doubt the power of prayers and give acknowledgement to the ploy of the fiend which God has already destroyed on your behalf the moment you got down on bended knees. You keep praying over an already won battle which is nothing before God. After prayer what else can you do but just believe? So please don't be fixated on such thoughts about household adversaries that don't align with God's plan for you, that you wind up ignoring the nuts and bolts. Continue praying not out of trepidation but with faith and Thanksgiving. John 8;36 he who God has set free will be free without a doubt so quit pondering that. Sadly you seem to have more faith in your household enemies than in your constant petitions. Meanwhile, remember faith without work is dead, so attempt your best to spread your tentacles.

    Note, I am not faulting you because I have seen ladies who the vast majority have written off when it comes to marriage based on their personality, end up with good spouses who adore them, while well -brought ladies with seasoned personality are as yet single.

    Nonetheless, when you have done all of this and still nothing has changed then this only mean one thing, God wants to give you the best and since nothing good comes easy patience is needed. Try and leave everything to God. Believe me, I know it's not easy for everywhere you turn to someone is getting married but Remember, it's not about being married for people do that, year in year out rather it's about "staying married" and staying married not just to any man but a godly man.

    1. God! this is just for me. my pastor who knows nothing about me or my attitude told me I needed to allow the holy spirit work on my temperament. that anger is the only thing holding my marriage. I was shocked,I never told him anything about me,in fact no one knows about the anger issues in church cos I keep to myself.he said as soon as I work on this,I would work into my place of destiny. I am consciously working on my temper and I pray God gives me the grace so I won't fall back.

    2. This is absolutely wonderful, God bless you.

    3. God bless you for this. I needed this right now.

  12. Question - If your husband/wife/bae brings you breakfast in bed.. do you go ahead and eat it or do you get up to brush your teeth first?

    1. I will go ahead and eat it then brush my teeth after the meal..

    2. it is only in movies that you eat breakfast brought to you in reality? No way when your mouth is emitting ooz chukwu aju

    3. You go ahead if you are sure you brushed at night

      I always brush my teeth before sleeping and I wake up with fresh breath. I go for school run and eat breakfast sometimes before bathing and brushing in the morning

    4. We are creatures of habit. We've followed the pattern of wake up, brush your mouth before eating. But dentally speaking, you should brush your mouth after eating. And if you did brush before going to bed, your mouth should still be fresh in the morning.

    5. My wife; "awww thank you love" *goes to the kitchen, inspects the cooking site,"honey, did u wash the pot very well, did u clean this, did u clean that bla bla bla?" "the food is very nice, are you sure u washed ur hands with soap b4 adding salt?.... i just tire. Never again. Marrying someone with 'a lil' ocd is a lot of work

    6. I will go ahead and eat if I feel comfortable with my mouth that early morning. If I'm not, I will smile, kiss him and rush to the bathroom to have a mouth wash. Shikina.

    7. Go ahead and eat it then brush after the meal

    8. Me I would go n brush first...yes local woman 🤓

    9. I would eat it! Brush my teeth first? Yea!Right!
      Love me,love my morning breath!😛

    10. Don't worry @bitchplis she would surely get better with time...

    11. Lmao! BitchPlis, a lil? That's a lot of ocd. 😂😂

      My answer - I eat because honestly, i don't like mint taste in my food and i thankfully don't have nasty morning breath.

    12. I will go ahead and eat it. I eat before brushing.

    13. I will brush first

    14. Jesu! Bitchpls sure ur wife is not me????

      That is exactly me oo that's y bae has reduced his cooking for me

      Anyway..its good cos I no wan chop shit😏

  13. Good afternoon everyone
    It's a sunny day here today
    God bless you all... Amen

  14. Stella, you didn't read that BV's gist properly.... It's hair styling and not make-up and I don't really see any entitlement there!! If the bride was the one giving the attitude, we can conclude she was entitled but she went to make the hair as her money/hand reach!!

    Bride, it's understandable that you didn't have much to pay your friend... I suggest you apologize and explain properly to her and if she keeps giving you attitude, Thank God for the friendship and let it be... 20 friends cannot play together for 20 years!!

