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Friday, November 29, 2019

Wordless Post


  1. Replies
    1. To me he was just saying the truth.

  2. But, he made that statement long time ago and it was on the news.

    The media is working hard to make sure he doesn't win the coming election

    And what is wrong in what he said?

    Carryout a poll Stella and see how many Nigerians on this blog doesn't love money 😏😏😏😏

    1. Leave the media. Come December 12th I know who i am voting for

  3. It's not racism a beg.. Is it not our senators that want to be paid millions of naira even after retirement and and yet see 30 thousand minimum wage as a big deal for the common man.

  4. Where's the lie, are we all not money conscious?

  5. He has not said anything wrong. We all know the only 'god' Nigerians worship is mammon. Abi you people are still in denial? See how they worship people with money whether you make it by eating poo in Dubai, yahoo, using your family for ritual or carrying gun, they tell you to ‘just make this money’. Kidnapping has only just started, you people will see pepper in the coming year.

  6. Oh! Please! They should goan sit their silly ass on a seat, made of torn. No one cares about their feelings anymore.

    They themselves, they don't like money? And they're all over the world doing crazy things? Bastards!

    Yes, I'm Nigerian, and I love money! That's what differentiatea me from other lazy African countries.

    They're only being insecure that Africans will get enlightened or self aware someday, and won't let them take advantage of them, like in the 'good ol' days'. Your fears will definitely cash up with you - eventually!

    Gone are the days when Nigerians take your words seriously. We know better now.

  7. His problem. At least he said young men ( I believe of his country ) With his almost non-existent hair.

  8. Nigeria my country always been used for negative example, may God help us

  9. And how's that statement above racist? Abeeeg enough of playing all these racism card. Everything is now racism to a black man.moreover, he said nothing but the bitter truth.

  10. We are Global 😢😢😢😢

  11. NIGERIAN interest in MONEY?
    Please what kind of a statement is that if i may ask.

  12. So Nigerians are known as money chasers in the world.Thats nice, they should know we mean business and we can't be swindled any more.


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