    1. We share the same sentiment on that bride issue. Same points fa 😂😂😂

    2. I wonder why she's so bothered about the friend.

    3. Stella advice weak me sef. Poster pls face front from that yout friend...

    4. Loool @Eka, just read your comment..... There's no entitlement there and personally, I won't use my friend for anything during my wedding to avoid stories.... If I'll have to use you, I'll pay for the normal services if I can because one way or the other, story must enter!!!

      Adire.... You know this!!

      Swaggie, maybe they are close

      Aproko, Looool

  15. Replies
    1. lol...
      @teejay comman finish this your story biko, i don't like suspense oh.

    2. Fan you like prick ehh. Hope that's how you like your husbands prick ooo. I hope you are not does women that run when their husband are giving them 2 hours of the prick.

  16. Teejay,welcome back and make sure you end this your story next time!
    Good day all!

  17. Ihn is here.Stella please don't make me laugh with this your amu n'abia.what you just wrote means dick is coming and not I am coming.

  18. the sun here can boil yam..really how can one go anon to ask after one's self that's low. Oga TJ osetigo?

    1. Na today? So many bvs are guilty of that especially the popular ones. Na wa for validation!!!

  19. Doppelganger, you mentioned there was a 'trick' to passing the ielts. Would you mind sharing? I'm taking the exam next month and feel quite nervous.

  20. Poster, when it comes to business, nothing like family or friend.
    She first told you 20k, and then reduced to 12k for you but you wanted 7k. You patronized another who did for less.
    Sometimes, we patronize our friends even when we know their prizes are a bit higher just to support their business. Some of you are not just loyal when it comes to friendship.
    You wanted her to do it for you free, 🤷🏿‍♀️

    1. Slutty do you know what it means to plan a wedding? That the couples need all the help they can get from people esp if they are just struggling young couples. Planning of wedding is not the time to lift a friend up please

    2. Jeez, you must not comment you know . So she should steal because she wants to support friend. What happened to cut your coat. . .. .

    3. Why did the friend not do it free for her? Just tell her to buy materials with that way she's supporting her friend if she is really a good friend....mtchewwwwwwwwwww. #igbovo!

    4. What if she honestly didn't have to support. She was planning a wedding remember and trying to cut cost as much as possible. The friend should be the one doing the hair for free after the bride must have bought the materials needed.

    5. Slutty, why wasn't the friend loyal? She didn't have and she didn't ask for it for free..... She went where her hand reach

  21. This comment has been removed by the author.

  22. So that's how I will borrow car and travel for Christmas only for the car to keep me at Ore. MBA biko. Instead I hire cab and not be bothered with issues of breakdown, vehicle papers etc. What happens if (God forbid) accident happens? Too many avoidable issues abeg.

  23. Stella Biko M na bia not Amu na bia...You just said penis is coming...Lolzzzz🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  24. That was how I went on to buy weaves and when I went to human hair section, I started hearing ANG's voice in my head about how human hair is from the devil and I started thinking of somebody coming to me in the dream and snatching the hair on my head or giving me a heavy knock or saying I stole their hair. Especially when I saw "raw virgin Unprocessed hair" I was just just thinking of people donating their real hairs to Satan and then others will now come and sell it.... BVs, I was so traumatised at these images in my head that I just jejely went to the synthetic hair section and ended up ordering for one synthetic hair like that which I hope when it comes will be nice.

    Na wa ooooo

  25. Stella it is 'Ana'm a Bia. What you wrote is 'Prick is coming' Hahahahahahah

    1. and you think she doesn't know? Stella that have spoil tey tey

    2. Lol.. .. That's Stella's own way of saying 'I'm coming'

  26. Good afternoon blog visitors..

    The sun here will cook beans and rice with stew..
    Too hot..

  27. Thank You Jesus for this awesome gift......

  28. My SDK Blog Award Nominees

    1-Most Intelligent:Chikito
    2-Most Reliable:Martins
    3-Most Annoying:Shootergyal
    4-Most Industrious:HighlyFavoured
    5-Most Hillarious:Kamizee
    6-Most Valuable:XP
    7-Most Talkative:Teejay
    8-Most Cheerful:Perxian
    10-Most Loyal:Slutty
    11-Most Dependable:RetiredSlayQueen(Where are you!)
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    29-Blog’s Pastor:CutestPat
    30-Best Behaved Male:Martins
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  29. 20k just to style hair not that she's going to install a weave? That's a lot. For me, I think you wanting to pay 7k is fine and not trying to spoil her business. She's not washing, treating or installing so why that amount? Abeg oh.🙄

    Teejay this your story is about to climax 😂🤣 hurry up and finish we're waiting.

    The weather in my neck of the Bush is also dull, the day has been super slow. Can't wait to close and go home.

    Good day y'all.

  30. Naijiria: The Land Of Us Crazies!

    I salute you- our lady Nigeria. You are 59 this year and I am shockingly glad, even in the face of everything-including your main diagnosis of FTT, that: I still love thee immensely and regardless of it. Hard to do Mama, but do best to ignore those
    ones with their narrow noses up. Multitude of fickle minds with nothing else within but bile,
    venom and slander. With reasons, perhaps their wrath is justified. You remain our truest clime,
    as the film of a 'better clime' somewhere else is from a creative mind. A pretty imagination. A
    wandering soul on vacation. Wishful longing. Pure fiction.

    I have not a nasty word to say to thee today. I feel a rush of energy to lift thee up instead! Or aren't you tired of being on them bruised knees, heavily callused palms all these long
    years? I reckon till we start treating you better, you
    may never get better! Naijiria: ìlú àwa wèrè tó yékébù! Àwa wèrè inú ẹ̀ gan lọ́ọ̀fù ẹ bàjẹ́!

  31. Stella thank you for the memo. Me complain again? No! Never!! Not on this planet!!!
    More customers on all those selling today.

  32. Amu na bia meaning prick is coming. The weather here is ok, calm not too sunny.

    married aunty with entitlement mentality so she should not do business because you are getting married. you are sounding like those babes that when they see husband they will want to pepper their friends who are still single. Pack well and allow her be. if you know you don't have money you would have not ask her price or make the gel style with her. You no try at all.

    TEEJAYS you cannot do this to me, how can you keep me posted like this till next week? Amibo dey sweet die.

    beautiful makeup.
    lovely nails.

  33. To me i dont think she owe her friend any apology, 25k just to style hair haba.Good you went for what you could afford

  34. Trọvi. Trọvi. Trọvi.
    Ọtí àwọn ayé. Ngba àwọn Àjẹ́ bá ńṣe mítíní,
    Trọvi ni.
    Ngba àwọn Oṣó náà ńṣe pàdé, Trọvi ni.
    Ngba àwọn Ìmọle ńṣ'àsàláátù, Trọvi ni.
    Ngba àwọn Kiriyo bá ńṣe Rìfàífà, Trọvi náà ni.
    Àgàgà lọ́dún eégún, nígbà Ìṣẹ̀ṣe, Trọvi ni l'ọ́tùn,
    Trọvi ni l'ósì bí ẹkún apọkọjẹ.
    Omi Aṣorò. Ọtí àwa Wèrè tí kìí kú bọ̀rọ̀. Ọtí
    àwọn tí ń lọ Párádísè! Ẹ mú Trọvi kẹẹ bá Jésù
    délé ògo!
    Trọvi: ṣè kàn kòmí kóo ṣe kan kò raa rẹ

  35. I did not know that this tetanus injection was going to be painful, it feels I hit a wall with my left arm.

    1. Next day is usually worse.i have taken it just once ,my rest kids I did not.

    2. The bridal lady since she bought your aso ebi pls explain to her.
      She made a sacrifice for you,.
      The nails are fine but pls use the first hands only
      May sales fall on all sellers.

    3. The injection you take on your upper arm abi?

      Hurt like maddd

      Becomes intense on day 2 then the pain slowly wears off


  36. The weather here is so hot. Sweating profusely.

  37. New bride, i want you to understand that loyalty is paramount when it comes to friendship. Your friend bought your asoebi because of loyalty though you didn't mention price but she could ve decided not to.

    Maybe it is a rip off to pay 12k for styling but you could ve negotiated with her further and come to a compromise.

    Call her and talk things out cos i think you feel bad. You don't owe her any apology, IMO. Just talk, to ease the tension.

  38. Stella amu na bia? Please don't let me faint this hot afternoon.

  39. This is not the first time stella is writing that Igbo word .

    It's Intentional cause i can remember vividly that she made same mistake some years back and Bvs corrected her.
    But now i understand better.
    It's not bad, i can see it's another form of entertaining your Bvs.
    Good day all.

  40. Stella thank you,thank you,thank you.
    I am greatful for the advert.
    May God continue to honour his word in your life and family

  41. Bosslady she said bridal hair not make up...
    That girl is not a friend, a good friend will render such service to you free as far you have the materials needed! Stay away from her biko

    1. Ha! Did she give her Aseobi free??? This your comment is not right. Do you give your friends bedding free???? it is business and we are all in it.

    2. She shouldn't have rendered services for free but she should also not be angry that the bride could not afford it!!

  42. Some people don't mix business with friend/family sentiments o, if u want their services, you will pay in full, while some will even do your decor for free.

  43. Stella i disagree with you on that note. The fare is for styling of bridal hair not even fixing. The 7k is very much a good deal. Please poster you don't owe her an apology, 7k is what you can afford and she refused then you had a better offer period.

  44. Some of you read without understanding. Poster, who made the gel hair, your friend or you went to another salon?

  45. Dear poster I am very sure that it was not packing gel that you priced her for. I am into business and I know how painful it is when friends get pictures from instagram and ask you for the price...After pricing you down....they will end up with a totally different thing and say it was cheaper 🙄🙄🙄

    I have had countless experience. You would have told her to make the packing gel for you.
    I am very sure that it wasnt packing gel she told you 7k.
    if you value your friendship...Apologise to her.

    Yiu can correct me if I am wrong.

    1. She never said it was packing gel she priced her for. She said she later made packing gel. Read to understand pls

    2. Eka joy this one you are all over the place are you the bride? Abi are u involved?

    3. I don't understand how the bride is wrong.... So she should steal because she wants to patronise her friend abi wetin?

    4. Eka Joy I understand perfectly.
      she would have priced the friend for the packing gel...thats all I am saying. if she truly wanted to patronize her.

      Anon 16:36... Ask for two Pls

      No not by force to patronize someone.

  46. Thank you Stella for posting my ad ♥.
    Christmas is coming 💃 💃

  47. Very cold weather here with artificial Sun accordingly to my kids

  48. Stella say penis dey come, biko whose penis is that ehhh??

  49. Poster of the CLk my advice to you is to fix that car and sell it. And I hope you get a call on your offer or someone that will want to buy it totally

  50. The bride owes her frnd no apology how will bridal hair styling be 20k without fixing? Just to style it up. No wonder I see so many brides do packing gel for their wedding, in fact I like the bride cos she cut her cloth according to her material for this kind nigeria economy abi you want the bride to inconvenient her self cos of frndship

  51. Teejay, please come and finish this your story o! I don’t like suspense. What an interesting read.
    Beautiful nails.

  52. Teejay how can you give us half story. Poster with the wedding hair, try and reach out to your friend one more time. If she puts up an attitude let her be.

  53. But your friend bought your asoebi,how much was it?

  54. I shake my head for everyone saying the hair should be free,I pretty sure when you are in business u do things for free as on the long run,u end up with nothing, this is herwork and she is been professional, I have learnt not to mix business withfriends cause when this business collapses, these same friends tell u sorry and mock u, it's enought for her to feel bad, I have been in her shoes

    1. Just like Engraced ☝🏿 said, why didn’t she give her friend the aso ebi free?
      Those ones saying she should have done it free as a friend, I bet they can’t do even the tiniest things for their friends.

    2. You're very right, those people who are saying it should be done for free are not nice at all, it's her source of livelihood for crying out loud.

  55. When the weather is dull, me l create my own Sunshine from within me.
    Winter bliss.

    1. This is so simple but it has touched me. I’ve been so depressed for some time now that the pain at times get unbearable. This was a reminder for me not to get so affected by what’s going on outside and to focus on what I can control on the inside. This comment might have been about the weather but it touched me in a different way. Thank you 🌞

  56. The poster did the best thing any prudent wife to be would have done Stella..N20k for bridal hair??? And we keep saying the government is bad...abeg na we dey destroy each other..let's learn and try to accommodate each other's capabilities financially.


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